King of Fried Rice Menu

King of Fried Rice is a restaurant whose main menu is fried rice with various flavors and toppings.

Here is the most recent King of Fried Rice menu for 2023 in Singapore:

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Snacks 小吃

king of fried rice menu singapore snacks小吃
Snacks 小吃 MenuPrice
5. Luncheon Meat Fries 午餐肉薯条$4.50

Fried Rice 炒饭

  • king of fried rice menu singapore fried rice 炒饭 1
  • king of fried rice menu singapore fried rice 炒饭 2
  • king of fried rice menu singapore fried rice 炒饭 3
Fried Rice 炒饭 MenuPrice
1A. Egg Fried Rice 蛋炒饭$6.30
3A. Tom Yum Fried Rice 冬炎炒饭$7.30
4A. Mala Fried Rice 麻辣炒饭$7.30
2A. XO Fried Rice XO炒饭$7.80
1F. Luncheon Meat Egg Fried Rice 午餐肉蛋炒饭$8.30
1B. Shrimp Egg Fried Rice 虾蛋炒饭$8.80
1C. Pork Cutlet Egg Fried Rice 猪扒蛋炒饭$8.80
1E. Chicken Chop Egg Fried Rice 鸡扒蛋炒饭$8.80
3F. Luncheon Meat Tom Yum Fried Rice 午餐肉冬炎炒饭$9.30
4F. Luncheon Meat Mala Fried Rice 午餐肉麻辣炒饭$9.30
2F. Luncheon Meat XO Fried Rice 午餐肉XO炒饭$9.50
3B. Shrimp Tom Yum Fried Rice 虾冬炎炒饭$9.80
3C. Pork Cutlet Tom Yum Fried Rice 猪扒冬炎炒饭$9.80
3E. Chicken Chop Tom Yum Fried Rice 鸡扒冬炎炒饭$9.80
4B. Shrimp Mala Fried Rice 虾麻辣炒饭$9.80
4C. Pork Cutlet Mala Fried Rice 猪扒麻辣炒饭$9.80
4E. Chicken Chop Mala Fried Rice 鸡扒麻辣炒饭$9.80
2B. Shrimp XO Fried Rice 虾XO炒饭$10.30
2C. Pork Cutlet XO Fried Rice 猪扒XO炒饭$10.30
2E. Chicken Chop XO Fried Rice 鸡扒XO炒饭$10.30
1D. Crab Meat & Tobiko Egg Fried Rice 蟹肉鱼卵蛋炒饭$12.50
3D. Crab Meat & Tobiko Tom Yum Fried Rice 蟹肉鱼卵冬炎炒饭$13.50
4D. Crab Meat & Tobiko Mala Fried Rice 蟹肉鱼卵麻辣炒饭$13.50
2D. Crab Meat & Tobiko XO Fried Rice 蟹肉鱼卵XO炒饭$14.00

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