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Fun Toast is a coffee shop that has been around since 1941. It was called Kheng Nam Hong back then. It was started by the grandfather-in-law of Ah Hian, who is now a co-owner.

The coffeehouse was known for its well-brewed, fragrant coffee, tea, and tasty, crispy kaya toast, all of which were known for their smells that made your mouth water.

Telok Ayer was being fixed up by the government in the early 1990s, so Kheng Nam Hong moved to the Amoy Street hawker center.

After 68 years, Kheng Nam Hong’s long and interesting history was told to the third generation of traditional coffee lovers.

Ah Hian wanted to keep up the family tradition of making Nanyang Coffee, so he and his sworn brother, Ah Yang, went into business together to keep a promise they made 12 years before. At the beginning of 2009, they set out on a journey to revive the coffeehouse with the goal of bringing in “fun,” “innovative,” and “uniquely Singapore” ideas.

Fun Toast’s goal is to give all of their customers a “FUN” experience by combining delicious traditional Nanyang food and drinks with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their goal is to be the most innovative food and drink business that makes “FUN” experiences for people of all ages.

They want to reach their vision by sticking to their core values, which are a good and positive attitude toward customers and among employees, competence, customer focus, fostering teamwork, initiative, and innovation in F&B services to stay competitive, organizing and performing through the 8S concept, and taking advantage of opportunities now.

Fun Toast has a lot of fresh, unique, and natural food and drinks, like honey lime tea, red cane leaf tea, and ginger milk tea. They think that actions speak louder than words and rely on the actions of their employees to bring their corporate vision to life.

Here is the latest Fun Toast menu for Singapore 2023:

Premium TeaF

fun toast menu singapore premium teaf
Premium TeaF MenuPrice
Jasmine Rose$2.80
Organic Oolong$2.80
Strawberry Green Tea$2.80
Osmanthus Pu’er$3.00
Snow Pear Black Tea$3.00
Pomegranate Oolong Tea$3.00

Fun Meal Set Deal

fun toast menu singapore fun meal set deal
Fun Meal Set Deal MenuPrice
Shredded Chicken Soup Set$10.40
Mee Siam Set$10.40
Laksa Set$11.70
Soya Sauce Chicken Set$12.00
Curry Chicken Set$12.00
Yong Tau Foo Set$12.20

Fun Meal

  • fun toast menu singapore fun meal 1
  • fun toast menu singapore fun meal 2
Fun Meal MenuPrice
Chee Cheong Fun$3.40
Chee Cheong Fun & Siew Mai$5.70
Fan Choy & Siew Mai$5.70
Loh Mai Kai & Siew Mai$5.70
Mee Siam$5.80
Shredded Chicken Soup$5.80
Soya Sauce Chicken with Chee Cheong Fun$7.40
Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice$7.40
Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle$7.40
Curry Chicken with Soft Bun$7.40
Curry Chicken with Rice$7.40
Curry Chicken with Chee Cheong Fun$7.40
Yong Tau Foo$7.60
BBQ Prawn with Rice$9.60

Fun Toast Set

fun toast menu singapore fun toast set
Fun Toast Set MenuPrice
Honey Butter French Toast Set$5.60
Min Jiang Kueh Soft Bun Set$5.80
Yuan Yang Soft Bun Set$5.80
Kaya Butter Toast Set$5.80
Ham & Cheese French Toast$6.10
Egg Mayo Toast Set$6.10
Otah Cheese Soft Bun Set$6.30
Assam Prawn Mayo Toast Set$7.10
French Toast Platter Set$9.10

Ala Carte Toast

fun toast menu singapore ala carte toast
Ala Carte Toast MenuPrice
Min Jiang Kueh Soft Bun$3.30
Yuan Yang Soft Bun$3.30
Kaya Butter Toast$3.30
Honey Butter French Toast$4.30
Ham & Cheese French Toast$4.80
Egg Mayo Toast$4.80
Otah Cheese Soft Bun$5.00
Assam Prawn Mayo$5.80
French Toast Platter$7.30

Local Delights

  • fun toast menu singapore local delights 1
  • fun toast menu singapore local delights 2
Local Delights MenuPrice
Red Bean Bao$1.40
Yam Bao$1.40
Char Siew Bao$1.60
2 Soft Boiled Eggs$2.20
Siew Mai (2 Pcs)$2.60
Kong Bak Bao$2.60
Handmade Chicken Bao$2.80
Fan Choy$3.10
Loh Mai Kai$3.10
Nasi Lemak$3.10
Dry Mee Siam$3.30
Dry Mee Goreng$3.30
Fried Bee Hoon$3.30

Traditional Coffee

fun toast menu singapore traditional coffee
Traditional Coffee MenuPrice
Coffee O (Large)$2.00
Coffee (Large)$2.10
Coffee C (Large)$2.20
Yuan Yang (Large)$2.30
Gula Melaka Coffee (Large)$2.50

Traditional Tea

fun toast menu singapore traditional tea
Traditional Tea MenuPrice
Tea O (Large)$2.00
Tea (Large)$2.10
Tea C (Large)$2.20
Ginger Tea O (Large)$2.30
Ginger Tea (Large)$2.40
Gula Melaka Tea (Large)$2.50
Almond Tea (Large)$2.50

Specialty Tea

fun toast menu singapore specialty tea
Specialty Tea MenuPrice
Lemon Tea$2.20
Lime Tea$2.20
Honey Tea O$2.20
Grass Jelly Tea$2.30
Honey Tea C$2.40
Honey Wolfberry Tea O$2.50
Honey Lemon Tea$2.50
Honey Lime Tea$2.50
Honey Grass Jelly Milk Tea$2.70

Refreshing Beverages

fun toast menu singapore refreshing beverages
Refreshing Beverages MenuPrice
Honey O$2.00
Honey Lemon$2.30
Honey Lime$2.30
Honey Lime Sour Plum$2.30
Honey Ginger$2.30
Honey Grass Jelly$2.30
Honey Wolf Berry$2.30
Red Cane Leaf$2.40
Lemon Red Cane Leaf$2.60

Nutritional Beverages

fun toast menu singapore nutritional beverages
Nutritional Beverages MenuPrice
Ginger Milk$2.40
Cereal Milk$2.40
Oat Cereal Milk$2.60
Almond Cereal Milk$2.90
Almond Ginger Milk$2.90
Milo Dinosaur$4.00

Last Update: March 27, 2023

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