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Texas Chicken is a chain of fast food restaurants that serve tasty, real Texas-style chicken. They believe in making food that is bold, straightforward, and always the same. At Texas Chicken, they don’t just serve chicken, but also the sense of community that comes from sharing simple pleasures and moments.

Their history, spirit, and roots are all authentically Texan, and their brand was born in 1952 across from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Today, their delicious food is served all over the United States and in 25 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania, with more coming soon.

The brand values of Texas Chicken are pushing limits, the power of simplicity, not giving in, and honoring their roots. They think it’s important to raise the bar in everything they do and look for ways to be unique in a tough and competitive field. They also serve honest, hand-made meals from a simple menu to satisfy everyone’s hunger without making things more complicated than they need to be.

Also, Texas Chicken believes in always striving for perfection, doubling down on consistency, quality, and flavor, and making real food that tastes real good with real conviction. They honor their heritage by sharing the taste of Texas with the rest of the world. They also encourage family and communities to share moments, experiences, and really good food.

Here is the latest Texas Chicken menu for Singapore 2023:


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Breakfast MenuPrice
Classic Burger$3.80
Porridge Combo$3.90
Sunny Kids Meal$4.50
Porridge Combo$4.60
Sausage & Egg Muffin Combo$5.80
Ham & Egg Muffin Combo$5.80
Classic Burger Breakfast Combo$6.20
Sausage & Egg Muffin Combo$6.50
Ham & Egg Muffin Combo$6.50
Sausage & Egg Wrap Combo$6.50
Classic Burger Breakfast Combo$6.50
Ham & Egg Bagel Combo$6.80
Sausage Bacon & Egg Bagel Combo$6.80
Hearty Trio Wrap Combo$6.80
Sunny Pancake Combo$6.90
Sausage & Egg Wrap Combo$7.20
Sunny Pancake With Sausage Combo$7.50
Ham & Egg Bagel Combo$7.50
Sausage Bacon & Egg Bagel Combo$7.50
Hearty Trio Wrap Combo$7.50
Sunny Pancake Combo$7.60
Deluxe Breakfast Platter$7.90
Tex Breakfast Wrap Combo$7.90
Tender Breakfast Combo$7.90
Sunny Pancake With Sausage Combo$8.10
Tender Breakfast Combo$8.20
Tex Breakfast Wrap Combo$8.20
Mexicana Breakfast Wrap Combo$8.40
Deluxe Breakfast Platter$8.60
Sunny Breakfast Platter$8.60
Mexicana Breakfast Wrap Combo$8.70
2 pc Chicken Breakfast Combo$8.80
Deluxe Breakfast Combo$8.90
Sunny Breakfast Platter$9.30
2 pc Chicken Breakfast Combo$9.50
Deluxe Breakfast Combo$9.60
3 pc Chicken Breakfast Combo$11.20
3 pc Chicken Breakfast Combo$11.90

Breakfast Ala Carte

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Breakfast Ala Carte MenuPrice
Ham & Egg Muffin$4.20
Sausage & Egg Muffin$4.20
Ham & Egg Muffin$4.90
Sausage & Egg Muffin$4.90
Sausage & Egg Wrap$4.95
Ham & Egg Bagel$5.20
Sausage Bacon & Egg Bagel$5.20
Hearty Trio Wrap$5.20
Sunny Pancake$5.30
Sausage & Egg Wrap$5.70
Ham & Egg Bagel$5.90
Sausage Bacon & Egg Bagel$5.90
Hearty Trio Wrap$5.90
Sunny Pancake$6.00
Breakfast Platter$6.20
Deluxe Breakfast Bagel$6.50
Sunny Pancake With Sausage$6.90
Breakfast Platter$6.90
Deluxe Breakfast Bagel$7.20
Deluxe Breakfast Platter$7.50
Sunny Pancake With Sausage$7.60
Deluxe Breakfast Platter$8.20

Breakfast Sides

texas chicken menu singapore breakfast sides
Breakfast Sides MenuPrice
Honey Butter Biscuit (1 PCS)$1.40
1 pc Hashbrown$1.70
1 pc Hashbrown$1.70
Honey Butter Biscuit (1 PCS)$2.20
Honey Butter Biscuit (2 PCS)$2.60
Honey Butter Biscuit (6 PCS)$7.20

Duo & Sharing Combo Meals

texas chicken menu singapore duo sharing combo meals
Duo & Sharing Combo Meals MenuPrice
Feast Box A$12.90
5pc Chicken Combo$26.90
3pc Chicken & Burger Combo$26.90
3pc Chicken & Tex Wrap Combo$26.90

Individual Combo

texas chicken menu singapore individual combos
Individual Combo MenuPrice
3 pc Tenders Combo$8.00
6 pc Nuggets Combo$8.00
3 pc Tenders Combo$8.70
6 pc Nuggets Combo$8.70
2 pc Chicken Combo$9.00
Tex Sampler Combo$9.00
2 pc Chicken Combo$9.70
Tex Sampler Combo$9.70
3 pc Chicken Combo$11.40
Mega Max Classic Burger Combo$12.10
Mega Max Tender Wrap Combo$12.10
3 pc Chicken Combo$12.10
Mega Max 2pc Chicken Combo$13.10

Burger & Wrap Combos

texas chicken menu singapore burger wrap combos
Burger & Wrap Combos MenuPrice
Tex Supreme Burger Combo$7.90
Tex Wrap Combo$7.90
Mexicana Burger Combo$8.40
Mexicana Wrap Combo$8.40
Tex Supreme Burger Combo$8.70
Tex Wrap Combo$8.70
Mexicana Burger Combo$9.20
Mexicana Wrap Combo$9.20

Family Meals / Party Set

texas chicken menu singapore family meals or party set
Family Meals / Party Set MenuPrice
Fortune Box$17.90
8 pc Chicken Combo$35.00
8 pc Chicken Combo$36.70
12 pc Chicken Combo$45.00
Super Value Set (8 – 10 Pax)$93.00
Super Value Set (8 – 10 Pax)$95.00
Delightful Set (10 – 12 Pax)$123.00
Delightful Set (10 – 12 Pax)$125.00
Abundance Set (12 – 15 Pax)$133.00
Abundance Set (12 – 15 Pax)$135.00

MegaCrunch (2 pm – 5 pm)

texas chicken menu singapore megacrunch 2pm 5pm
MegaCrunch (2 pm – 5 pm) MenuPrice
Classic Burger Box$6.80
Tender Box$6.80
Tender Wrap Box$6.80

Classic Sides

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Classic Sides MenuPrice
Honey Butter Biscuit (1 PCS)$1.40
1 pc Hashbrown$1.70
1 pc Hashbrown$1.70
Honey Butter Biscuit (1 PCS)$2.20
Honey Butter Biscuit (2 PCS)$2.60
Mashed Potatoes$2.70
Mashed Potatoes$3.30
Onion Rings$3.70
Mac & Cheese$4.10
Onion Rings$4.30
Cheese Fries$4.60
Mac & Cheese$4.70
Popcorn Chicken$4.70
Cheese Fries$5.20
Popcorn Chicken$5.30
Nuggets (6 PCS)$5.30
Honey Butter Biscuit (6 PCS)$7.20

Ala Carte

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Ala Carte MenuPrice
Apple Pie$2.20
1pc Tender$2.40
1 pc Chicken$3.70
Classic Burger$3.80
Classic Burger$4.10
1 pc Chicken$4.30
3 pc Tenders$4.70
6 pc Nuggets$5.30
3 pc Tenders$5.40
Tex Supreme Burger$5.50
Tex Wrap$5.50
Tex Wrap$6.20
Mexicana Wrap$6.20
Tex Supreme Burger$6.30
Mexicana Burger$6.30
Mexicana Wrap$6.90
Mexicana Burger$7.00


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Drinks MenuPrice
Hot Coffee$2.30
Hot Tea$2.30
Dasani Bottled Water$2.40
Soft Drinks$2.50
MMR Orange$2.80
NESTEA Green Tea$2.80
H&E Ice Lemon Tea$2.80
Hot Milo$2.80
Hot Coffee$3.20
Hot Tea$3.20
Iced Milo$3.30
Coca Cola Zero$3.50
Coca Cola$3.50
Fanta Grape$3.50
Minute Maid Orange$3.70
H&E Ice Lemon Tea$3.70
NESTEA Green Tea$3.70
Sjora Mango Peach$4.30
Iced Milo$4.30


Last Update: March 25, 2023

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