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Rocky Master is a home-grown brand that was established in 1999 with a vision to offer gourmet coffee and quality food in a fast casual dining setting. With a diverse menu featuring Asian, Fusion, and Western dishes, Rocky Master has become known for its wide range of offerings.

At Rocky Master, you can enjoy their signature gourmet coffee along with popular dishes like Laksa Supreme, Chicken & Mushroom Quesadilla, Teriyaki Chicken Pasta, Rocky Master Signature Breakfast, and more. The brand takes pride in serving food and drinks of consistently high quality, ensuring that only ingredients that pass stringent checks are used.

Since 2017, Rocky Master has been Halal-certified by MUIS, making it a suitable dining option for customers with Halal dietary preferences. The brand’s commitment to providing value to its customers is reflected in their aim to offer everyday value through their food and drinks, whether enjoyed in their outlets or in the comfort of your own place.

With a vision to become a regional brand, Rocky Master aims to continue delivering gourmet coffee and high-quality food while maintaining everyday value for their customers.

Here is the most recent Rocky Master menu for 2023 in Singapore:

All-Day Breakfast

rocky master menu singapore all day breakfast
All-Day Breakfast MenuPrice
Toast & Eggs$9.60
Croissant with Eggs & Chicken Ham$12.20
Croissant with Tuna & Apple$12.20
Pancakes with Ice Cream$12.20
Croissant with Eggs & Smoked Salmon$14.20
Croissant with Truffle Egg Mayo$14.20
Hearty Savoury Pancakes$15.20
Pancakes with Ice Cream (Additional Ice Cream)$15.70
Rocky Master® Signature Breakfast$17.20


rocky master menu singapore quesadilla
Quesadilla MenuPrice
Spinach & Corn$16.00
Chicken & Mushroom$16.00
Chicken Satay$16.00
Ground Beef$16.00

Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day MenuPrice
Served with Toast$6.60


Salad MenuPrice
Caesar Salad$8.60
Mixed Salad$8.60


Add-ons MenuPrice
Chicken Ham+$3.50
Turkey Bacon+$3.50
Teriyaki Chicken+$3.50
Tuna & Apple+$3.50
Smoked Salmon+$4.50

Pasta & Lasagne

rocky master menu singapore pasta lasagne
Pasta & Lasagne MenuPrice
Aglio Olio$11.00
Mushroom : +$3.50
Chicken Ham : +$3.50
Turkey Bacon : +$3.50
Prawns : +$4.50
Al Funghi$14.50
Teriyaki Chicken$14.50
Beef Bolognaise$14.50
Laksa Spaghetti with Prawns$16.50
Chicken Lasagne$18.20


Sides MenuPrice
Onion Rings$7.60
French Fries$7.60
Truffle Fries$11.00
Crispy Mid-wings (6 Pieces)$11.00
Meat-free Nuggets (8 Pieces)$11.00
Party Platter$18.60
Upgrade to Truffle Fries: +$2.50


rocky master menu singapore burger 2
Burgers MenuPrice
Chicky Beefy Sliders$15.20
Crispy Fish Burger$15.20
Soy Amazing Burger$15.20
Upgrade to Truffle Fries: +$2.50
Chrispy Chicken Burger$15.20
Chicken Satay Burger$15.20
Cheesy Double Beef Burger$18.20

Rocky Master Specials

Rocky Master Specials MenuPrice
Rocky Master® Laksa Supreme$15.00
Rocky Master® Club Sandwich$15.20
Fish & Chips$15.20
Rocky Master® Signature Mac & Cheese$18.20


Rice MenuPrice
Teriyaki Chicken$15.20
Curry Chicken & Potato$15.20
Honey Garlic Salmon$18.20


Caffeinated MenuPrice (Regular Hot)Price (Large Hot)Price (Regular Iced)Price (Large Iced)
The Signature Devil’s Brew®$5.00$5.50
Café Latté$6.60$6.90$7.30$8.30
Gourmet Chocolate$6.80$7.50$7.50$8.90
Café Mocha$7.30$8.30$7.90$8.90
Matcha Latté$7.30$8.30$7.90$8.50
Hazel-Notti Latté$7.30$8.30$7.70$8.70
Tira-Miss’U Cappuccino$7.30$8.30$7.70$8.70


Fruity MenuPrice (Regular Hot)Price (Large Hot)Price (Regular Iced)Price (Large Iced)
Yuzu Lemon$5.00$5.30$5.50$6.00
Orange / Apple Juice$5.50
Raspberry White Grape Fizz$6.70$7.30
Strawberry Grapefruit Fizz$6.70$7.30

Premium Hot Tea

Premium Hot Tea MenuPrice (Regular)
Premium Hot Tea$5.00

Iced Tea

Iced Tea MenuPrice (Regular)Price (Large)
Lychee Blossom$7.20$8.20
Mango Crème$7.20$8.20
Yuzu Apple Dream$7.20$8.20

Indulgent Blend

rocky master menu singapore indulgent blend 1
Indulgent Blend MenuPrice (Regular)Price (Large)
Strawberry Romance$8.30$9.30
Matcha Sunrise$8.30$9.30
Chocolicious Berry$8.30$9.30
Mango Madness$8.30$9.30
R’offee Toffee$8.30$9.30

Last Update: May 23, 2023

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