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Whisk & Paddle is a riverside café that offers a serene and picturesque setting to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee, homemade desserts, and pastries. They serve all-day breakfast and hearty meals, allowing customers to relish the tranquil ambiance during the day and savor ice-cold beer on the veranda under the stars at night.

Based on customer reviews, Whisk & Paddle receives praise for its delicious food and beverages. Dishes such as Nachos, Spaghetti, Artisan Bread, Butter Waffles, and Mac & Cheese are particularly highlighted as tasty and satisfying. Some reviewers also appreciate the pleasant ambience and greenery views, making it a recommended spot for relaxation. However, there are occasional comments regarding the higher prices of the food and sometimes long waiting times.

Overall, Whisk & Paddle provides a delightful dining experience with its delectable offerings, attention to presentation, and the scenic location along the reservoir. It is a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere and a wide range of food options, including breakfast, brunch, and hearty meals throughout the day.

Here is the most recent Whisk & Paddle menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Special Deals!

whisk paddle menu singapore special deals
Special Deals! MenuPrice
Berries Cheese Croissant (1 pc)$7.50
Berries Cheese Croissant (2 pcs)$13.00
Any 3 Sides for $32!$32.00
2 Pizzas for $44!$44.00
3 Pizzas for $60!$60.00

Handmade Cookies

whisk paddle menu singapore handmade cookies
Handmade Cookies MenuPrice
Cookies Cornflakes (Gift Pack 110g)$12.90
Almond Squares (Gift Pack 120g)$12.90
Citrus Diamant Sables (Gift Pack 120g)$12.90
Cacao Diamant Sables (Gift Pack 120g)$12.90

All-Day Breakfast

whisk paddle menu singapore all day breakfast
All-Day Breakfast MenuPrice
Add Tahitian Vanilla Sauce$2.00
Add on Berries Compote$2.00
Add on Chocolate Fudge Sauce$2.00
Mini Batards (4 pcs)$7.60
Whipped Sea Salt French Butter (120g Gift Jar)$9.60
Parmesan Multigrain Rolls (4 pcs)$9.60
Cranberry Raisin Rye Rolls (4 pcs)$9.60
French Butter Crossiant (2 pcs)$9.90
French Toast with Seasalt Butter & Syrup$13.90
Full Butter Waffles with Seasalt Butter & Syrup$13.90
Eggs Benedict$17.00
French Butter Crossiants (6 pcs)$28.30


whisk paddle menu singapore starters
Starters MenuPrice
Add 2 Grilled Toast$2.50
Mushroom Soup$9.80
Prawn Bisque$9.90
Caesar Salad$10.90
Eggplant Parmigiana$10.90
Fresh Clams in White Wine Sauce$14.80
Salmon Arugula Salad$14.90


whisk paddle menu singapore burgers
Burgers MenuPrice
Satay Chicken Burger$26.00
Wagyu Beef Burger$29.10


whisk paddle menu singapore mains
Mains MenuPrice
Add 1 Mini Baguette$3.50
Add Side Salad$3.50
Add on Mashed Potato$4.50
Fish & Chips$28.10
French Onion Chicken Leg$29.10
Seafood Pan in Tomato Cream Sauce$33.10
Salmon Fillet$35.10
Lamb Shank$35.10
Kurobuta Pork Collar$35.10
Char Grilled Ribeye Steak$35.10
Duck Confit$35.10

Hand Stretched Thin Crust Pizzas

whisk paddle menu singapore hand stretched thin crust pizzas
Hand Stretched Thin Crust Pizzas MenuPrice
Ham & Pineapple$27.10
Duck & Lychee$27.10
Mexican Chicken$27.10
Burrata & Arugula Pizza$30.10
Sambal Seafood$31.10


whisk paddle menu singapore pastas
Pastas MenuPrice
Mushroom Aglio Olio$21.00
Macaroni & Cheese$21.00
Bacon Asparagus Pasta$22.00
Italian Carbonara$22.00
Beef Stroganoff$23.00
Prawns Marinara$25.00
Prawns Rose$25.00
Crabmeat Linguine$25.00
Vongole Linguine$25.00
Prawns Aglio Olio$25.00
Prawns Macaroni & Cheese$25.00

Bar Bites

whisk paddle menu singapore bar bites
Bar Bites MenuPrice
Deep Fried Camembert w Berries Sauce$12.70
Masala Cauliflower Bites$12.90
Sweet Potato Fries w Tangerine Peel$12.90
Fries w Truffle Mayo$12.90
Pulled Pork Sliders$13.80
Oriental Wings$14.90
Hot Wings$14.90


  • whisk & paddle menu singapore desserts 1
  • whisk & paddle menu singapore desserts 2
Desserts MenuPrice
Butterfly Palmier (1 pc)$3.00
1 pc Brownie Cookie Monster$3.00
Banana Brulee Macaron$4.20
Chocolate Cream Macaron$4.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Macaron$4.50
Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake$7.60
Almond Crisps (60g Gift Pack)$7.90
Hazelnut & Chocolate Tart$12.90
Kouign Amann (2 pcs)$14.10
5 pcs Brownie Cookie Monster$14.10
Macaron 6s Gift Pack$22.20
Fudge Brownie Slab$34.30
Kouign Amann (6 pcs)$38.40

Hot Coffee

whisk paddle menu singapore hot coffee
Hot Coffee MenuPrice
Espresso Macchiato$4.90
Long Black$4.90
Piccolo Latte$5.40
Flat White$5.90
Flavoured Latte$7.00
Oat Milk Latte$7.60
Alcoholic Black Coffee$10.70


Milkshakes MenuPrice
Chocolate Milkshake$10.70
Vanilla Milkshake$10.70
Cookies & Cream Milkshake$11.10
Bailey’s Chocolate Milkshake$16.10
Bailey’s Espresso Milkshake$16.10

Milk Based

whisk paddle menu singapore milk based
Milk Based MenuPrice
Fresh Cold Milk$4.20
Toffee Nut Cold Milk$5.30
Caramel Cold Milk$5.30
Black Sesame Latte$6.50
Hot Chocolate$6.60
Ice Chocolate$6.60

Matcha Series

Matcha Series MenuPrice
Matcha Latte$7.00
Matcha & Rose Latte$7.00
Matcha & Choco Latte$7.00

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Frozen Fruit Smoothies MenuPrice
Pineapple Yuzu Smoothie$9.60
Mango Yogurt Smoothie$9.60
Strawberry Lychee Smoothie$9.60

Homemade Iced Teas

Homemade Iced Teas MenuPrice
Classic Lemon$7.40
Elderflower Lemongrass Mint$7.40
Passionfruit Lime Lychee$7.40
Wild Berries and Lemon$7.40

Specialities Drinks

Specialities Drinks MenuPrice
Iced Honey Lemon$5.30
Hot Honey Lemon$5.30
Hot Fresh Mint & Honey$5.30
Chocolate Oat Milk$6.10
Lychee Peach Soda$7.00
Lychee Mint Cooler$7.40
Yuzu Soda$7.60

Fresh Fruit Juices

Fresh Fruit Juices MenuPrice
Watermelon Juice$7.00
Orange Juice$7.00
Green Apple Juice$7.00
Orange Carrot Beetroot Juice$8.10
Orange Carrot Juice$8.10
Green Apple Carrot Juice$8.10
Green Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice$8.10
Green Apple Orange Juice$8.10


Last Update: May 25, 2023

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