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Soup Spoon is a chain of restaurants that serves soups from around the world. The soups are created by SouperChef Anna based on her travel experiences.

The brand is symbolized by a primary logo of three differently shaped soup spoons arranged in a circular way to evoke a globe. The company’s mission is to bring a taste of home to customers through their soups from various cultures.

The company is founded by three partners who are united to create The Soup Spoon brand.

Here is the most recent Soup Spoon menu for 2023 in Singapore:

CNY Lo Hei

soup spoon menu philippine cny lo hei
CNY Lo Hei MenuPrice
Auspicious Lo Hei$36.80

Souper Value Sets

soup spoon menu philippine souper value sets
Souper Value Sets MenuPrice
Red Rice Set$13.90
Steamed Corn Set$13.90
Steamed Broccoli Set$13.90
Creamed Spinach Set$13.90
Sandwich Set$16.10
Salad Set$16.10
Flatbread Set$16.10
Breadbowl Set$16.10
Potpie set$16.10
The Soup Spoon Party for 2$31.60

SouperRice Set

soup spoon menu philippine souperrice set
SouperRice Set MenuPrice
Chilli Crab SouperRice Set$17.70
Ginger Scallion SouperRice Set$17.70

January SouperChef Specials

soup spoon menu philippine january souperchef specials
January SouperChef Specials MenuPrice
REG:Perfect Vegan Mushroom Broth$11.80
REG:Beauty Collagen Stew$13.60
REG:Prosperity Black Pepper Beef Stew$13.60
REG:Barramundi Kimchi Jjigae$14.40
Perfect Vegan Mushroom Broth Take-Home Pack$14.90
Prosperity Black Pepper Beef Stew Take-Home Pack$16.80
Beauty Collagen Stew Take-Home Pack$16.90
Barramundi Kimchi Jjigae Take-Home Pack$18.90

A La Carte Soups

soup spoon menu philippine a la carte soups
A La Carte Soups MenuPrice
REG:Tangy Tomato w Basil (V)(GF)(Spicy)$9.90
REG:Roasted Pumpkin (V)(GF)$9.90
REG:Meatless Minestrone (V)$11.10
REG:Tokyo Chicken Stew$12.10
REG:Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff (GF)$12.10
REG:SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout$12.10
REG:Beef Goulash (GF)$13.10
REG:Boston Clam Chowder (GF)$13.10


soup spoon menu philippine flatbreads
Flatbreads MenuPrice
Falafel with Hummus Flatbread$7.00
Bulgogi Beef with Quinoa & Arugula Flatbread$7.70
Sriracha Chicken Fillet Flatbread$7.70
Herb Chicken Breast with Mushroom Flatbread$7.70
Meat-Free Hainanese-Style Crispy Flatbread (Quorn Nuggets)$7.70

Side Salads

soup spoon menu philippine side salads
Side Salads MenuPrice
Caesar Salad$7.00
Asian Tofu Salad$7.70
Kale Salad$7.70
Cranberry Chicken Fusilli Salad$8.00
Glass Noodles w Teriyaki Chicken Salad$8.00
Caesar Salad with Herb Chicken Breast$9.40
Kale Salad with Herb Chicken Breast$10.50
Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon$10.50
Kale Salad with Smoked Salmon$11.70


soup spoon menu philippine sandwiches
Sandwiches MenuPrice
Tomato Cheese Toastie Sandwich$6.00
Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple Sandwich$8.30
Tuna Mayo Sandwich$8.30
Chicken Ham & Cheese Sandwich$8.30
Pulled Beef Melt Sandwich$9.40
Smoked Salmon Sandwich$10.50

Ready-to-eat Chilled Soup Packs

  • soup spoon menu philippine ready to eat chilled soup packs 1
  • soup spoon menu philippine ready to eat chilled soup packs 2
Ready-to-eat Chilled Soup Packs MenuPrice
Tangy Tomato with Basil Take-Home Soup Pack (Spicy)$10.40
Roasted Pumpkin Take-Home Soup Pack$10.40
Meatless Minestrone Take-Home Soup Pack$10.40
Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff Take-Home Soup Pack$11.80
Tokyo Chicken Stew Take-Home Soup Pack$11.80
SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout Take-Home Soup Pack$13.10
Boston Clam Chowder Take-Home Soup Pack$13.10
Beef Goulash Take-Home Soup Pack$13.10
Black Pepper Crab Sauce (300ml)$13.10
Chilli Crab w/ Egg Sauce Pack$13.10
Premium Soup Stock Collagen Chicken$13.10
Premium Soup Stock Tomato$13.10
Budae Jjigae Take-Home Soup Pack$14.50
Sumo-Style Nabe Take Home Pack$14.50
Quorn Buttery Tikka Masala (Meat-Free) Take-Home Soup Pack$14.50
Premium Soup Stock SG-Style Laksa$17.10
Premium Soup Stock Salmon Miso$17.10
Premium Soup Stock Red Snapper Chicken with Dried Scallops$17.10

The Salad Fork

  • soup spoon menu philippine the salad fork 1
  • soup spoon menu philippine the salad fork 2
The Salad Fork MenuPrice
Pura Vida Bowl.$12.10
Warrior Bowl (Spicy Dressing).$13.60
The Salad Fork Soupervalue Set for 1$14.10
Harvest Bowl (Contains Togarashi – Spicy).$15.00
Hearth Bowl.$15.00
Chop Chop Bowl.$16.10
Cleo’s Bowl.$16.10
Seoul-Full Bowl (Sweet Chilli Dressing – Spicy).$16.10
Broc-Kale Nourish Bowl.$17.80
Hola Hello Bowl (Spicy).$17.80
Freedom Bowl$17.90
Saigon Nourish Bowl.$19.10
Sumo-Mami Bowl.$19.10
Wabi Sabi Bowl.$22.00
The Salad Fork Party for 2$29.00

The Hand Burger

soup spoon menu philippine the hand burger
The Hand Burger MenuPrice
THB Original.$10.00
The Oppa (Meat-Free).$11.60
The A.C.T$11.60
Black Pepper Beef.$11.60
The Makcik.$11.60
The Shrooms.$12.70
Messy Joe.$12.70
THB Double Cheese.$13.90
The Handburger Soupervalue Set for 1$16.10
The Handburger Party for 2$31.20


soup spoon menu philippine sides
Sides MenuPrice
Steamed Broccoli with Dukkah$3.40
Steamed Corn$3.40
Red Rice$3.40
Creamed Spinach$3.40
Garlicky Foccacia$5.50
QUORN Meat-Free Nuggets (6pcs).$6.00
Spicy Wedges$6.00
Chilli Crab Wedges (Spicy)$8.30


soup spoon menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled Water$3.00
Home-Brewed Iced Lemon Tea$3.90
Home-Brewed Iced Hibiscus Tea$4.30
Fresh Orange Juice$5.60
Cloudy Apple Juice$5.60
Citrus Lime Juice$5.60

Bundle Promotions

soup spoon menu philippine bundle promotions
Bundle Promotions MenuPrice
Union Bundle (3 pax)$46.10
Union Bundle (4 pax)$54.50


soup spoon menu philippine carepacks
Carepacks MenuPrice
Cheer Care Pack$39.40
Thoughtful Care Pack$69.70

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