WOK HEY is a modern, fast-casual, take-out only kiosk concept that offers customizable stir-fry dishes, inspired by Cantonese-style cooking.

It started in 2017, and it is halal-certified, catering to customers from all walks of life. The company’s goal is to become a leading Asian fast-casual food service brand, doing so one wok at a time.

The following is a delicious menu from Wok Hey.

WOK HEY Delivery Order

You can order WOK HEY’s dishes for delivery through GrabFood or wokhey.getz.co. If you prefer to pick up your order yourself, you can order via https://order.wokhey.sg/

Here is the most recent WOK HEY menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Black Pepper Fried Rice

Black Pepper Fried Rice Menu
Black Pepper Fried Rice$8.50
Black Pepper Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken$9.80
Black Pepper Fried Rice with Braised Beef$10.80
Black Pepper Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns$10.80
Black Pepper Fried Rice with Premium Braised Abalone$14.80
Abalone Black Pepper Fried Rice MAX$15.80

Egg Fried Rice

WOK HEY serves Egg Fried Rice with fresh prawns, prepared on order and can be topped with Tobiko. The option of changing to brown rice is also available at no extra cost.

Our egg fried rice is cooked with a signature Wok Hei taste and can be found at our outlets in Singapore like Junction 8, Paya Lebar Square, and Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Egg Fried Rice MenuPrice
Egg Fried Rice$7.00
Egg Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken$8.30
Egg Fried Rice with Braised Beef$9.30
Egg Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Egg Fried Rice with Premium Braised Abalone$13.80

Shanghai Fried Rice

Try SHANGHAI FRIED RICE at WOK HEY, made with premium Japanese rice, Shanghai sauce and topped with freshly grilled chicken and broccoli for a well-rounded flavor and fragrance. Perfect for your daily protein intake.

Shanghai Fried Rice MenuPrice
Shanghai Fried Rice$7.50
Shanghai Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken$8.80
Shanghai Fried Rice with Braised Beef$9.80
Shanghai Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns$9.80
Shanghai Fried Rice with Premium Braised Abalone$14.30

Fresh Ramen

WOK HEY offers FRESH RAMEN, an authentic Japanese dish cooked to perfection. You can customize your meal with WOK HEY fresh and delicious add-ons, all prepared on order.

Fresh Ramen MenuPrice
Fresh Ramen$8.00
Fresh Ramen with Grilled Chicken$9.30
Fresh Ramen with Braised Beef$10.30
Fresh Ramen with Seasoned Prawns$10.30
Fresh Ramen with Premium Braised Abalone$14.80

Fresh Udon

WOK HEY serves FRESH UDON, made with freshly made udon noodles, stir-fried with specially selected vegetables for a crispy texture, and topped with juicy grilled chicken.

Fresh Udon MenuPrice
Fresh Udon$8.00
Fresh Udon with Grilled Chicken$9.30
Fresh Udon with Braised Beef$10.30
Fresh Udon with Seasoned Prawns$10.30
Fresh Udon with Premium Braised Abalone$14.80

Healthier Edition

Healthier Edition MenuPrice
Egg Fried Rice HE$7.00
Shanghai Fried Rice HE$7.50
Fresh Ramen HE$8.00
Fresh Udon HE$8.00
Egg Fried Rice HE with Grilled Chicken$8.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Grilled Chicken$8.80
Fresh Udon HE with Grilled Chicken$9.30
Egg Fried Rice HE with Braised Beef$9.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Braised Beef$9.80
Fresh Ramen HE with Seasoned Prawns$10.30
Fresh Udon HE with Seasoned Prawns$10.30
Egg Fried Rice HE with Seasoned Prawns$9.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Seasoned Prawns$9.80


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