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Mr Bean is a leading chain of soya bean food and beverage retailers, founded in 1995. With over 60 stores in Singapore and Asia, it offers a range of soya bean drinks and snacks, including ice blended flavored drinks, ice cream, pastries, and more.

The company places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and producing healthy, creative products with traditional nutritional values. It has overseas outlets in Japan and Vietnam and plans to continue expanding across Asia.

Here is the most recent Mr Bean menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Our Best Sellers

mr bean menu singapore our best sellers
Our Best Sellers MenuPrice
Mr Bean Plush Ice Cream$15.90
Mr Bean Plus Graduation$15.90
Mr Bean Plush Party Hat$15.90
Mr Bean Plush (Valentine)$15.90

Chinese New Year

Fresh Soy Milk

mr bean menu singapore fresh soy milk
Fresh Soy Milk MenuPrice
Bundle of4 (Soy Milk Puches)$11.60
Chocolate Soy Milk Pouch (4 Pouches)$11.60
Thai Tea Soy Pouch (4 Pouches)$11.60
Bundle of 6 (Soy Milk Pouches)$17.40


mr bean menu singapore snacks
Snacks MenuPrice
Earl Grey Soy Granola Bar (New Packaging)$2.20
Cranberry Pumpskin Seeds Soy Granola Bar (New Packaging$2.20
Blueberry Pistachio Soy Granola Bar (New Packaging)$2.20
Chocolate Soy Granola Bar (New Packaging)$2.20
Crispy Soy Skin – Tomato$6.40
Crispy Soy Skin – Seaweed$6.40
Crispy Soy Skin – Truffle (New Packaging)$6.40
Crispy Soy Skin – Original (New Packaging)$6.40
Soy Granola Bars (Bundle of 4)$8.80
Soy Granola Bars (Bundle of 8)$15.84


mr bean menu singapore dessert
Desserts MenuPrice
Grass Jello (4 cups)$7.60
Grass Jelly Original (4 packs)$9.20
Grass Jelly Luo Han Guo (4 Packs)$9.20
Grass Jelly Peppermint (4 Packs)$9.20
Almond Longan Jelly (4 Pack)$10.00
Longan Red Date Jelly (4 Packs)$10.00
Red Bean Jelly (4 Packs)$10.00
Sweet Corn Jelly (4 Packs)$10.00
Mango Pudding (4 Packs)$10.40
Assorted Jelly Delights 4 cups$10.40
Grass Jello (6 cups)$11.40
Grass Jelly Bowl 6 cups$13.80

Black Soy Tea

mr bean menu singapore black soy tea
Black Soy Tea MenuPrice
Cold Brew Black Soy Tea – Original$5.10
Cold Brew Black Soy Tea – Osmanthus$5.50


mr bean menu singapore exclusive
Exclusive MenuPrice
Book Mark – Blue Mr Bean$2.40
Book Mark – Grey Mr Bean$2.40
Mr Bean Note Stix Pad$2.60
Foldable Plastic Storage Box$6.50
Mr Bean Thumb Drive$13.90
Mr Bean Plush Party Hat$15.90
Mr Bean Plush Graduation$15.90
Mr Bean Plush Ice Cream$15.90
Mr Bean Plush (Valentine)$15.90
Mr Bean Pancake Cushion$19.90
Mr Bean Plush Set (Online Exclusive)$50.88
mr bean menu singapore featured partners
Featured Partners MenuPrice
UNISOY Nutritious Soya Milk Powder (Reduced Sugar)$8.58
UNISOY Nutritious Soya Milk Powder (No Cane Sugar Added)$8.58


mr bean menu singapore sale
Sale MenuPrice
Soy Granola Bars (Bundle of 8) – 10% off$15.84
Mr Bean Plush Set (Online Exclusive)$50.80

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