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TORI-Q is a Japanese food brand that specializes in yakitori, a grilled chicken dish. Only their special “tare” sauce is used to season the food, and each stick of yakitori is hand-grilled with high-quality ingredients. Their aim is to provide cheap, quick, and easy meals to guests.

Freshness and quality are essential to the brand, and their products are carefully managed from the central kitchen to the outlets. TORI-Q started as a small takoyaki stand in 1994, and in 2000, they opened their first store in Takashimaya S.C.

The brand name comes from “yaki” meaning “grill,” “tori” meaning “chicken,” and “Q” representing quality and an endless line of customers waiting outside their shops.

Here is the most recent Tori Q menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Yakitori Sticks

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Yakitori Sticks MenuPrice
Nicamago (Japanese Braised Egg)$1.20
Quail Egg$1.30
Chicken Ball$1.60
Chicken Fillet$1.60
Chicken with Green Pepper$1.60
Chicken with Leek$1.60
Jumbo Sausage$1.60
Chicken Skin$1.70
Tontoro Pork$1.70
Smoked Cheese Sausage$1.70
Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelette)$2.30
Pork with Asparagus$2.60

Fried Items

tori q menu singapore fried items
Fried Items MenuPrice
Mini Hashed Potato$1.20
Chicken Gyoza$1.50
Pepper Karaage$1.60
Shoyu Karaage$1.60
Chicken Karaage$1.60
Piri-Kara Karaage$1.60
Deep Fried Prawn$1.60

Bento Set

tori q menu singapore bento set
Bento Set MenuPrice
Bento C$7.10
Bento A$7.80
Bento B$7.80


tori q menu singapore miscellaneous
Miscellaneuous MenuPrice
Yakitori Sauce Sachet$0.50
Miso Soup$1.50
Yakitori Sauce Sachet (10pkts)$3.90
Yakitori Sauce Bottle$5.90
Yukinko Rice (2kg)$13.80

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