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Yakiniku Like is a Japanese BBQ restaurant that originated in Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan in 2018 and has been operating in Singapore since February 2020. It has four outlets in Singapore, including one in VivoCity shopping mall, and offers individual seating and electric grills for solo diners as well as shared smokeless grills for group diners.

The restaurant has an affordable fast-food concept, and its grills use advanced technology to dissipate smoke.

The menu includes set meals and a la carte options with a variety of meats and condiments to choose from.

Here is the most recent Yakiniku Like menu for 2023 in Singapore:


yakiniku liku menu singapore new
New MenuPrice
Sanchu (3pcs)$2.50
NEXT Karubi 1.1 (50g)$5.00
NEXT Harami 1.1 (50g)$6.00
NEXT Karubi & NEXT Harami Set (100g)$15.90

LIKE Mini Curry Combo

yakiniku liku menu singapore like mini curry combo
LIKE Mini Curry Combo MenuPrice
Pork & Chicken Set (200g) with Mini Curry$16.70
Karubi Set (200g) with Mini Curry$18.70
Pork Belly Set (200g) with Mini Curry$18.70
Sukiyaki Karubi Set (200g) with Mini Curry$19.70
Karubi & Harami Set (200g) with Mini Curry$23.70


yakiniku liku menu singapore mains
Mains MenuPrice
Pork & Chicken Set (200g)$13.90
Garlic Butter Pork & Chicken Set (200g)$14.90
Karubi Set (200g)$15.90
Pork Belly Set$15.90
Garlic Butter Karubi Set (200g)$16.90
Sukiyaki Karubi Set (200g)$16.90
Karubi & Harami Set (200g)$20.90

Side Dish

yakiniku liku menu singapore side dish
Side Dish MenuPric
Half Boiled Egg$1.30
Seaweed Soup$1.50
LIKE Mini Curry$2.80


yakiniku liku menu singapore drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Dasani Water$1.90
Coca Cola$2.80
Ayataka Green Tea$2.80
Lemon Tea$2.80
Orange Juice$2.80
Honey Yuzu$2.80


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