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Nipong Naepong is a Korean restaurant that specializes in Jjamppong, a Korean-Chinese noodle dish served in spicy seafood or pork broth. It is located in Singapore and is the first Ppong specialty restaurant in the country. The noodles used are made in Korea and are relatively thin and long with a chewy and tender bite.

The restaurant offers nine different renditions of Jjamppong inspired by flavors from around the world, including Classic Jjamppong, Vongole Jjamppong, Alfredo-Jjamppong, Thai Jjamppong, Tomato Jjamppong, and Salad Jjamppong. In addition to the noodle dishes, Nipong Naepong also serves sweet potato pizza.

Reviews of the restaurant indicate that the sweet potato pizza is a must-try, but opinions on the noodle dishes vary, with some praising them while others find them too creamy or lacking in quality ingredients.

The restaurant is situated in a shopping mall and is wheelchair accessible with ample parking available.

Here is the most recent Nipong Naepong menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Nipong Naepong Bundles

nipong naepong menu singapore nipong naepong bundles
Nipong Naepong Bundles MenuPrice
2 Pax Ppong Meal$47.20
1 Ppong + 1 Pizza Meal$49.90
4 Pax Ppong Meal$80.70

The Ppong

nipong naepong menu singapore the ppong
The Ppong MenuPrice
To Ppong-Tomato$22.90
Seafood Il Ppong$22.90
Beef Il Ppong$22.90
Mala Ppong – Dry$22.90
Beef Cha Ppong$24.10
Mala Ppong – Soup$24.10
Vongole Ppong$25.30
Seafood Cha Ppong$25.30


nipong naepong menu singapore tteokbokki
Tteokbokki MenuPrice
Creamy Tteokbokki$24.10
Buldak Tteokbokki$24.10
Rose Tteokbokki$25.30

The Pizzas

nipong naepong menu singapore the pizzas
The Pizzas MenuPrice
Ni Pizza-Sweet Potato$25.30
Nae Pizza-Garlic$25.30
Ninae Pizza-Spinach$25.30

The Drinks

nipong naepong menu singapore the drinks
The Drinks MenuPrice
Mineral Water$3.00
Canned Coke$4.20
Canned Sprite$4.20


nipong naepong menu singapore rice
Rice MenuPrice
Jeju Spicy Pork Iron-Plate Rice$21.70
Seoul Bulgogi Iron-Plate Rice$21.70

Last Update: May 9, 2023

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