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Wingstop is a fast-growing chain of buffalo-style chicken wing restaurants founded in Garland, Texas in 1994. With over 1,700 locations in the US, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, UK, France, and UAE, Wingstop has become a fan favorite for its proprietary recipes, delicious food, and exceptional customer service.

The company started offering franchises in 1997 and has attracted successful entrepreneurs and operators.

Wingstop’s mission is to serve the world flavor and has been putting flavor first since its inception. By 2002, the company had served over a billion wings and is considered one of the fastest-growing brands in the restaurant industry.

Wingstop is the destination for fresh, never-faked wings, hand-seasoned fries, and famous sides, delivering a flavor experience with every meal.

Here is the most recent Wingstop menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Today’s Offer

wingstop menu singapore todays offer
Today’s Offer MenuPrice
Meals for 2 Boneless$26.41

Valentine’s Day Meal

wingstop menu singapore valentines day meal
Valentine’s Day Meal MenuPrice
Meals for 2 Boneless$29.35

Group Meals

wingstop menu singapore group meals
Group Meals MenuPrice
Meals for 2 Classic$29.35
Meals for 2 Boneless$30.25
Crew Pack (3 pax)$38.45
Family Pack (4-5 pax)$54.95
Party Pack (7-8 pax)$85.95

Boneless Wings Combo

wingstop menu singapore boneless wings combo
Boneless Wings Combo MenuPrice
6 Piece Boneless Wings Combo$12.80
8 Piece Boneless Wings Combo$14.95

Classic Wings Combo

wingstop menu singapore classic wings combo
Classic Wings Combo MenuPrice
6 Piece Classic Wings Combo$13.20
8 Piece Classic Wings Combo$15.45

Ala Carte Boneless Wings

wingstop menu singapore ala carte boneless wings
Ala Carte Boneless Wings MenuPrice
6 Pieces Boneless Wings$9.50
12 Pieces Boneless Wings$17.60
20 Pieces Boneless Wings$28.20
30 Pieces Boneless Wings$39.45
50 Pieces Boneless Wings$61.50
100 Pieces Boneless Wings$116.95

Ala Carte Classic Wings

wingstop menu singapore ala carte classic wings
Ala Carte Classic Wings MenuPrice
6 Pieces Classic Wings$9.90
12 Pieces Classic Wings$18.50
20 Pieces Classic Wings$29.85
30 Pieces Classic Wings$41.50
50 Pieces Classic Wings$63.50
100 Pieces Classic Wings$122.95

Ala Carte Sides

wingstop menu singapore ala carte sides
Ala Carte Sides MenuPrice
Quinoa Rice (Regular)$2.50
Signature Seasoned Fries (Regular)$2.95
Cajun Fries (Regular)$3.85
Signature Seasoned Fries (Large)$3.95
Cajun Fries (Large)$4.85
Voodoo Fries (Large)$5.45
Curly Fries (Large)$5.95
Mushroom Fritters (Large)$6.45

Ala Carte Dips

wingstop menu singapore ala carte dips
Ala Carte Dips MenuPrice

Ala Carte Drinks

wingstop menu singapore ala carte drinks
Ala Carte Drinks MenuPrice
Coca-Cola® Original Taste (320ml)$2.30
Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar (320ml)$2.30
Green Tea (300ml)$2.30
Ayataka Green Tea (300ml)$2.30
Dasani Mineral Water (600ml)$2.30
Iced Lemon Tea (300ml)$2.30

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