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Qi Ji is a Singaporean food brand that emphasizes the importance of strong kinship and superb culinary skills in the creation of their products. They use the Chinese characters 奇 (qi) to represent the idea of everyone coming together to create a miracle.

Qi Ji is committed to preserving Singapore’s culinary heritage by serving authentic Singaporean fare made with the finest ingredients and according to Halal and ISO 22000:2005 certification standards.

The brand aspires to elevate the perception and image of local cuisine and put Singapore on the culinary world map. Some of their signature dishes include Handmade Popiah and Nasi Lemak.

Qi Ji also provides catering services, delivering a wholesome spread of Singaporean comfort food to their customers’ doorsteps.

Here is the latest Qiji menu for Singapore 2023:

Mini Party Set & Sides

qiji menu singapore mini party set sides
Curry Vegetable (serves up to 10 pax)$25.00
Stir Fry Broccoli (Serves up to 10 pax)$25.00
Sambal Prawn (serves up to 10pax)$29.00
Curry Chicken (serves up to 10 pax)$42.00
Mini Party Set A$194.40


qiji menu singapore bento
Bento MenuPrice
Classic Bento$8.10
Premium Bento$9.18
Executive Bento$13.50

Nasi Lemak

qiji menu singapore nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak MenuPrice
Nasi Lemak Set 1$5.50
Nasi Lemak Set 2$5.50
Nasi Lemak Set 3$6.50
Nasi Lemak Set 4$7.50
Nasi Lemak Set 5$7.50

Noodles & Other Mains

qiji menu singapore noodles other mains
Noodles & Other Mains MenuPrice
Mee Siam$4.50
Fried Bee Hoon (serves up to 20 pax)$40.00
Fried Mee Goreng (Serves up to 20pax)$40.00
Fried Rice (serves up to 20 pax)$42.00
Tangy Fried Mee Siam (serves up to 10 pax)$50.00
Lontong Set (serves up to 10 pax)$52.00


qiji menu singapore popiah
Popiah MenuPrice
Popiah (Prawn) Wrap & Ready$3.20
Popiah (Premium) Wrap & Ready$4.20
Popiah (Prawn) DIY$6.40
Popiah Skin$14.00

Appetizers & Dessert

  • qiji menu singapore appetizers dessert 1
  • qiji menu singapore appetizers dessert 2
Appetizers & Dessert MenuPrice
Sotong Ball$0.60
Chicken Wing$1.90
Fried Fish Ball (20 pieces)$12.00
Chicken Nuggets (20 pieces)$15.00
Prawn Tempura (20 pieces)$16.00
Seafood Tofu (25 pieces)$16.00
Golden Crispy Chicken (Serves up to 10pax)$16.00
Chicken Siew Mai (20 pieces)$16.00
Samosa (20 pieces)$16.00
Fried Spring Roll (30 pieces)$16.00
Seaweed Chicken (20 pieces)$16.00
Chocolate Eclairs (20 pieces)$16.00
Prawn Wanton (20 pieces)$18.00
Shanghai Dumpling (20 Pieces)$18.00
Beancurd Prawn Roll (20 pieces)$18.00


qiji menu singapore beverage
Beverage MenuPrice
Ice Lemon Tea$2.00
Lime Juice$2.00


Last Update: March 21, 2023

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