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R&B Tea is a tea concept that was founded in 2006 with a goal to redefine the tea experience. Originating from Taiwan, the brand offers over 30 tea-based concoctions made with fresh fruits and all-natural components.

The range of drinks includes fruit-loaded brews, macchiato tea with oolong tea-infused milk foam or cheese cream, and the signature Brown Sugar Boba series.

The brand places great emphasis on the origins of the tea leaves and carefully prepares each blend to ensure the perfect taste.

The founder of R&B Tea is Bruce, who came to Suzhou, China in 2005 while working in the IT industry.

Despite trying different types of tea, he was unable to find good quality milk tea in Suzhou, which led him to identify an opportunity in the market. He decided to start a business that offered high-quality tea beverages made with ingredients of the highest quality.

With perseverance and determination, he opened the first R&B Tea outlet in Suzhou in 2006, and the brand has since expanded to various locations around the world.

Here is the most recent R&B Tea menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Signature Brown Sugar Series

rb tea menu singapore signature brown sugar series
Signature Brown Sugar Series MenuPrice
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea$4.70
Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk$4.90
Brown Sugar Boba Milk w/Cheese Brulee$6.10

Combo Deals

rb tea menu singapore combo deals
Combo Deals MenuPrice
Brown Sugar Boba Milk w Cheese Brulee & Oolong Cheese Cream$10.70
Brown Sugar Boba Milk w Cheese Brulee & Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea$10.80

Fruit Tea

rb tea menu singapore fruit tea
Fruit Tea MenuPrice
Honey Yuzu$4.80
Lychee Green/Oolong Tea$4.80
Peachy Crystal$5.60
Passion Crystal$5.60
Devil’s Booster$5.80
Grape Crystal (Large)$6.10
Baby Luffy/ Mighty Luffy$7.30

Milk Tea

rb tea menu singapore milk tea
Milk Tea MenuPrice
Milk Tea /Green Milk Tea$3.60
Oolong/Peach Oolong Milk Tea$3.60
Honey Earl Grey Milk Tea$4.10
Chocolate Milk Tea$4.50
All In Milk Tea$5.90

Macchiato Tea

rb tea menu singapore macchiato tea
Macchiato Tea MenuPrice
Oolong w/Tea or Cheese Cream$4.60
Peach Oolong w/Tea or Cheese Cream$4.60
Jasmine Green Tea w/Tea or Cheese Cream$4.60
Da Hong Pao w/Tea or Cheese Cream$5.00

Brewed Tea

rb tea menu singapore brewed tea
Brewed Tea MenuPrice
Oolong Tea$3.40
Peach Oolong Tea$3.40
Jasmine Green Tea$3.40
Wintermelon Tea$3.40
Da Hong Pao Tea$3.80

Low-Fat Yogi

rb tea menu singapore low fat yogi
Low-Fat Yogi MenuPrice
Peach Yogi$6.80
Strawberry Yogi$6.80
Mango Yogi$6.80
Grape Yogi$6.80

Sparkling Series

Sparkling Series MenuPrice
Sparkling Lychee Rose (Reg)$6.00
Sparkling Lemon Yuzu(Reg)$6.00


Last Update: March 20, 2023

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