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Nine Fresh is a Taiwan-based restaurant in Singapore that serves various food and drink items.

They offer Taro Ball Signatures, Mixed Bases Specialties, Freshly Brewed Teas, and a “Create Your Own” option.

Each of these categories has a different menu and price list. The Freshly Brewed Teas range from $2.80 to $3.50, while the toppings for the Freshly Brewed Teas range from $0.80 to $1.20.

The “Create Your Own” option allows customers to build their own drink with additional mixed bases, bean curd, grass jelly, or Ai-yu jelly, which range from $0.50 to $2.20 more.

The toppings for “Create Your Own” option range from $0.50 to $1.20, including various jelly toppings, beans, and taro balls.

Rewards Card:

  • Stamps can only be redeemed at the outlet of purchase with original receipt within 2 weeks and stamped message.
  • Cards or stamps cannot be combined or transferred.
  • Refer to the Rewards Card for validity date.


  • No longer available in Singapore due to market saturation.
  • For overseas franchise opportunities, send a message to

Here is the most recent Nine Fresh menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Taro Ball Signatures

nine fresh menu singapore taro ball signatures
Taro Ball Signatures MenuPrice
Grass Jelly Special$2.80
Oat Treasures Grass Jelly$2.80
Nine Fresh Signature$3.50
Pearly Bean Curd$3.50
Black Cup$3.50
Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly$3.80
Black Sugar Ai-Yu Jelly$3.80
Jellicious Cup$3.80
Goodness Cup$4.00

Mixed Bases Specialties

  • nine fresh menu singapore mixed bases specialties 1 1
  • nine fresh menu singapore mixed bases specialties 2 1
Mixed Bases Specialties MenuPrice
Mixed Bean Cup$3.50
Tropical Cup$3.50
Treasure Cup$3.50
Yin-Yang Cup$3.60
Sunshine Cup$3.60
Taro Cup$3.60
Abundance Cup$3.80
Golden Cup$3.90
Aww In One Cup$4.00

Freshly Brewed Tea

nine fresh menu singapore freshly brewed tea
Freshly Brewed Tea MenuPrice
Red Tea$2.80
Jasmine Green Tea$2.80
Four Season Oolong Tea$2.80
Earl Grey Tea$2.80
Milk Tea$3.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea$3.50

Freshly Brewed Tea Toppings

nine fresh menu singapore freshly brewed tea toppings
Toppings MenuPrice
Black pearl$0.80
Any bean topping$0.90
Any dessert base$1.00
Any jelly topping
(except for popping jelly)
Mini taro Q$1.20
Honey popping jelly$1.20

Create Your Own

nine fresh menu singapore create your own
Create Your Own MenuPrice
Mixed bases$0.50-$0.80 more
Bean curd$1.80
Grass jelly$1.80
Ai-yu jelly$2.20

Create Your Own Toppings

  • nine fresh menu singapore create your own toppings 1
  • nine fresh menu singapore create your own toppings 2
Create Your Own Toppings MenuPrice
Milk ball$0.50
Black pearl$0.60
Red bean$0.70
Soft peanuts$0.70
Green bean$0.70
Roasted peanuts$0.70
Pinto bean$0.70
Eight treasures bean$0.70
Mini taro Q$0.80
Taro balls
(max. 2 servings)
Aloe vera pearl jelly$0.90
Kantan jelly$0.90
Mango pearl jelly$0.90
Konjac jelly$0.90
Lychee pearl jelly$0.90
Black sugar jelly dice$0.90
Grape pearl jelly$0.90
Honey popping jelly$1.00
Sweet Potato$1.20
Lotus nut$1.20

This FAQ is for a dessert company, Ninefresh. It covers the following topics:

-Wrong/Missing Products: If a mistake has been made in the order, the company apologizes and asks the customer to email them to rectify the situation.

-Milk Balls: Only some desserts come with a milk ball included. Customers can add a milk ball for $0.50 each.

-Halal and Vegetarian Options: The brand is not halal-certified, but does not use gelatin or alcohol in its products. Customers who cannot consume dairy should avoid certain items.

-Sugar Options: The company offers a range of tea with 0-100% sugar levels. Lower sugar content desserts are recommended.

-Warm Desserts: All desserts are served chilled but customers can request less or no ice for tea.

-Shelf Life: Desserts should be refrigerated as soon as possible, or within 2 hours of pickup/delivery to avoid spoilage.

-Advance Orders/Delivery: The company provides door-to-door delivery for advance orders with a $38 delivery fee and $10 packaging fee. Self-pick-up is also available at participating outlets.

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