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Fruce is a Singapore-based dessert beverage specialist that is known for its unique and hyper-localized fruit fusion drinks. Their signature avocado drinks have gained much popularity, and they offer a wide range of other options on their menu.

Fruce serves handcrafted original creations and strives to provide recognizable flavors to drink and dessert enthusiasts across Singapore. They have partnered with Kiosks Collective since 2022 and have opened several outlets across Singapore, including at Wisma Atria, NEX, Our Tampines Hub, Sun Plaza, Yew Tee Point, and Hillion Mall.

Their drinks come with customizable sweetness levels and a variety of toppings, and they use tropical elements such as coconut, durian, pandan, and cempedak in their drinks. Some of the drinks on their extensive menu include the Mochi Kurano, Coconut Capellini, Avocado Coconut, and Peanut Butter Swirl. Fruce’s drinks have received positive reviews, with critics praising their unique and delicious flavors.

Here is the most recent Fruce menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Grab – Vday Special

fruce menu singapore grab vday special
Grab – Vday Special MenuPrice
(M) Red Velvet Amor$9.50

Grab – < Deals

fruce menu singapore grab 10 deals
Grab – <$10 Deals MenuPrice
(M) White Peach Tea$4.50
(M) Mochi Milk Tea$5.40

Grab – Avocado

fruce menu singapore grab avocado
Grab – Avocado MenuPrice
(M) Avocado Coconut$6.20
(M) Coffee Avocado$6.50
(M) Chocolate Hays Avocado$6.70
(M) Avocado Cempedak$7.10
(M) D24 Durian Avocado$7.10
(L) Avocado Coconut$7.40
(L) Coffee Avocado$7.90
(L) Chocolate Hays Avocado$8.30
(L) Avocado Cempedak$9.20
(L) D24 Durian Avocado$9.20

Grab – Coconut

fruce menu singapore grab coconut
Grab – Coconut MenuPrice
(M) Coconut Mocha$5.00
(M) Pandan Coconut$5.50
(L) Coconut Mocha$6.50
(M) Taro Coconut$6.50
(M) Coconut Fruce$6.50
(L) Taro Coconut$7.70

Grab – Fusion

fruce menu singapore grab fusion
Grab – Fusion MenuPrice
(M) Coffee Nagoya Milk Tea$4.90
(M) Ernst Grey Milk Tea$5.30
(M) Milk Tea Nakiato$5.30
(M) Mochi Milk Tea$6.00
(L) Coffee Nagoya Milk Tea$6.10
(M) Mango Sago$6.40
(L) Milk Tea Nakiato$6.50
(L) Ernst Grey Milk Tea$6.70
(L) Mochi Milk Tea$7.40
(L) Mango Sago$7.60

Grab – Refresh

fruce menu singapore grab refresh
Grab – Refresh MenuPrice
(M) White Peach Tea$5.00
(M) Pink Lychee Tea$5.50
(M) Fuji Pear$5.50
(M) Ume Plum Shirozu$5.50
(M) Passion Soursop$5.90
(M) White Grape Okayama$6.00
(L) White Peach Tea$6.50
(L) Pink Lychee Tea$6.70
(L) Fuji Pear$6.70
(L) Ume Plum Shirozu$6.70
(L) Passion Soursop$7.30
(L) White Grape Okayama$7.40

Last Update: April 27, 2023

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