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QQ Rice is a food establishment that offers healthy rice balls with customizable fillings. Customers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of ingredients, including meat and vegetables, to create their desired combination. The reviews showcase mixed experiences.

One reviewer, Ali Tal, expressed dissatisfaction with the taste of the food and a pricing discrepancy. They mentioned ordering a creamy salmon dish that was priced at $9.80 on the menu but was charged more than $12. The owner responded, explaining that the lower price was only applicable on Sundays as part of a daily meal set promotion. The owner acknowledged the feedback and expressed a commitment to improving.

On the other hand, Mal T.C, who ordered for delivery, had a positive experience. They enjoyed the warm and delicious food, particularly praising the Honey Coriander salmon and the Osmanthus jelly with pearl. They also mentioned that the Oyster mushroom snack onigiri was surprisingly good. They expressed their intention to return and dine again.

Yoshiyuki Shimizu, another reviewer, described QQ Rice’s rice balls as healthy and customizable, with the option to include various meats and vegetables. They found the food delicious but mentioned that having soup would enhance the experience. They also expressed interest in QQ Rice opening a store in Japan and offered their support.

QQ Rice provides service options for in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, and delivery. The opening hours are listed from 7:30 am to 9 pm on most days, with slightly different hours on Sundays (10 am to 8 pm) and Saturdays (7 am to 8 pm).

Here is the most recent QQ Rice menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Special Sets

qq rice menu singapore special sets
Special Sets MenuPrice
Signature Rice Roll Setfrom $14.50
DIY Rice Roll Setfrom $14.50
Flavored Oat Rice Setfrom $15.80
Healthy Bento Setfrom $18.10

Wholegrain Bento Box 便当

qq rice menu singapore Wholegrain Bento Box 便当
Wholegrain Bento Box 便当 MenuPrice
California Chicken Stew 加州吨鸡便当$7.50
Mushroom Tumeric Chicken 香菇黄焖鸡便当$7.50
Dory Fish (+Salad) 咖喱腌鲂鱼便当$8.90
QQ Vegan QQ全素便当$8.90
Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡便当$8.90
Nyonya BBQ Chicken 娘惹烧烤鸡便当$8.90
Rosemary Herb Chicken 迷迭香鸡便当$9.90
Ah Ma Curry Chicken 阿嫲咖喱鸡便当$9.90
Creamy Tomato Salmon 奶油番茄三文鱼便当$12.00
Sambal Prawn Petai 素叁巴炒臭豆虾便当$12.00
Honey Coriander Salmon 蜂蜜香菜三文鱼便当$12.00

Rice Roll 饭团

qq rice menu singapore Rice Roll 饭团
Rice Roll 饭团 MenuPrice
Customize Rice Roll 自制饭团 (Includes 5 Fillings)From $6.90
Smoked Duck Rice Roll 薰鸭饭团$7.20
Spicy Shrimp Rice Roll 香辣虾米饭团$7.20
Vegan Tofu Rice Roll Q豆腐饭团 (Veg)$7.20
Tuna Rice Roll 金枪鱼饭团$7.20
Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)$7.20
Chai Fish Rice Roll 柴鱼饭团$7.20
Ah Ma Curry Chicken Rice Roll 阿嫲咖喱饭团$7.20
Honey Goose Rice Roll 蜜鹅饭团 (Veg)$7.20

Oat Rice 燕麦饭

qq rice menu singapore Oat Rice 燕麦饭
Oat Rice 燕麦饭 MenuPrice
Black Fungus Chicken Oat Rice 黑木耳鸡燕麦饭$7.50
Sesame Oil Mushroom Oat Rice 麻油香菇燕麦饭$7.50
Xiang Chun Oat Rice 香椿燕麦饭$7.50

Snack Roll 三角饭

qq rice menu singapore Snack Roll 三角饭 1
Snack Roll 三角饭 MenuPrice
Emperor Veg Snack Roll (M) 皇帝菜三角饭$4.00
BBQ Chicken Snack Roll (M) 鸡肉三角饭$4.00
Oyster Mushroom Snack Roll(M) 蚝油双菇三角饭$4.00
Wakame Snack Roll (M) 海苔丝三角饭$4.00

Hot Drink 饮料(热)

qq rice menu singapore Hot Drink 饮料(热
Hot Drink 饮料(热)MenuPrice
Low Sugar Organic Matcha Soya 低糖抹茶豆浆$3.20
No Sugar Organic Soya 无糖有机豆浆$3.20

Cold Drink 饮料(冷)

qq rice menu singapore Cold Drink 饮料(冷
Cold Drink 饮料(冷)MenuPrice
Roselle 洛神汁$3.60
Fresh Lemon Plum 天然甘梅柠檬$4.20
Fresh Passion Fruit 天然百香果$4.20
Fresh Le Huo Fruit 天然樂活$4.20
Fresh Orange Juice 天然橙汁果汁$4.20

Dessert 甜品

qq rice menu singapore Dessert 甜品
Dessert 甜品 MenuPrice
Fresh Osmanthus Fruit Jelly with Boba Pearl 天然桂花果冻寒天$4.10
Fresh Lemon Jelly with Boba Pearl 天然柠檬果冻寒天$4.10
Fresh Le Huo Jelly with Boba Pearl 天然樂活果冻寒天$4.10

Vegetarian Meals

qq rice menu singapore vegetarian meals 1
Vegetarian Meals MenuPrice
Emperor Veg Snack Roll (M) 皇帝菜三角饭$4.00
Oyster Mushroom Snack Roll(M) 蚝油双菇三角饭$4.00
Wakame Snack Roll (M) 海苔丝三角饭$4.00
Vegan Tofu Rice Roll Q豆腐饭团 (Veg)$7.20
Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)$7.20
Honey Goose Rice Roll 蜜鹅饭团 (Veg)$7.20
Sesame Oil Mushroom Oat Rice 麻油香菇燕麦饭$7.50
Xiang Chun Oat Rice 香椿燕麦饭$7.50
QQ Vegan Bento$8.90
Sambal Prawn Petai 素叁巴炒臭豆虾便当$12.00

DIY Drinks 饮料

qq rice menu singapore DIY Drinks 饮料
DIY Drinks 饮料 MenuPrice
Instant Taro Q-Ball Pearl 芋头Q圆 600g$11.50
Instant Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearl 冷冻黑糖珍珠1kg$15.90
Fresh Lemon Juice 檸檬原汁 950g$18.20
Fresh Orange Juice 柳丁原汁 950g$18.50
Fresh Aloha Juice 樂活水果茶 1100g$18.80
Fresh Passion Fruit Juice 百香果汁 950g$19.60
Roselle 洛神仙楂果漿 1.2kg$26.90
Instant Agar Crystal Pearl 原味寒天晶球 2kg$28.80

DIY Foods 食品

qq rice menu singapore DIY Foods 食品
DIY Foods 食品 MenuPrice
Chuka Wakame 海带 1kg$15.50
Burdock 牛蒡 1kg$16.10
Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜 1kg$22.80


Last Update: May 29, 2023

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