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Fatty Bom Bom is a halal-certified Western food stall located in Toa Payoh North. It is known for its affordable prices and large portions, with most dishes priced under $10.

The menu includes chicken cutlet, steak, burgers, fish, mutton dishes, and a variety of sides. The stall offers a comfortable and cosy ambience, with air conditioning and good lighting.

The food has received mixed reviews, with some dishes, such as the burger and fries, being highly praised for their tenderness and flavour, while others, such as the crunchy chicken, were found to be lacking in taste.

Overall, Fatty Bom Bom is considered a value-for-money option for those looking for halal-certified Western food with big portions.

Here is the most recent FattyBomBom menu for 2023 in Singapore:

FattyBomBom Mains

fatty bom bom menu singapore fattybombom mains 2
FattyBomBom Mains MenuPrice
9) Crispy Chicken Wing Set *NEW*$8.50
2) Brown Sauce Chicken Chop$9.90
3) Black Pepper Chicken Chop$9.90
10) Crispy Half Spring Chicken *NEW*$10.40
4) Crunchy Chicken with Thai Mayonnaise$10.50
5) Fish and Chips with Cheese Sauce$10.50
1) Cripsy Full Spring Chicken *NEW*$15.50
6) Ribeye Steak ๐Ÿฎ (BEEF)$15.50
7) Lamb Steak$17.40
8) Sizzling Salmon steak with BBQ sauce$18.40

FattyBomBom Rice & Pasta

fatty bom bom menu singapore fattybombom rice pasta
FattyBomBom Rice & Pasta MenuPrice
11) Cripsy Chicken Wing with Rice$9.00
13) Popcorn Chicken Rice$9.00
Chicken Wing with Tomato Pasta$9.30
12) Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice$9.40
14) Teriyaki Chicken Rice$9.70
17) Crunchy Chicken with Tomato Pasta$9.70
20) Crunchy Fish with Creamy Pasta$10.00
18) Cripsy Half Spring Chicken with Rice$10.50
19) Cripsy Half Spring Chicken with Tomato Pasta$10.70
15) Pepper Beef Slice Rice ๐Ÿฎ (BEEF)$10.80

FattyBomBom Burgers ALA CARTE BURGER ONLY ๐Ÿ”

fatty bom bom menu singapore fattybombom burgers
FattyBomBom Burgers ALA CARTE BURGER ONLY ๐Ÿ” MenuPrice
Crispy Chicken Burger$7.00
Cripsy Fish Burger$7.50
Black Pepper Chicken Burger$8.00
Jerryโ€™s Beef Burger ๐Ÿฎ (BEEF)$8.40
Double Mega Burger ๐Ÿฎ (BEEF)$11.40

FattyBomBom Finger Food

fatty bom bom menu singapore fattybombom finger food
FattyBomBom Finger Food MenuPrice
25) Crispy Chicken Wing (Per Piece)$2.60
28) Mashed Potatoe$4.50
29) Coleslaw$5.00
24) French Fries$6.40
30) Cheese Pasta$6.50
27) Chicken Nuggets$7.00
23) Jerry Fries$7.40
26) Spicy Roasted Wing (SPICY)$8.00


Last Update: March 31, 2023

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