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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. It was founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is currently headquartered in Miami.

It has over 3,700 restaurants in more than 46 states, Puerto Rico, and 30 countries worldwide, with the majority of locations being franchised. Popeyes is a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International, a Toronto-based company.

Here is the most recent Popeyes menu for 2023 in Singapore:


popeyes menu singapore promotion
Promotion MenuPrice
2pc Biscuit Deal$3.50
4pc Biscuit Deal$5.90
6pc Biscuit Deal$6.90
Perfect For 2 (UP: $32.62) Save 33%$21.90
Nuggets for 2 Bundle$22.90
Good For 4 (UP: $40.6) Save 37%$25.50
Nuggets for 4 Bundle$28.90
8pc Meal @ $24.90 Enter Code “APP8PC23”$46.00

Limited Time Offer

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Limited Time Offer MenuPrice
Kimchi Cheese Sauce$1.70
1pc Kimchi Cheese Chicken$5.00
Kimchi Cheese Fries$5.90
Kimchi Cheese Tenders$7.80
Kimchi Cheese Nuggets$7.80
Kimchi Cheese Sandwich$8.70
Kimchi Cheese Tenders Set$10.50
Kimchi Cheese Nuggets Set$10.50
Kimchi Cheese Chicken Set$11.30
Kimchi Cheese Chicken Box$14.30
Kimchi Cheese Buddy$23.90
Kimchi Cheese Saver$32.90

Popeyes Chic Sandwich

popeyes menu singapore popeyes chic sandwich
Popeyes Chic Sandwich MenuPrice
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich$8.50
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Set$13.70
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Tender Set$13.90

For 1

popeyes menu singapore for 1
For 1 MenuPrice
3pc Tenders Combo$9.30
2pc Fish Combo$9.50
Surf & Turf Rice Platter$10.30
6pc Nuggets Combo$10.50
2pc Chicken Combo$11.70
9pc Nuggets Combo$12.00
Chic & Burg Combo$12.90
3pc Chicken Combo$14.70

Burger & Pasta

popeyes menu singapore burger pasta
Burger & Pasta MenuPrice
Cajun Burger Combo$9.10
Creole Burger Combo$9.10
Fish Burger Combo$9.10
Surf & Turf Pasta Platter$11.20
Chicken Pasta Platter$11.90

For 2

popeyes menu singapore for 2
For 2 MenuPrice
Nuggets for 2 Bundle$22.90
3pc Chick & Burger Buddy Meal$29.90

For 3 or More

popeyes menu singapore for 3 or more
For 3 or More MenuPrice
Nuggets for 4 Bundle$28.90
8pc Chicken$29.50
12pc Chicken$42.90
15pc Chicken$50.50
10pc Chicken Bundle$54.40
15pc Chicken Bundle$75.60


popeyes menu singapore snacks
Snacks MenuPrice
6pc Fish Nuggets$5.20
10pc Drumlets$14.50

Ala Carte

  • popeyes menu singapore ala carte 1
  • popeyes menu singapore ala carte 2
  • popeyes menu singapore ala carte 3
Ala Carte MenuPrice
Ranch Sauce$1.00
BBQ Sauce$1.00
Creole Sauce$1.00
Sour Cream Onion Sauce$1.00
Cheese Sauce$1.50
Tartar Sauce$1.00
Cajun Gravy$1.50
Biscuits with Jam (1 Piece)$2.20
Garlic Rice$3.60
Regular Mashed Potatoes$4.00
Regular Coleslaw$4.00
Regular Fries$4.00
Large Mashed Potatoes$4.50
Mac N Cheese$4.60
1pc Chicken$4.80
Large Coleslaw$4.80
Large Fries$4.80
Large Cheese Fries$6.00
3pc Tenders$6.50
Creole Burger$6.60
Cajun Burger$6.60
Fish Burger$6.60
6pc Nuggets$7.00
Biscuits with Jam (4 Piece)$7.50
9pc Nuggets$9.50
16pc Nuggets$15.90


  • popeyes menu singapore drinks 1
  • popeyes menu singapore drinks 2
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottle Water$2.90
Reg Ice Lemon Tea$3.80
Reg Green Tea$3.80
Pepsi Can$3.90
Lrg Ice Lemon Tea$4.20
Lrg Green Tea$4.20
Reg Sjora$4.50
Reg Ice Milo$4.50
Lrg Sjora$4.90
Lrg Ice Milo$4.90


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