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No Menu is an Italian restaurant located in a cozy shophouse on Boon Tat Street in Singapore. The restaurant is designed to make guests feel as though they have entered the home of the Forlino family, the owners of the restaurant.

The interior is decorated with rustic heirlooms, pictures, and keepsakes from the Forlino’s house in Italy, creating a living gallery that tells the story of the family’s journey.

No Menu offers a new Italian dining concept in Singapore. The restaurant’s degustation menu is a surprise selection of multiple tasting portions from the seasonal market, which is typical of family restaurants in Italy.

The dishes are simple, fresh, and created from recipes that have been handed down for generations in the Forlino family. The a la carte selections offer something for those with distinct cravings.

The focus of No Menu is on highlighting the fresh, prime ingredients used in their dishes, which help maintain the integrity of the rich culinary tradition of Italian cuisine.

Guests can expect a variety of delicious Italian dishes that showcase the Forlino family’s passion for food and their dedication to preserving their culinary heritage.

Whether you choose the degustation menu or the a la carte selections, dining at No Menu is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Here is the most recent No Menu Restaurant menu for 2023 in Singapore:


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Starters MenuPrice
Extra Bread$3.00
Gluten Free Bread 6 pcs$10.00
Half Focaccia Bread$16.00
Mixed Vegetable Salad$18.00
Rocket Salad$18.00
Minestrone Soup$18.00
Pumpkin Soup$18.00
Chicken Soup with Fidellini Pasta$22.00
Sicilian Tomatoes Salad$22.00
Gamberi Freschi all’Aglio & Extra Virgine di Oliva$22.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$22.00
Piedmont Style Capsicum$26.00
Insalata Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala$26.00
Whole Focaccia$26.00
1/2 Burrata Cheese and Sicilian Tomato$28.00
Russian Salad with Mortadella Ham$28.00
Vitello Tonnato$32.00
Mixed Salumi$32.00
Parma Ham with Seasonal Fruit$32.00
1/2 Burrata Cheese with Parma Ham and Sicilian Tomato$34.00
Burrata Cheese and Sicilian Tomato$48.00
Burrata Cheese with Parma Ham and Sicilian Tomato$58.00

Pasta & Risotto

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Pasta & Risotto MenuPrice
Extra Sauce$4.00
Fettuccine Alfredo$26.00
Risotto con Asparagi & Parmigiano$26.00
Gnocchi Tomato Sauce$28.00
Homemade Tagliolini Squid Ink Sauce$28.00
Penne all’Arrabbiata$28.00
Risotto Squid Ink Sauce$28.00
Tortellini di Magro$30.00
Homemade Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce$30.00
Fettuccine Alfredo with mushroom$30.00
Gluten Free Pasta Alfredo Sauce$30.00
Saffron Risotto$30.00
Ravioli Burrata with Fresh Tomatoes$32.00
Homemade Tagliatelle Kurobuta Pork Ragu$32.00
Homemade Tagliolini with Prawns in AOP Sauce$32.00
Gluten Free Pasta Squid Ink Sauce$32.00
Gluten Free Penne all’Arrabbiata$32.00
Spicy Salami and Spinach Risotto$32.00
Risotto di Mare$32.00
Linguine cacio e pepe$32.00
Gnocchi Beef Bolognese Ragu$34.00
Homemade Tagliatelle with Meatballs in Tomatoes Sauce. Meatball contain gluten$34.00
Homemade Tagliatelle Bolognese$34.00
Gluten Free Pasta Alfredo with Mushrooms$34.00
Homemade Tagliolini with Pesto Sauce$36.00
Homemade Veal Ravioli with Veal Reduction$36.00
Beef Bolognese Lasagna$36.00
Gluten Free Pasta Kurobuta Pork Ragout$36.00
Gluten Free Pasta with Prawns in AOP Sauce$36.00
Homemade Tagliolini AOP with King Prawn$36.00
Gluten Free Pasta Cacio E Pepe$36.00
Gluten Free Pasta Bolognese Sauce$38.00
Gluten Free Pasta with Pesto Sauce$40.00
Gluten Free Pasta AOP with King Prawn$40.00
Homemade Tagliatelle with Spicy Suckling Pig$42.00
Gluten Free Pasta with Spicy Suckling Pork Ragu$46.00


no menu singapore main
Main MenuPrice
Duck confit with Orange Sauce$34.00
Chicken Milanese$36.00
Fresh fish of the day$38.00
Lamb Shank$42.00
Beef Cheek$42.00
Braised Veal Ossobuco with Saffron Risotto$44.00
Iberico Pork Loin Milanese style$55.00


no menu singapore pizza
Pizza MenuPrice
Pizza Margherita$28.00
Mixed Vegetable Pizza$28.00
Cooked Ham Pizza$32.00
Parma Ham Pizza$32.00
Pizza Spicy Salami$32.00
Gorgonzola Pizza$34.00
Seafood Pizza$34.00
Pizza Margherita with Mushroom$35.00


no menu singapore dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Homemade Raspberry Tart with Zabajone$16.00
Gianduja mousse with Mascarpone Cream and Hazelnuts$18.00
Green Apple Cake$18.00
Lemon Tart$18.00
Panna Cotta$18.00


no menu singapore drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Ginger Ale$4.00
Coke Zero$4.00
Diet Coke$4.00
San Pellegrino 750ml$6.00
Acqua Panna 750ml$6.00
Menabrea Beer 330 ml$7.00
Half Chianti Classico San Felice 2020$44.00
Pinot Grigio 2021 Villa Chiopris$50.00
Half Barbera D’Alba Ruvei Marchesi di Barolo’18$55.00
Dolcetto ’21 Voerzio Martini$55.00
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ’18 Mazzarosa$60.00
Prosecco DOC Santa Margherita$60.00
Sauvignon Blanc 2021 Villa Chiopris$60.00
Ribolla Gialla 2021 Villa Chiopris$60.00
Moscato d’Asti Gianni Doglia 2021$68.00
Nero d’ Avola 2020 Regaleali$68.00
Chianti Classico ’20, San Felice$70.00
Half Barolo Cordero di Montezemolo 2018$70.00
Negroamaro 2020 Mocavero$72.00
Greco di Tufo 2020 La Rivolta$72.00
Half Brunello di M. Caparzo$78.00
Rosso di Montalcino Caparzo$78.00
Falanghina Taburno 2021 La Rivolta$80.00
Cannonau 2016 Mogoro$88.00
Le Volte 2020’Ornellaia$88.00
Nebbiolo Langhe Viberti ’20$88.00
Il Bruciato 2019 Antinori$90.00
Barolo Buon Padre Viberti 2018$110.00
Amarone Classico Valpantena ’19 Bertani$135.00

Set Menu

Set Menu MenuPrice
Set Menu for 1 person$76.00
Set menu for 2 pax + 1 bottle wine$199.00

Last Update: March 30, 2023

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