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Yayoi is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in serving authentic home-cooked meals. Their teishoku-style meals follow the traditional Japanese principle of a balanced meal consisting of one soup dish, one main dish, and two side dishes. Yayoi offers a combination of both traditional and modern Japanese dishes, providing customers with a diverse and satisfying dining experience.

Central to Japanese cuisine is the serving of freshly-cooked white rice accompanied by a variety of side dishes. Yayoi uses Koshihikari rice, which is considered the most preferred variety of Japanese rice known for its quality. The restaurant imports the rice from Japan and ensures its freshness by polishing it locally in Singapore. This commitment to using high-quality ingredients enhances the overall dining experience for customers.

To enhance customer satisfaction, Yayoi offers complimentary refills for rice, miso soup, and pickles, allowing diners to enjoy more of their favorite dishes. This reflects the restaurant’s dedication to providing a fulfilling and enjoyable dining experience that aligns with the principles of Japanese cuisine. Whether seeking a taste of traditional Japanese comfort food or exploring modern Japanese flavors, Yayoi aims to deliver the authentic taste of a Japanese home-cooked meal.

Here is the most recent Yayoi menu for 2023 in Singapore:


yayoi menu singapore PROMOTIONS プロモーション
PROMOTIONS プロモーション MenuPrice
FAMILY FEAST for 4!$60.00

Bento お弁当

yayoi menu singapore Bento お弁当
Bento お弁当 MenuPrice
Karaage Bento$16.90
Saba Shio Bento$17.90
Shogayaki Bento$17.90
Tonkatsu Bento$18.90
Chicken Teriyaki Bento$18.90
Salmon Belly Steak Bento$22.90
Shima Hokke Bento$23.90
Salmon Teriyaki Bento$23.90
Mix Katsu & Unagi Bento$26.90
Mix Grill Bento$28.90
Standard Deluxe Bento$30.90
Silver Deluxe Bento$32.90
Gold Deluxe Bento$34.90

Donburi 丼 & Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし

yayoi menu singapore Donburi 丼 Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし
Donburi 丼 & Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし MenuPrice
Oyako Don (Small)$9.90
Oyako Don (Regular)$12.90
YAYOI Beef Don (Small)$13.90
Katsu Don (Small)$14.90
YAYOI Beef Don (Regular)$16.90
Unatama Don (Small)$16.90
Katsu Don (Regular)$17.90
Unatama Don (Regular)$19.90
Una Don (Small)$19.90
Una Don (Regular)$22.90

Party Platter パーティーセット

yayoi menu singapore Party Platter パーティーセット
Party Platter パーティーセット MenuPrice
YAYOI Party Set$55.90

Meat Free 菜食主義

yayoi menu singapore Meat Free 菜食主義
Meat Free 菜食主義 MenuPrice
Meat Free Chahan$12.90
Meat Free Yasai Itame Bento$14.90
Plant Base Yasai Ramen$14.90
Plant Base Yasai Udon$14.90

Udon うどん

yayoi menu singapore Udon うどん
Udon うどん MenuPrice
Wakame Udon$11.90
Zaru Udon$11.90
Niku Udon$14.90
Nabeyaki Udon$18.90

DIY 自作

yayoi menu singapore DIY 自作 1
DIY 自作 MenuPrice
DIY Ramen$13.90
DIY Chahan$14.90
DIY Nabe$16.90

Curry カレー

yayoi menu singapore Curry カレー
Curry カレー MenuPrice
Curry Rice$16.90
Ebi Fry Curry$18.90
Katsu Curry$19.90

Zosui 雑炊

yayoi menu singapore Zosui 雑炊
Zosui 雑炊 MenuPrice
Chashu Zosui$9.90
Tori Zosui$9.90
Gyu Zosui$10.90

Sides サイドメニュー

  • yayoi menu singapore Sides サイドメニュー 1
  • yayoi menu singapore Sides サイドメニュー 2
Sides サイドメニュー MenuPrice
Spa Egg$1.90
Mini Green Salad$3.90
Japanese Rice$3.90
Okaka Onigiri$5.90
Regular Green Salad$5.90
16 Grain Rice$5.90
Unagi Onigiri$6.90
Salmon Onigiri$6.90
Age Gyoza$7.90
Karamiso Gyoza$8.90
Mentai Mayo Tamagoyaki$8.90
Ika Karaage$8.90
Triple Dip French Fries$8.90
Ebi Tempura$10.90
Mentai Mayo Age Saba$13.90
Ika Maruyaki$19.90

Beverages お飲物

yayoi menu singapore Beverages お飲物
Beverages お飲物 MenuPrice
Ayataka Green Tea$3.00
Ice Lemon Tea$3.00
Coca Cola$3.00
Coke Zero$3.00
A&W Root Beer$3.00
Ramune Grape Soda$5.90

Alcohol アルコール

yayoi menu singapore Alcohol アルコール
Alcohol アルコール MenuPrice
Takara Chuhi Kochi Yuzu$7.90
Asahi Super Dry Beer$8.90
Takara Chuhi Premium Lemon$9.90
Kirei Collagen Umeshu$18.90
Gekkeikan Namazake$19.90


Last Update: May 28, 2023

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