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The Yoshinoya menu is centered around their signature dish, the Gyudon (Beef Bowl), which was created in 1899 and is made with authentic special broth seasoned with a secret recipe of herbs and spices, served with sweet onions and fluffy Japanese rice.

The beef bowl is known for being a healthy and tasty meal that is also convenient to eat, especially for busy working-class people. Over the years, Yoshinoya has expanded rapidly around the world, with over 3000 outlets in 11 countries including Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.

Yoshinoya Singapore has 12 restaurants across the island. Despite their expansion, Yoshinoya is still dedicated to their mission of “Becoming No.1 in Food Services.”

Here is the most recent Yoshinoya menu for 2023 in Singapore:


yoshinoya menu singapore bowl
Bowl MenuPrice (Ala Carte (R))Price (Ala Carte (L))Price (Value Meal(R))Price (Value Meal(L))Price (Complete Meal(R))Price (Complete Meal(L))
Beef with Vegetables$6.50$8.00$7.90$8.90$9.90$10.90
Teriyaki Chicken$6.50$8.00$7.90$8.90$9.90$10.90
Ebi Fry$6.50$8.00$7.90$8.90$9.90$10.90


yoshinoya menu singapore combo
Combo MenuPrice (Ala Carte)Price (Value Meal)Price (Complete Meal)
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Beef & Salmon Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Beef & Ebi Fry Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Beef & Karaage Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Teriyaki Chicken & Salmon Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi Fry Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Teriyaki Chicken & Karaage Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Salmon & Ebi Fry Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Salmon & Karaage Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90
Ebi Fry & Karaage Combo$10.00$10.90$12.90


yoshinoya menu singapore toppings
Toppings MenPrice
Sweet Corn$0.80
Braised Tofu$0.80
Brown Rice$0.80
Mixed Mushrooms$1.00


yoshinoya menu singapore ramen
Ramen MenuPrice (Ala Carte)
Grilled Chicken$6.50

Curry Set

  • yoshinoya menu singapore curry set 1 1
  • yoshinoya menu singapore curry set 2
Curry Set MenuPrice (included Iced Soda (12oz))
Beef (Rice)$8.90
Salmon (Rice)$8.90
Karaage (Rice)$8.90
Grilled Chicken (Rice)$8.90
Ebi Fry (Rice)$8.90
Tsukune Meatballs (Rice)$8.90
Beef (Ramen)$8.90
Salmon (Ramen)$8.90
Karaage (Ramen)$8.90
Grilled Chicken (Ramen)$8.90
Ebi Fry (Ramen)$8.90
Tsukune Meatballs (Ramen)$8.90

Side Serves

yoshinoya menu singapore side serves
Side Serves MenuPrice
Cold Tofu$2.50
Smiley Potatoes$3.30
Japanese Croquettes$3.30
Tsukune Meatballs$3.90
Chicken Wings$3.90
Fish Bites$3.90
Mixed Sampler Basket$7.90


addition MenuPrice
+ Fries of the Day$3.30
+ Japanese Cheese Sausages$3.90
+ Crispy Potato Mix$5.90

Healthy Meals

yoshinoya menu singapore healthy meals
Healthy Meals MenuPrice
Grilled Chicken Ramen$7.90
Beef Ramen$7.90
Beef with Vegetables (R)$7.90
Skinless Teriyaki Chicken (R)$7.90
Beef with Vegetables w/Brown Rice (R)$8.40
Skinless Teriyaki Chicken w/Brown Rice (R)$8.40
Beef with Vegetables (L)$8.90
Skinless Teriyaki Chicken (L)$8.90
Beef with Vegetables w/Brown Rice (L)$9.40
Skinless Teriyaki Chicken w/Brown Rice (L)$9.40

Kids Meals

yoshinoya menu singapore kids meals
Kids Meals MenuPrice
Kid’s Set 1 – Salmon$5.95
Kid’s Set 2 – Teriyaki Chicken$5.95


Drinks MenuPrice (R)Price (M)
Mineral Water$1.80
Hot Japanese Tea$1.80
Iced Coke$2.30$2.60
Iced Grape$2.30$2.60
Iced Sprite$2.30$2.60
Canned Coke Light$2.50
Canned Coke Zero$2.50
Kids Juice$2.50
Iced Green Tea$2.60$2.90
Iced Lemon Tea$2.60$2.90
Iced Milo$3.00$3.50
Minute Maid Refresh Apple$3.00$3.50
Coke Bottle$3.00
Minute Maid Refresh Orange$3.00$3.50
Iced Sjora$3.20$3.70

Add Ons

Add Ons MenuPrice
Rice only$1.50
Miso Soup$2.00
Brown Rice only$2.30
Corn Cup$2.50
Red Velvet Cake$2.50
Double Fudge Choco$2.50
Vegetables only$3.50
Beef only$6.00
Teriyaki Chicken only$6.00
Ebi Fry only$6.00
Karaage only$6.00
Salmon only$6.00


Last Update: April 25, 2023

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