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WATAMI is a Japanese restaurant that offers an authentic and delightful selection of Japanese delicacies. The restaurant provides a comfortable and relaxing space suitable for various occasions, ranging from casual gatherings to business lunches.

According to customer reviews, WATAMI is praised for its reasonable prices and good food quality. The automated queue system ensures efficient service, and the ordering process is seamless. The food is delivered quickly, and the portion sizes are generous. Some reviewers recommend trying the set meals, which offer a variety of dishes to choose from. The prompt service and pleasant atmosphere contribute to a satisfying dining experience.

However, there are occasional comments regarding minor issues such as broken chairs or missing items from orders. Some reviewers also mention that the food quality may have experienced a slight decline and the prices have increased.

Overall, WATAMI offers a value-for-money dining experience with its delicious Japanese and fusion delicacies. The restaurant’s emphasis on generous portions, reasonable prices, and prompt service makes it a worthwhile choice for those seeking an enjoyable Japanese dining experience.

Here is the most recent Watami menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Course Menu

watami menu singapore course menu
Course Menu Price
$53 Set for 2$53.00
$58 Set for 2$58.00
$78 Set for 3$78.00
$112 Set for 4$112.00


  • watami menu singapore special 1
  • watami menu singapore special 2
Special MenuPrice
French Fries$3.90
French Fries (Butter Soy Sauce)$3.90
French Fries (Mentai Mayo)$4.90
Watami Gyoza$5.90
Fried Tofu with Mentai Cheese Sauce$6.90
Homemade Rolled Omelette$6.90
Ikura Chawanmushi$6.90
Homemade Rolled Omelette with Mentai Mayo$8.90
Chicken Cutlet with Scrambled Egg Sauce$11.90
Wafu Pizza$14.30
Wafu Pizza with Mentai Mayo$14.30


watami menu singapore salad
Salad MenuPrice
Caesar Salad$8.90
Watami Salad$10.90
Assorted Sashimi Salad$14.60


watami menu singapore sashimi
Sashimi MenuPrice
Salmon Sashimi$10.90
Salmon Belly Sashimi$11.90
Salmon Carpaccio with Homemade Sauce$12.90
Tuna Sashimi$12.90
Scallop Sashimi$12.90
Assorted Salmon Sashimi$13.90
Special Assorted Sashimi$26.90


  • watami menu singapore sushi 1
  • watami menu singapore sushi 2
  • watami menu singapore sushi 3
Sushi MenuPrice
Egg Sushi$1.30
Crabstick Sushi$1.60
Salmon Sushi$1.90
Shrimp Sushi$1.90
Fried Tofu Sushi$1.90
Tuna Mayo Gunkan$1.90
Flying Fish Roe Gunkan$1.90
Salmon Belly Sushi$2.30
Scallop Sushi$2.90
Grilled Scallop Sushi$2.90
Tuna Sushi$2.90
Salmon Handroll$3.30
Unagi Sushi$3.30
Shrimp Tempura Handroll$3.90
Salmon Avocado Handroll$3.90
Unagi Handroll$3.90
Half California Maki$5.90
Soft Shell Handroll$6.90
Salmon Maki (3pcs)$7.90
Aburi Salmon Maki (3pcs)$7.90
Half Salmon Avocado Maki$8.90
Tuna Maki (3pc)$8.90
Half Oishi Maki$9.60
Half Unagi Maki$9.60
Scallop Maki (3pc)$9.90
California Maki$10.90
Salmon Avocado Maki$15.90
Special Assorted Sushi$16.90
Watami Oishi Maki$17.90
Unagi Maki$17.90


watami menu singapore skewers
Skewers MenuPrice
Shiitake Mushroom Skewer (1pc)$1.90
Ladyfinger Skewer (1pc)$1.90
Grilled Sweet Corn (2pc)$1.90
Chicken Wing Skewer$2.90
Chicken Thigh Skewer (1pc)$2.90
Chicken Thigh with Mentai Mayo Skewer$3.90
Assorted Chicken Skewers$8.90
Assorted Skewers (5kinds)$12.90


watami menu singapore grilled
Grilled MenuPrice
Roasted Mackerel (Half)$9.90
Grilled W Chicken$10.90
Salted Egg W Chicken$11.90
Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce$12.90
Salmon Teriyaki$14.90
Grill Salmon with Mentai Mayo$14.90

Deep Fried

watami menu singapore deep fried
Deep Fried MenuPrice
Watami Original Fried Chicken (3pcs)$4.90
Fried Chicken with Japanese Spicy Sauce (3pcs)$5.90
Fried Chicken with Nanban Sauce (3pcs)$5.90
Fried Gyoza$5.90
Crab Cream Croquette$6.90
Deep Fried Hiroshima Oysters (4pcs)$11.90


watami menu singapore tempura
Tempura MenuPrice
Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Tempura$8.90
Soft Shell Crab Tempura (1pc)$12.90
Prawn Tempura (5pcs)$14.90
Assorted Tempura$15.90

Hot Pot

watami menu singapore hot pot
Hot Pot MenuPrice
Additional Rice Set$3.60
Additional Vegetables (1portion)$4.90
Additional Ramen Set$5.90
Additional Udon Set$5.90
Additional Pork(100g)$5.90
Additional Beef(100g)$6.90
Pork Hot Pot$12.90
Beef Hot Pot$13.90
Korean-style Army Hot Pot$14.90
Seafood Hot Pot$15.90


watami menu singapore rice
Rice MenuPrice
Chicken Kaarage Rice Bowl$9.90
Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot$9.90
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl$10.90
Tokyo-style Beef Rice Bowl$11.90
Kimchi Beef Rice Bowl$11.90
Tokachi-style Pork Rice Bowl$12.90
Ginger Pork Rice Bowl$12.90
Salmon & Ikura Rice in Stone Pot$13.90
Extreme Tendon$14.90
Salmon Rice Bowl$15.90
Chirashi Rice Bowl$18.90
Unagi & Beef Rice$20.90
Tokyo-style Unagi Rice$24.90


watami menu singapore noodles
Noodles MenuPrice
Hot Udon$8.90
Hokkaido Cold Soba$9.90
Hokkaido Soba (Hot)$9.90
Beef Sukiyaki Udon in Hot Pot$12.90
Beef Udon Soup$12.90
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (White)$13.90
Udon Soup with Clams$13.90
Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Red)$14.90
Hokkaido Cold Soba with Tempura$15.90
Hokkaido Hot Soba with Tempura$15.90

Set Items/Others

watami menu singapore set items or others 2
Set Items/Others MenuPrice
Miso Soup$1.90
Rice w/Miso Soup$3.60
Chawanmushi Rice Set$6.30
Mini Cold Soba & Chawanmushi Set$6.30
Mini Hot Soba & Chawanmushi Set$6.30
Mini Hot Udon & Chawanmushi Set$6.30
Salmon(3pc) & Rice Set$7.90

Kids Meal

watami menu singapore kids meal
Kids Meal MenuPrice
Kids’ Chicken Set$6.90
Kids’ Karaage Set$6.90
Kids’ Ramen Set$7.90
Kids’ Udon Set$7.90
Kids’ Salmon Set$9.90


watami menu singapore desserts
Desserts MenuPrice
Vanilla Ice$1.90
Matcha Ice$2.90
Matcha Warabi Mochi$6.90
Choc Lava Cake w/Vanilla$7.90
Matcha & Red Bean Parfait$7.90

Soft Drinks & Tea

  • watami menu singapore soft drinks & tea 1
  • watami menu singapore soft drinks & tea 2
Soft Drinks & Tea MenuPrice
Ice Oolong Tea$1.80
Hot Oolong Tea$1.80
Ice Jasmine Tea$1.80
Hot Jasmine Tea$1.80
Yuzu Soda$2.80
Hot Yuzu Tea$2.80
Ice Lemon Tea$2.80
Hot Lemon Tea$2.80
Ice Milk Tea$2.80
Hot Milk Tea$2.80
Coca Cola$2.80
Hot Coffee$3.80
Ice Coffee$3.80
Traditional Matcha$3.80
Green Citrus Cola$4.80
Green Citrus Yuzu Soda$4.80
Milk Tea with BlackTapioca$4.80
Hot Matcha Latte$5.80
Ice Matcha Latte$5.80
Matcha Black Honey Latte$5.80
Matcha Red Bean Latte$5.80
Fruit Green Tea$5.80
Fruit Red Tea$5.80

Beer Sake Shochu

watami menu singapore beer sake shochu
Beer Sake Shochu MenuPrice
(Single) Iichiko Shochu$10.80
Suntory Bottle$12.90
Homare Junmaishu Aladdin Bottle$24.00
Homare Yuzu Sake Aladdin Bottle$24.00
Asabiraki Junmaishu$26.00
(Bottle) Iichiko Shochu 200ml$28.00

Whiskey & Chuhai

watami menu singapore whiskey chuhai 2
Whiskey & Chuhai MenuPrice
Fresh Grapefruit Chuhai$7.80
Fresh Lemon Chuhai$7.80
Oolong Highball$7.80
(Single) Jim Beam White Bourbon$8.80
Jim Beam Soda$8.80
Jim Beam Cola$8.80
(Bottle) Jim Beam White Bourbon$98.00

Wine & Umeshu

watami menu singapore wine umeshu
Wine & Umeshu MenuPrice
Umeshu Rock$6.80
Umeshu Soda$6.80
(Glass) House White Wine$12.80
(Glass) House Red Wine$12.80
(Bottle) House White Wine$58.00
(Bottle) House Red Wine$58.00


Last Update: May 26, 2023

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