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Isshin Machi is a fast-growing Taiwanese restaurant chain in Singapore with multiple outlets. It offers high-quality Taiwanese cuisine and has received positive reviews. Signature dishes include Hakka-style Braised Meat Rice and Fried Rice with Specially Marinated Pork Chop.

The restaurant also serves flavorful Shrimp and Pork Wonton Noodles. While the food is generally praised, the bubble tea may be too sweet for some. The cozy ambiance features wall murals of Taiwan landmarks. Isshin Machi is recommended for those seeking authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Singapore.

Here is the most recent Isshin Machi menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Appetizers Dishes 小菜

isshin machi menu singapore Appetizers Dishes 小菜
Appetizers Dishes 小菜 MenuPrice
A7. Isshin Braised Egg 一心滷蛋$1.30
A4. Pickle Vegetables 酸菜$4.90
A1. Isshin Kimchi 一心泡菜$5.10
A3. Cucumber with Spicy Garlic Dressing 蒜辣黃瓜$5.60
A5. Salt & Pepper Mushrooms 椒鹽菌菇$6.50
A6. Salt and Pepper Green Beans 椒鹽四季豆$6.50
A2. Savory Braised Beef Shank 老滷牛腱$9.30

Fried Dishes 炸物

isshin machi menu singapore Fried Dishes 炸物
Fried Dishes 炸物 MenuPrice
B3. Golden Fried Pork Wontons 炸鮮肉餛飩$7.60
B6. Golden Fried Tempura 炸甜不辣$8.40
B4. Golden Fried Shrimp & Pork Wontons 炸蝦肉餛飩$8.90
B5. Hakka-style Golden Fried Chicken 客家鹽酥雞$8.90
B1. Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop 炸豬排$11.90
B8. Crispy Chicken Cutlet 脆皮炸雞腿排$12.70
B2. Moon Shape Prawn Cake 月亮蝦餅$14.30
B7. Isshin Golden Fried Duo 一心炸雙拼$15.60

Vegetables 菜類

isshin machi menu singapore Vegetables 菜類
Vegetables 菜類 MenuPrice
C1. Cabbage with Dried Shrimp Stir Fried 蝦米炒高麗菜$10.40
C5. Kung Pao Cabbage 宮保高麗菜$10.80
C2. Lettuce with Garlic Stir Fried 蒜炒油麥菜$10.90
C6. Spinach with Garlic Stir Fried 蒜炒菠菜$10.90
C3. Sweet Peas with Garlic Stir Fried 蒜炒甜豆$12.70
C4. Sweet Peas with Shrimps Stir Fried 甜豆炒蝦仁$16.70

Snack 小吃

  • isshin machi menu singapore Snack 小吃 1
  • isshin machi menu singapore Snack 小吃 2
Snack 小吃 MenuPrice
D1. Pork Wontons with House Made Sauce 乾拌鮮肉餛飩$7.80
D3. Pork Wontons with Fiery Chili Oil 紅油鮮肉抄手$7.80
D2. Shrimp & Pork Wontons with House Made Sauce 乾拌蝦肉餛飩$9.10
D4. Shrimp & Pork Wontons with Fiery Chili Oil 紅油蝦肉抄手$9.10
D5. Prawn Omelette 蝦仁煎蛋$15.40
D7. Three Cups Tempura 三杯甜不辣$19.30
D8. Three Cups Mushrooms 三杯箘菇$19.30
D12. Kung Pao Shrimp 宫保蝦仁$20.60
D6. Three Cups Chicken 三杯雞腿肉$21.90
D9. Three Cups Squid 三杯中卷$21.90
D10. Kung Pao Chicken 宫保雞腿肉$21.90
D11. Kung Pao Squid 宫保中卷$21.90
D13. Three Cups Chicken with Mushrooms 三杯雞腿肉箘菇$23.30

Rice 飯類

isshin machi menu singapore Rice 飯類 1
Rice 飯類 MenuPrice
E12. White Pearl Rice 珍珠米白飯$1.90
E1. Golden Egg Fried Rice 黃金蛋炒飯$10.20
E4. Hakka-style Braised Meat Rice 客家滷肉飯$11.70
E5. Sunrise Braised Meat Rice 日出滷肉飯$12.90
E9. Low Calorie Veg Fried Rice 低卡蛋炒飯$13.90
E2. Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs 蝦仁蛋炒飯$15.60
E3. Fried Rice with Specially Marinated Pork Chop 招牌豬排蛋炒飯$15.90
E7. Sunrise Pork Chop Rice 日出豬排飯$15.90
E6. Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken Cutlet 脆皮雞腿蛋炒飯$16.70
E8. Sunrise Crispy Chicken Cutlet Rice 日出雞腿排飯$16.70
E10. Sunrise Beef MUI-FUN 日出牛肉燴飯$16.80
E11. Shrimp & Kimchi Fried Rice 蝦仁泡菜炒飯$16.80

Soup 湯品

isshin machi menu singapore Soup 湯品
Soup 湯品 MenuPrice
F3. Seaweed and Egg Soup 海帶芽蛋花湯$5.10
F1. Pork Wontons Soup 鮮肉餛飩湯$7.80
F2. Shrimp & Pork Wontons Soup 蝦肉餛飩湯$9.10
F4. Taiwanese Braised Beef Soup 蔥燒牛肉湯$12.90

Noodles 麵類

  • isshin machi menu singapore Noodles 麵類 1
  • isshin machi menu singapore Noodles 麵類 2
Noodles 麵類 MenuPrice
G19. Sichuan Style Noodles 紅油燃麵$6.50
G12. Traditional Dry Noodles 特製乾拌麵$7.80
G4. Tainan Danzai Noodles 台南擔仔麵$11.70
G6. Pork Wonton Noodles Soup 鮮肉餛飩湯麵$11.70
G10. Pork Wonton Noodles with House Made Sauce 乾拌鮮肉餛飩麵$11.70
G16. Mushrooms Dry Noodles 菌菇乾拌麵$11.70
G8. Pork Wonton Noodles with Fiery Chili Oil 紅油鮮肉抄手拌麵$11.80
G18. Noodles with Pork Chop and Pickled Vegetables 酸菜豬扒麵$12.30
G7. Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodles Soup 蝦肉餛飩湯麵$12.90
G11. Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodles with House Made Sauce 乾拌蝦肉餛飩麵$12.90
G9. Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodles with Fiery Chili Oil 紅油蝦肉抄手拌麵$13.10
G1. Noodles with Specially Marinated Pork Chop Soup 招牌豬排湯麵$14.50
G3. Isshin Kimchi & Shrimp Noodles Soup 一心泡菜蝦仁湯麵$15.40
G2. Signature Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles 台灣蔥燒牛肉湯麵$15.60
G14. Shrimp Noodles Soup 蝦仁湯麵$15.60
G17. Crispy Chicken Cutlet Noodles Soup 脆皮炸雞腿排湯麵$15.60
G5. Specially Marinated Pork Chop Noodles In Beef Soup 豬排紅牛湯麵$16.30
G13. Isshin Deluxe Dry Noodles 一心乾拌麵$16.80
G15. Pork Chop & Wanton Noodles Soup 豬扒鮮肉餛飩湯麵$16.80

Beverage 飲料

isshin machi menu singapore Beverage 飲料
Beverage 飲料 MenuPrice
H15. Drinking Water 開水$1.30
H12. Bottled Mineral Water 礦泉水$2.90
H11. Coca-Cola(/Zero) & Sprite 可口可樂(/無糖) & 雪碧$3.30
H13. Taiwan Shih-Chuan Ready to Drink Vinegar 台灣十全果醋$3.70
H8. Assam Tea 阿薩姆紅茶$3.80
H3. Isshin Ice Lemon Tea 一心凍檸茶$3.90
H4. Taiwanese Roselle Tea 台灣洛神花茶$3.90
H5. Taiwanese Black Sugar Winter Melon 台灣黑糖冬瓜露$3.90
H2. Brown Sugar Caramel Milk Tea 黑焦糖奶茶$4.10
H7. Assam Milk Tea 阿薩姆奶茶$4.10
H9. Lemon Tea 檸檬紅茶$4.10
H6. Honey Yuzu Juice 蜂蜜柚子水$4.30
H14. Fruit Juice 純果汁$4.50
H10. Sour Plum Juice 桂花冰鎮酸梅湯$4.90
H1. Brown Sugar Caramel Pearl Milk Tea 黑糖珍珠焦糖奶茶$5.10

Beer 啤酒

isshin machi menu singapore Beer 啤酒
Beer 啤酒 MenuPrice
I4. TTL Sweet Touch White Grape Fruit Beer 果微醺啤酒 – 白葡萄$5.90
I5. TTL Sweet Touch Lychee Fruit Beer 果微醺啤酒 – 甜荔枝$5.90
I6. TTL Fruit Series – Mango 果微醺啤酒 – 芒果$5.90
I7. TTL Fruit Series – Pineapple 果微醺啤酒 – 鳳梨$5.90
I8. TTL Fruit Series – Red Grape 果微醺啤酒 – 紅葡萄$5.90
I9. TTL Sweet Touch Grapefruit Fruit Beer 果微醺啤酒 – 葡萄柚$5.90
I1. Taiwan Beer 台灣啤酒$7.30
I2. Tiger Beer 老虎啤酒$8.90
I3. Heineken 喜力啤酒$8.90

Last Update: May 29, 2023

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