Hey Tea is a Chinese tea drink chain founded in 2012 and headquartered in Shenzhen. The brand originally started as “Royal Tea” in Guangdong, but changed its name to Hey Tea due to a trademark issue. As of January 2021, Hey Tea operates 650 stores in China and 4 stores in Singapore.

Hey Tea is considered a “Wanghong” brand due to its popularity on social media, and is known for its modern design, photogenic packaging, and innovative drinks. Its main customer demographic is millennials, and its signature items are cheese tea and fruit tea.

The cheese mixture used in their signature cheese tea is a blend of New Zealand’s Anchor cheese, milk, cream, and salt.

Here is the most recent HEYTEA menu for 2023 in Singapore:

heytea menu singapore in season

🍓In Season

🍓In Season MenuPrice
Passion Fruit Mango Crystal$4.80
Strawberry Peach Cheezo Lite$7.30
Very Strawberry Cheezo Lite$7.30
Strawberry Mulberry-Noir Tea$7.30
Very Grape Mulberry Crystal$7.30
Very Green Grape Crystal$7.30

🍃Refreshing Fruit Teas

heytea menu singapore refreshing fruit teas
🍃Refreshing Fruit Teas MenuPrice
Very Grapefruit Boom (Original)$5.60
Mango Coconut Shake$6.10
Coconut Mango Fusion$6.80
Dancong Oolong Lemon Punch$6.80
Duo-Lemon Punch$6.80
Very Tangerine Blast (Original)$7.10
Very Grape Crystal$7.30
Mango Grapefruit Sago$7.30
Very Mango Cheezo Lite$7.30
Very Mango Tea$7.30
Very Grape Cheezo Lite$7.80

Local Inspirations

heytea menu singapore local inspirations
Local Inspirations MenuPrice
Pandan Coconut Shake$5.80

Comforting Milk Teas

heytea menu singapore comforting milk teas
Comforting Milk Teas MenuPrice
Brown Bobo Milk$4.50
Taro Milk Sago with Barley$4.70
Taro Bobo Milk Tea$4.70
Roasted Brown Bobo Milk (Original)$6.60
Roasted Brown Bobo Milk Tea$7.20

Simple Classic Teas

heytea menu singapore simple classic teas
Simple Classic Teas MenuPrice
Pure Regal Aqua Green$3.30
Pure Aqua Green Jasmine Milk Tea$3.60
Regal Aqua Green Cheezo (Original)$4.30

👍Signature Fruit Teas

heytea menu singapore signature fruit teas
👍Signature Fruit Teas MenuPrice
Very Grape Cheezo (Original)$8.60
Strawberry Cheezo$8.60
Mango Cheezo$8.60

🍦Ice Cream Delight

heytea menu singapore ice cream delight
🍦Ice Cream Delight MenuPrice
Cheezo Sundae$4.30
Taro Blast Cheezo Sundae$4.80
Mango Grapefruit Cheezo Sundae$4.80
Bobo Sundae$4.80


heytea menu singapore toppings
Toppings MenuPrice
Crystal Pudding$0.20
Osmanthus Pudding$0.20
Highland barley$0.40
Brown Sugar Bobo$0.60
Taro Bobo$0.60
Taro Paste (Orh Nee)$0.60
Grapefruit Pulp$0.60
Bobo Pops$0.70
Toppings-Cheezo Ice Cream$2.00


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