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Crystal Jade is a Singapore-based gourmet brand that has been in business for over 25 years and has over 100 locations in 25 major cities. For its devotion to quality and culinary competence, the company has achieved one Michelin star and many Michelin Bib Gourmand honors.

Crystal Jade’s purpose is to spread the word about Chinese cuisine and culture, pulling inspiration from modern gastronomy while adhering to traditional Chinese culinary principles.

Crystal Jade’s concept is centered on protecting the important things in life and peacefully uniting people through food.

With the modern culinary delight of authentic Chinese recipes and meals, the brand hopes to inspire people to live life to the fullest and develop closer cultural and family relationships.

Crystal Jade’s aim is to nurture people, culture, and food through generations via award-winning modern renditions of classic Chinese recipes and outstanding dining experiences.

Crystal Jade has garnered multiple medals and accolades from consumer and industry award panels for its exceptional dining experience, high-quality food, and warm, welcoming service.

The brand is always looking for ethical business partners who are passionate and committed to becoming a part of their franchise expansion in local and international markets.

Here is the most recent Crystal Jade menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Dim Sum 皇宫点心

Dim Sum 皇宫点心 MenuPrice
Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce$5.80
BBQ Honey Pork Bun 3pcs$5.80
Pan-fried Radish Cake with Preserved Meat 3pcs$5.80
Charcoal Custard Lava Bun 3pcs$6.00
Shrimp Har Kau 4pcs$6.80
Siew Mai with Mushroom 4pcs$6.80
Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf 2pcs$6.80
Steamed Pork Ribs with Minced Garlic and Braised Peanut$6.80
Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Prawns 3pcs$6.80
Sautéed Carrot Cake with XO Sauce$12.80

Starters 皇宫前菜

Starters 皇宫前菜 MenuPrice
Deep-fried Chicken Mid Joint with Shrimp Paste 5pcs$11.80
Crispy Golden Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin topped with Flying Fish Roe$13.80
Deep-fried White Bait with Salt & Pepper$13.80
Chilled Jellyfish and Fresh Lily Bulb in Wasabi Aged Vinegar$16.80

Cantonese BBQ 创意烧味

Cantonese BBQ 创意烧味 MenuPrice
Crispy Pork Belly$16.80
Roasted Honey BBQ Pork$18.80
Roasted Duck (Regular)$22.00
Crispy Roasted Chicken (Whole)$23.00
Roasted Irish Duck with Black Truffle (Regular)$26.00
Classic Peking Duck (Half)$40.00
Classic Peking Duck (Half)$40.00
Crispy Roasted Chicken (Half)$45.00
Roasted Irish Duck with Black Truffle (Whole)$48.00
Roasted Duck (Whole)$68.00
Classic Peking Duck (Whole)$78.00
Roasted Irish Duck with Black Truffle (Half)$95.00

Abalone 鲍鱼

Abalone 鲍鱼 MenuPrice
Braised Whole Australian Abalone (2-Head)$78.00
Braised Whole Australian Abalone (3-Head)$68.00
Braised Whole Tasmanian Green Lip AbaloneSeasonal Price

Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber 花胶海参

Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber 花胶海参 MenuPrice
Braised Australian Sea Cucumber with Scallion (100g)$22.80
Braised Fish Maw with Shiitake Mushroom$32.00

Soup 汤羹

Soup 汤羹 MenuPrice
Crab Meat & Spinach Thick Soup$12.00
Sweet Corn Thick Soup (Choice of: Fish Maw or Minced Chicken)$12.00
Hot & Sour Thick Soup with Assorted Seafood$13.00
Double-boiled Sea Whelk, Chrysanthemum, Sea Cucumber Flower and Wolfberries with Free Range Chicken$28.00
Double-boiled Fish Maw, Bamboo Pith & Baby Cabbage in Collagen Soup$42.00
Braised Superior Fish Maw Broth with Crab Meat and Conpoy$48.00

Live Seafood 生猛海鲜

Live Prawn 活虾

Cooking MethodPrice
Poach (300g)$33.00
Vermicelli with Ginger and Scallion$33.00
Deep-fry with Crispy Rice and Minced Garlic in ‘Bi Feng Tang’ Style (300g)$33.00
Drunken with Chinese Herb (300g)$36.00

Live Fish 活鱼类

Live Fish 活鱼类 MenuPrice
Wild Marble Goby 野生笋壳鱼 (600g)$72.00
Cooking Method : Steam with Supreme Soya Sauce
Cooking Method : Deep-fry

Authentic Hong Kong Specialty 港式特色菜肴

Authentic Hong Kong Specialty 港式特色菜肴 MenuPrice
Steamed Sea Perch with Golden Mushroom and Black Fungus$18.00
Sautéed Prawn with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chilli$36.00
Sautéed Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk$36.00
Sautéed Grouper Fillet with Assorted Vegetable$36.00
Sautéed Scallops and Asparagus with Lingzhi Mushroom in XO Sauce$45.00

Meat & Poultry 肉类

Meat & Poultry 肉类 MenuPrice
Pan-fried Spanish Pork Chop with Teriyaki Sauce$14.80
Sautéed Kung Po Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chilli$22.00
Sweet & Sour Pork$26.00
Sautéed American Beef with Ginger and Scallion$28.00
Free Range Chicken with Rice Wine and Ginger (Half)$28.80
Sautéed Ibérico Pork with Leeks$32.00
Braised Sea Cucumber with Grandma’s Braised Pork Belly$36.00
Sautéed Beef Cubes with Sliced Garlic$36.00
Free Range Chicken with Rice Wine and Ginger (Whole)$56.80

Tofu 豆腐

Tofu 豆腐 MenuPrice
Mapo Tofu$20.00
Braised Homemade Beancurd with Lingzhi Mushroom$24.00
Scrambled Egg with Prawn and Beancurd$28.00

Vegetable 蔬菜

Vegetable 蔬菜 MenuPrice
Sautéed French Beans with Minced Meat$20.00
Braised Eggplant and Minced Meat served in Claypot$20.00
Poached Chinese Spinach with Trio Egg$22.00
Sautéed Broccoli with Garlic$22.00
Sautéed Asparagus with XO Sauce$24.00
Poached Seasonal Vegetable with Fresh Beancurd Skin and Gingko Nuts in Superior Broth$26.00

Rice & Noodle 饭与面

Rice & Noodle 饭与面 MenuPrice
Yang Zhou Fried Rice$22.00
Egg White Fried Rice with Sakura Ebi$26.00
Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Truffle Sauce$26.00
Braised Noodle with Conpoy and Enoki Mushroom$26.00
Wok-fried Hor Fun with Prawn & Scrambled Egg$28.00
Wok-fried Hor Fun with American Beef$28.00
Braised Vermicelli with Pearl Abalone in Abalone Sauce$28.00
Fried Rice with Egg White, Crab Meat and Conpoy$32.00

Dessert 甜品

Dessert 甜品 MenuPrice
‘Cheng Tng’ Sweet Soup with Herbal Jelly$8.80
Almond Cream with Crystal Dumpling$8.80
Chilled Mango Purée with Sago & Pomelo$8.80
Chilled Peach Gum with Lotus Seeds, Red Dates and White Fungus$12.80
Double-boiled Hashima with Red Dates & Lotus Seeds$13.80

Last Update: March 28, 2023

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