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Pasta Bar is an Italian restaurant that celebrates the tradition and diversity of pasta. They believe that pasta is more than just a combination of flour and water; it represents the Italian way of life, bringing people together to create memories.

The restaurant draws inspiration from family recipes passed down through generations, using a variety of semolina and ’00’ flours combined with whole egg, egg yolks, and water to create handmade pasta with different textures and flavors.

The reviews highlight the excellent quality of the pasta dishes, generous servings, and high-quality ingredients. The service is praised for being friendly, professional, and passionate. The cozy atmosphere and the view of the chefs in action add to the overall dining experience.

Recommended dishes include the Crab Pappardelle and Lobster Ravioli. Although the prices are higher compared to budget options, many reviewers feel that the quality and experience make it worth it.

Here is the most recent Pasta Bar menu for 2023 in Singapore:


pasta bar menu singapore antipasti
Antipasti MenuPrice
Whipped buffalo milk ricotta$32.00
Grilled Mediterranean Octopus$34.00
Burrata 250g ✽$42.00


  • pasta bar menu singapore pasta 1
  • pasta bar menu singapore pasta 2
Lagane Chickpea ✽$28.00
Garganelli Cacio e Pepe ✽$29.00
Tagliolini Paglia e fieno ✽$32.00
Ciriole Carbonara$34.00
Pumpkin Tortelli$34.00
Lobster Ravioli$36.00
Crab Pappardelle$36.00
Prawn spaghetti alla Chiatarra$38.00
Duck Agnolotti$42.00
Sea Urchin Tagliolini$42.00
Truffle Fettuccini ✽$46.00
Lobster Linguine for 2$90.00


pasta bar menu singapore contorni
Contorni MenuPrice
Sauteed Broccolini ✽$14.00
Roasted potato ✽$14.00
Grilled endive & romaine Caesar salad ✽$16.00
Grilled asparagus ✽$16.00


pasta bar menu singapore dolce
Dolce MenuPrice
Apple Strudel$16.00
Sicilian Cannolo$16.00
Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tart$16.00

Lasagna Trays & Baked Platters

pasta bar menu singapore lasagna trays baked platters
Lasagna Trays & Baked Platters MenuPrice
Truffle Mushroom Lasagna (For 2)$70.00
24-hour Beef Lasagna (For 4)$80.00
No-carb (Zucchini) Beef Lasagna (For 2)$80.00
Truffle Mushroom Lasagna (For 4)$125.00
24-hour Beef Lasagna (For 8)$150.00
No-carb (Zucchini) Beef Lasagna (For 8)$150.00

Pasta Party Pack

pasta bar menu singapore pasta party pack
Pasta Party Pack MenuPrice
Pasta Party Pack #2$260.00
Pasta Party Pack #1$280.00

Big Bottled Cocktails

pasta bar menu singapore big bottled cocktails 1
Big Bottled Cocktails MenuPrice
Claypot Aged Negroni$60.00

Festive Gift Hamper

pasta bar menu singapore festive gift hamper
Festive Gift Hamper MenuPrice
Gift Hamper$188.00

Pasta Kits

pasta bar menu singapore pasta kids
Pasta Kits MenuPrice
Tagliatelle beef ragu Pasta Kit$35.00
Cacio e pepe Pasta Kit Pro$45.00
Carbonara Pasta Kit Pro$45.00

Gift Voucher

pasta bar menu singapore gift voucher 1
Gift Voucher MenuPrice
$50.00 Gift Voucher$50.00
$100.00 Gift Voucher$100.00

Baked/Ready-to-bake Options

Baked/Ready-to-bake Options MenuPrice

Choice of Pasta

Choice of Pasta MenuPrice
Tagliatelle 24-hour beef ragu$0.00
Prawn spaghetti alla Chiatarra Sicilian red prawn, San Marzano tomato, shell-fish bisque, preserved lemon, dill$0.00
Truffle fettuccine, truffle butter, shaved black truffle$45.00

Choice of Baked Pasta

Choice of Baked Pasta MenuPrice
Traditional beef lasagna$0.00
Truffle & mushroom lasagna$45.00

Last Update: May 28, 2023

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