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MERCI MARCEL is a charming and whimsical French café with a cozy and classic interior decor. It offers a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The restaurant has a small courtyard at the back with fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance at night. The service at MERCI MARCEL is praised for being friendly, attentive, and exceptional.

Many customers enjoy sharing dishes, as the menu offers options that are good for sharing. The food receives positive reviews, with high-quality ingredients and tasty flavors. Some recommended dishes include the croissants, flatbread, Caesar salad, and avocado toast with poached eggs.

The restaurant also serves a variety of desserts and beverages. However, there are occasional mixed reviews regarding portion sizes and pricing. Overall, MERCI MARCEL is known for its great service, charming atmosphere, and enjoyable dining experience.

Here is the most recent Merci Marcel menu for 2023 in Singapore:

merci marcel menu singapore popular
Popular MenuPrice
Sourdough Bowl$10.80
Chocolate Cake$12.96
Ravioles De Royans$21.60
Quinoa Salad$21.60
Caesar Salad$25.92
Truffle Tarte Flambée$29.16


merci marcel menu singapore bread
Bread MenuPrice
Half Baguette$2.70
Sourdough Bowl$10.80

To Share

merci marcel menu singapore to share
To Share MenuPrice
Marinated Prawn$16.20
Duck Rillettes$21.60
Tarte Flambee$29.16
Truffle Tarte Flambée$29.16

Brunch Time

Brunch Time MenuPrice
Buckwheat Noodles Salad$19.44
Quinoa Salad$21.60
Caesar Salad$25.92

Cheeses & Charcuterie

merci marcel menu singapore cheeses charcuterie
Cheeses & Charcuterie MenuPrice
18 Mth Organic Bayonne Ham Platter$20.52
Half Saucisson Sec$21.60
Mix Of 5 Artisanal Cheeses$41.04
Mix Of Artisanal 3Cheeses & Cold Cuts$52.92


merci marcel menu singapore mains
Mains MenuPrice
Ravioles De Royans$21.60
Roasted Whole Eggplant$23.76
Tuna Ceviche$25.92
Ceviche of Red Snapper$29.16
Duck Parmentier$31.32
Beef Burger$31.32
Impossible Marcel Burger$31.32

French Bakery

merci marcel menu singapore french bakery 1
French Bakery MenuPrice
Pain Au Chocolat$4.32


merci marcel menu singapore sweets
Sweets MenuPrice
Carrot Cake$10.80
Chocolate Cake$12.96

Iced Coffee

merci marcel menu singapore iced coffee
Iced Coffee MenuPrice
Iced Coffee$6.48
Iced Cappuccino$7.56
Iced Mocha$7.56
Iced Flat White$7.56
Iced Latte$7.56
Ice Chocolate$7.56

Hot Coffee

merci marcel menu singapore hot coffee
Hot Coffee MenuPrice
Picollo Latte$6.48
Flat White$7.02
Hot Chocolate$7.02

Iced Tea

merci marcel menu singapore iced tea
Iced Tea MenuPrice
Uma Cola Bio$4.50
Uma Black Tea Ginger & Lemon$5.50
Uma Green Tea Basil & Yuzu$5.50
Uma Rooibos Cinnamon & Rhubarb$5.50
Uma Detox Bourrache, Curcuma & Kola Sparkling$5.50

Fresh Juice

merci marcel menu singapore fresh juice
Fresh Juice MenuPrice
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$7.02
Fresh Watermelon Mint$7.02

Craft Juices

merci marcel menu singapore craft juices
Craft Juices MenuPrice
Le Coq Toque Apple$5.00
Le Coq Toque Apple & Mint$5.50

Fruit Nectar

merci marcel menu singapore fruit nectar
Fruit Nectar MenuPrice
Patrick Font Williams Pear$6.00
Patrick Font Abricot Bergeron$6.00
Patrick Font Peche De Vigne$6.00
Patrick Font Black Tomato$6.00


merci marcel menu singapore beers 2
Beers MenuPrice
Maddam Pale Ale$9.50
Maddam Amber Ale$9.50
Maddam Weissbier$9.50


merci marcel menu singapore ciders
Ciders MenuPrice
Cidre Poire, Fils De Pomme$8.00
Cidre Rose, Fils De Pomme$8.00
Cidre Brut, Fils De Pomme$8.50

Rose Wines

merci marcel menu singapore rose wines
Rose Wines MenuPrice
Mediterranee IGP$36.00
Coteaux Varois En Provence 2020$41.00

White Wines

merci marcel menu singapore white wines
White Wines MenuPrice
Cotes De Gascogne IGP 2020 Sauvignon$34.00
Riesling AOC 2020$47.00
Pouilly Fume AOC 2020$57.00
Crozes Hermitage AOC 2019$67.00

Red Wines

merci marcel menu singapore red wines
Red Wines MenuPrice
Languedoc AOC 2017$37.00
Cotes Du Rhone Villages Visan AOC 2020$40.00
Cotes Du Rhone Je Ne AOC 2020$42.00
Bordeaux Haut Mallet AOC 2018$46.00
Faugeres AOC 2018$48.00
Cotes Du Roussillon Les Aspres AOP 2018$48.00
Bourgogne AOC 2018$52.00
Santenay Vieilles Vignes AOC 2014$77.00
Pauillac AOC 2016$91.00
Chateauneuf Du Pape AOC 2018$95.00

Last Update: May 21, 2023

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