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Spago Dining Room Menu

Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck is a high-end Asian-Western fine dining restaurant located on the rooftop of Hotel Tower 2 at L57 Sands SkyPark in Singapore. The restaurant is known for its premier level of hospitality and style, offering stunning views of Singapore and an inviting atmosphere with verdant greenery enveloping the indoor and outdoor dining areas.

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Buddy Hoagies Menu

Buddy Hoagies is a western grill restaurant chain that has been operating since 2004. They serve affordable and quality western cuisine and have been doing so for over 18 years. Their menu focuses on a wide variety of uncomplicated classics, which makes it easier for customers to enjoy themselves.

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Flash Coffee Menu

Flash Coffee is a coffee shop located at Oxley Tower, Singapore, that offers quick and bold treatments to traditional coffee options. They provide dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery services to their customers.

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Nipong Naepong Menu

Nipong Naepong is a Korean restaurant that specializes in Jjamppong, a Korean-Chinese noodle dish served in spicy seafood or pork broth. It is located in Singapore and is the first Ppong specialty restaurant in the country. The noodles used are made in Korea and are relatively thin and long with a chewy and tender bite.

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Fruce Menu

Fruce is a Singapore-based dessert beverage specialist that is known for its unique and hyper-localized fruit fusion drinks. Their signature avocado drinks have gained much popularity, and they offer a wide range of other options on their menu.

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Yoshinoya Menu

The Yoshinoya menu is centered around their signature dish, the Gyudon (Beef Bowl), which was created in 1899 and is made with authentic special broth seasoned with a secret recipe of herbs and spices, served with sweet onions and fluffy Japanese rice.

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Supply & Demand Menu

Supply & Demand is an Italian and Pan-Asian restaurant that draws inspiration from the trattorias and pizzerias of Italy. The restaurant's menu features classic Italian cuisine made with quality ingredients and fresh produce at an affordable price point, including hand-opened thin-crust pizzas, calzones, al dente pasta, and creamy risotto.

Food & Beverage Menu 5 min read

Takagi Ramen Menu

Takagi Ramen is a growing FnB brand with eight outlets in Singapore. The company was founded in 2015 by Takagi-san, who dropped out of law school to pursue her passion for bringing authentic, quality ramen to Singaporeans at affordable prices. Takagi-san's vision for the brand is to return ramen to its roots as a street food enjoyed in a relaxed, casual setting.