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Tanuki Raw is a restaurant that specializes in modern Japanese cuisine combined with American-inspired dishes, and is part of the Empire Eats hospitality group. The restaurant’s philosophy is about Chaos Cooking, which means smashing together different flavors and textures, and experimenting with different ingredients to create delicious dishes.

Tanuki Raw’s first outlet opened in 2012 and is known for its daily oyster hour, which is Singapore’s first and longest-running happy hour featuring sashimi and oysters. The restaurant also introduced a truffle yakiniku donburi, which has become a crowd favorite and voted the best beef bowl in Singapore.

Tanuki Raw has outlets at Orchard Central, Funan, Jewel Changi Airport, and Cross Street Exchange in Raffles Place. The Empire Eats hospitality group started in 2009 and aims to create dining experiences that are delicious, entertaining, accessible, and joyful.

Here is the most recent Tanuki Raw menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Rice So Nice

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Rice So Nice MenuPrice
Foie Gras (1 piece add-on)$14.00
Impossible™ Meat & Tofufrom $17.90
Garlic Butter Chickenfrom $18.90
Salmon Kaisenfrom $19.90
Trufle Yakinikufrom $22.90
Chirashifrom $23.90
Tanuki Kaisen Chirashifrom $28.90
Foie Grass Truffle Yakinikufrom $28.90

Udon Noodles

tanuki raw menu singapore udon noodles
Udon Noodles MenuPrice
Chilled Maguro Salad Yuzu Udon$20.90
Truffle Yakiniku with Chilled Yuzu Udonfrom $24.90
Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku with Chilled Yuzu Udonfrom $30.90

Salad Bowls

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Salad Bowls MenuPrice
Foie Grass (1 piece add-on)$14.00
Impossible™ Meat & Tofu Saladfrom $18.90
Garlic Butter Chicken Saladfrom $19.90
Salmon Kaisen Saladfrom $20.90
Truffle Yakiniku Saladfrom $23.90
Chirashi Saladfrom $25.90
Foie Gras Yakiniku Saladfrom $28.90
Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi Saladfrom $29.90

Futo Sushi

tanuki raw menu singapore futo sushi
Futo Sushi MenuPrice
Crispy Tempura Crab and Chili Cheese Futo Sushi (1pc)$12.90
Slow-Cooked Truffle Beef Futo Sushi (2pcs)$12.90
Mentai Bara Sesame Salmon Futo Sushi$12.90
Aburi-Style Char Siew Miso Salmon Futo Sushi (2pcs)$12.90
Bara Wasabi Truffle Maguro Futo Sushi (2pcs)$12.90
Foie Gras Glazed Unagi FUto Sushi (2pcs)$16.90

For Sharing

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For Sharing MenuPrice
Onion & Mushroom Miso Soup$5.00
Beef Gyoza (5 pcs)$11.90
Chilli Cheese Gyoza (5 pcs)$11.90
Oko Gyoza (5 pcs)$11.90
Uncle Hiro’s Chicken$13.90
Mentaiko Salmon Bao (2 pcs)$14.90
Salmon Sashimifrom $15.00
Swordfish Sashimifrom $15.00
Braised Beef Bao (2 pcs)$15.90
Snow Crab Bao (2 pcs)$16.90
Lobster Salad and Salmon Bao (2 pcs)$16.90
Truffle Kanpachi Carpacciofrom $24.00
Truffle Scallop Carpacciofrom $24.00

All About Fries

tanuki raw menu singapore all about fries
All About Fries MenuPrice
Spam Fries$13.90
Truffle Friesfrom $13.90
Mentaiko Beer Cheese Twister Fries$15.90
Impossible™ Toban Chilli Twister Fries$15.90
Spam Wham!$16.90
Wham! Fries$16.90
Mentaiko Lobster Salad Twister Fries$17.90

Just Roll With It

tanuki raw menu singapore just roll with it
Just Roll With It MenuPrice
Superstar Roll (8 pcs)$19.90
Artillery Maki (4 pcs)$19.90
Truffle Winter Roll (8 pcs)$19.90
Spider Washi Maki (4 pcs)$19.90
Tanuki Aburi Maki (8 pcs)$19.90


tanuki raw menu singapore platters
Platters MenuPrice
Tanuki Raw Salmon Lover Platter (10 slices, 40pcs/6-8 diners)$98.00
Tanuki Raw Sashimi Platter (56 slices/4-6 diners)$98.00


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  • tanuki raw menu singapore beverages 1
Beverages MenuPrice
Canned Drinks$5.00
Mineral Water$6.00
Passionfruit Daiquiri (serving for 2 pax)$20.00
Watermelon Yuzu for 2 – Mocktail Delivery!$20.00
Cucumber Gimlet (serving for 2 pax)$22.00
Devil In The Details (serving for 2 pax)$25.00
Bubbly & Wines$50.40


Last Update: April 13, 2023

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