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Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a Singaporean chain of cafes selling toast products, soft-boiled eggs, and coffee. Founded in 1944 by Loi Ah Koon, it started as a family-run stall and has now expanded to over fifty outlets across 14 countries. The chain is known for its traditional brand identity and conservative, people-centric corporate culture. Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a cultural icon in Singapore.

Here is the most recent Ya Kun Kaya Toast menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Value Set Meals

ya kun kaya menu singapore value set meals
Value Set Meals MenuPrice
Set A – Kaya Toast with Butter Set$5.60
Set B – Kaya Toast with Peanut Set$5.60
Set C – Butter Sugar Toast Set$5.60
Set D – French Toast with Kaya Set$5.60
Set F – Steamed Bread Set$5.70
Set E – Smoked Cheese French Toast with Kaya Set$6.00


ya kun kaya menu singapore toastwich
Toastwich MenuPrice
Chicken Char Siew Toastwich$4.20
Fish Otah Toastwich$4.20
Tuna Mayo Toastwich$4.20
Rendang Chicken Toastwich$4.20

Hot Beverages

  • ya kun kaya menu singapore hot beverages 1
  • ya kun kaya menu singapore hot beverages 2
Hot Beverages MenuPrice
Coffee O$1.80
Tea O$1.80
Yuan Yang O$1.90
Yuan Yang$2.10
Coffee C$2.20
Tea C$2.20
Chinese Tea$2.20
Yuan Yang C$2.30
Ginger Tea O$2.60
Ginger Water$2.60
Ginger Milk Tea$2.70
Lemon Tea$3.00
Buzzy Honey Lemon$3.00
Silkyz Barley$3.20

Cold Beverage

  • ya kun kaya menu singapore cold beverages 1
  • ya kun kaya menu singapore cold beverages 2
Cold Beverages MenuPrice
Bottled Water$2.20
Iced Coffee O$2.80
Iced Tea O$2.80
Iced Yuan Yang O$2.90
Iced Coffee$2.90
Iced Tea$2.90
Iced Yuan Yang$3.00
Iced Lemon Tea$3.00
Iced Buzzy Honey Lemon$3.00
Iced Coffee C$3.10
Iced Tea C$3.10
Iced Yuan Yang C$3.20
Iced Milo$3.20
Iced Horlicks$3.20
Iced Silky Barley$3.20
Iced Ginger Milk Tea$3.40
Iced Soya Coffee O$3.40
Iced Soya Tea O$3.40
Iced Soya Coffee$3.60
Iced Soya Tea$3.60


ya kun kaya menu singapore ala carte
Ala-carte MenuPrice
Kaya Toast with Butter$2.60
Kaya Toast with Peanut$2.60
Butter Sugar Toast$2.60
French Toast with Kaya$2.60
Steamed Bread$2.70
Smoked Cheese French Toast with Kaya$3.00

All Day Sides

ya kun kaya menu singapore all day sides
All Day Sides MenuPrice
Soft Boiled Eggs (2 Eggs)$2.00
Kaya Butter Crackers$2.20
Butter Sugar Crackers$2.20
Kaya Balls$3.20
Cheese Balls$3.20

Chinese New Year

ya kun kaya menu singapore chinese new year
Chinese New Year MenuPrice
Hot Osmanthus Green Tea$3.50
Iced Osmanthus Green Tea$4.20

A Berry Christmas

ya kun kaya menu singapore a berry christmas
A Berry Christmas MenuPrice
Hot Berry Christmas Tea$3.50
Iced Berry Christmas Tea$4.20
Cranberry Rosemary Chicken Toastwich$4.80


  • ya kun kaya menu singapore pastry 1
  • ya kun kaya menu singapore pastry 2
Pastry MenuPrice
Signature Kaya Pandan Muffin$2.30
Orange Choco Muffin$2.30
Banana Walnut Muffin$2.30
Double Choco Muffin$2.30
Kaya Pandan Chiffon$2.40
Ondeh Pandan Swiss Roll$2.70
Coffee Walnut Swiss Roll$2.70
Black Sesame Swiss Roll$2.70
4 Muffins (Any Choice)$8.30
Ondeh Pandan Swiss Roll (1 Roll)$17.10
Coffee Walnut Swiss Roll (1 Roll)$17.10
Black Sesame Swiss Roll (1 Roll)$17.10
Kaya Pandan Chiffon (Whole)$17.30


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