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Tang Tea House is a delightful dining establishment that specializes in Halal Cze Char and Dim Sum. If you’re craving mouth-watering dumplings and traditional Chinese cuisine, this is the place to be.

Conveniently situated across from Simpang Bedok Post Office and Bedok Market, as well as at the Jalan Kayu branch, Tang Tea House offers a spacious restaurant and alfresco dining area where you and your loved ones can enjoy a comfortable dining experience.

Their signature dishes, such as the Crispy Bee Hoon and Chicken Rice, are simply irresistible, leaving you longing for more with each bite. And the best part? They are more than happy to satisfy your cravings with generous portions.

Tang Tea House takes pride in their dedicated and experienced chefs, who delicately prepare their halal dim sum. From chicken pau to har kow, siew mai, and steamed chicken dumplings, their dim sum is known for its freshness and authenticity, thanks to the expertise of their Shanghainese chefs.

If you find yourself drooling in front of the computer, it’s time to stop dreaming and head over to Tang Tea House to indulge in their delectable offerings.

Here is the most recent Tang Tea House menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Set Menu

tang tea house menu singapore set menu
Set Menu MenuPrice
B03 – Seafood Fried Rice + Bandung$8.00
B05 – Seafood Hor Fun + Lemon Juice Sour Plum$8.50
B04 – Cuttlefish Dough + Fizzy Lemon Ribena$10.40
Set 1 (2 – 3 Pax)$56.64
Set 9 (3 – 4 Pax)$56.64
Set 3 (3 – 4 Pax)$81.42
Set 5 (5 – 6 Pax)$139.24
Set 6 (6 – 7 Pax)$221.84
tang tea house menu singapore popular
Popular MenuPrice
RojakFrom $5.80
Chicken RiceFrom $5.89
Roasted ChickenFrom $21.24
Steamed ChickenFrom $21.24

Assorted Dim Sum

  • tang tea house menu singapore assorted dim sum 1
  • tang tea house menu singapore assorted dim sum 2
Assorted Dim Sum MenuPrice
Red Bean Bun Ⓥ (3 pcs)$3.64
Spring Roll Ⓥ (2 pcs)$3.95
Pan-fried Carrot Cake (2 pcs)$3.95
Lo Mai Kai (1 pc)$4.15
Yam Bun Ⓥ (3 pcs)$4.17
Kaya Bun Ⓥ (3 pcs)$4.17
Coffee Bun (3 pcs)$4.17
Chicken Feet (1 portion)$4.71
Chicken Bun (2 pcs)$4.79
Siew Mai (3 pcs)$5.33
Har Kow (3 pcs)$5.55
Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling (4 pcs)$5.56
Steamed Chicken Dumpling (3 pcs)$5.56
Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling (3 pcs)$5.56
Golden Sand Bun Ⓥ (3 pcs)$5.87
Chicken Crispy Roll (3 pcs)$6.51
Lobster Mai (3 pcs)$6.53
Multi-Flavour Bun (6 pcs)$8.56
Dimsum Set 1 for 2 pax$26.00
Dimsum Set 2 for 2 pax$26.00
Dimsum Set 3 for 4 pax$45.00

Bento Meals

tang tea house menu singapore bento meals
Bento Meals MenuPrice
Standard Bento Meal 1$20.85
Standard Bento Meal 9$20.85
Vegetarian Bento Meal 1 Ⓥ$20.85
Vegetarian Bento Meal 2 Ⓥ$20.85

Mains & Dishes

  • tang tea house menu singapore mains & dishes 1
  • tang tea house menu singapore mains & dishes 2
Mains & Dishes MenuPrice
Vegetarian Samosa Ⓥ$9.63
Deep Fried Wanton$9.90
Dough Cuttle Fish$10.63
Sambal Kang Kong$11.70
Seafood Tom Yam Soup$13.77
Deep Fried Prawn Roll (With Thousand Island)$13.84
Seafood with Mixed Vegetables (Chap Chai)$13.84
Hot Plate Tofu$13.84
Sweet & Sour Fish$14.91
Chicken Chop$14.91
Spring Onion Ginger Beef$14.91
Black Pepper Beef$14.91
Curry Chicken$15.91
BBQ Stingray$20.19
Oat Prawn$29.82

Rice & Noodles

  • tang tea house menu singapore rice & noodles 1
  • tang tea house menu singapore rice & noodles 2
  • tang tea house menu singapore rice & noodles 3
Rice & Noodles MenuPrice
Herbal Egg$0.96
Chicken Liver$4.58
Chicken Gizzard$4.58
Pineapple Fried Rice$7.17
Mee Goreng$7.26
Kampong Fried Rice$7.79
XO Sauce Fried Rice$7.79
Fried Kway Teow$7.79
Roasted Chicken Noodle$7.79
Hor Fun (Sliced Fish / Beef / Seafood)$7.79
Sliced Fish Hor Fun$7.79
Hokkien Mee (White / Black)$7.79
Tang Tea Noodle Soup$8.03
Tiga Rasa Bee Hoon$8.86
Stewed Beef Brisket Noodle (Dry / Soup)$8.86
Spring Onion Ginger Beef Set$8.96
Chicken Chop Hot Plate$8.96
Sweet & Sour Fish Hot Plate Set$8.96
Black Pepper Beef Hot Plate Set$8.96
Curry Chicken Hotplate Set$8.96
Lemon Chicken Hot Plate Set$8.96
Shrimp Egg Yolk Fried Rice Set$9.93
Pan Fried Crispy Bee Hoon$12.31
HK Special Seafood Opeh$13.91
Oat Prawn Hot Plate Set$14.45

Desserts & Drinks

tang tea house menu singapore desserts drinks
Desserts & Drinks MenuPrice
Ice Kachang$5.14
Matcha Latte$5.20
Oolong Milk Tea$5.20
Super Cooler$6.12


Last Update: May 22, 2023

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