Paris Baguette Menu

Paris Baguette is an international fast-casual bakery and franchise that originated in South Korea in 1988.

The company aims to provide a unique experience to customers through trend-setting bakery and café concepts and delivering happiness with the best product quality, customer-oriented mindset, and creative approach.

Paris Baguette is constantly innovating to provide a wide selection of fresh, clean, and healthy products through continuous investments in product development, operational innovation, technology, logistics, and brand-building.

Here is the most recent Paris Baguette menu for 2023 in Singapore:

💕Valentine’s Day💕

paris baguette menu singapore valentines day
💕Valentine’s Day💕 MenuPrice
Very Blueberry Yogurt Cheese Cake$9.60
Very Strawberry Yogurt Cheese Cake$9.90
Infinite Love Set for 2$35.50

Combo Deal

paris baguette menu singapore combo deal
Combo Deal MenuPrice
4 for $10 Bread Bundle$10.00
3 for $12.5 Signature Bread Bundle$12.50
Cake & Coffee Set$13.90
Cake Bundle (4Pcs)$30.00
2 for $30 Roll/Pound Cake$30.00

🥪Sandwich Meal🥪

paris baguette menu singapore sandwich meal
🥪Sandwich Meal🥪 MenuPrice
Value Sandwich Set$12.90
Gourmet Sandwich Set$13.90

Whole Cake

paris baguette menu singapore whole cake
Whole Cake MenuPrice
Double Choco Fudge Cake$53.00
New York Cheesecake$53.00
Tiramisu Cheesecake$53.00
Fresh Cream Cake$58.00
Fresh Yogurt Cream Cake$58.00
Blueberry Yogurt Cream Cake$58.00
Choco Cheese Mousse Cake$58.00

Short Cake

paris baguette menu singapore short cake
Short Cake MenuPrice
Double Choco Fudge Cake (slice)$8.50
New York Cheesecake (slice)$8.50
Tiramisu Cheese Short Cake$8.50
Caramel Banana Tart$9.60
Blueberry Yogurt Tart$9.60
White Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Cake$9.60
Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake$10.60
Paris Rocher$10.60

Sandwich, Salad and Hot Meal

  • paris baguette menu singapore sandwich salad and hot meal 1
  • paris baguette menu singapore sandwich salad and hot meal 2
Sandwich, Salad and Hot Meal MenuPrice
Mushroom Cream Soup$6.00
Egg Mayo & Avocado Croissant Sandwich$9.50
Ham & Cheese Baguette Sandwich$9.50
Oven Baked Chicken Wrap Sandwich$9.50
Caesar Chicken Croissant Sandwich$9.90
Tuna & Tartar Croissant Sandwich$9.90
Caesar Chicken Baguette Sandwich$9.90
Cranberry Chicken Pastry Wrap Sandwich$10.50
Ham & Cheese Pastry Wrap Sandwich$10.50
Salmon Cream Cheese Croissant Sandwich$10.50
Tuna & Egg Mayo Club Sandwich$10.50
Oven Baked Chicken Salad$11.50
Caesar Chicken Salad$11.50
Smoked Salmon Salad$13.00

Soft Bread

  • paris baguette menu singapore soft bread 1
  • paris baguette menu singapore soft bread 2
Soft Bread MenuPrice
Peanut Crumble Bread$2.70
Soft Strawberry Cheesecake$2.70
Plain Bagel$2.70
Soft Cheesecake$2.70
Korean Black Sesame Sweet Rice Bread$2.70
Cheese Sausage Bread$2.90
Cream Cheese Swirl Cinnamon$2.90
Crumbly Red Bean Peanut Soboro Bread$2.90
HK Peanut Butter French Toast$2.90
Sweet Red Bean Bread$2.90
Chewy Cheddar Cheese Stick$2.90
Korean Milk Cream Bread$2.90
Red Bean Mochi Bread$2.90
Best Ever Garlic Bread$4.30
Cream Cheese Mochi Ball$4.30

Pastry and Loaf

  • paris baguette menu singapore pastry and loaf 1
  • paris baguette menu singapore pastry and loaf 2
Pastry and Loaf MenuPrice
Softness Chocolate Bread(H)$3.90
Softness Cranberry Bread(H)$3.90
PB Classic Baby$3.90
Big Choco Twist$4.30
Big Sweet Potato Twist$4.30
Chocolate Croissant$4.30
Dark Choco French Pastry$4.30
Double Cheese Croissant$4.30
PB Power Garlic Baby$4.90
Cream Cheese Whole Wheat Pastry$4.90
Caramelised Butter Pastry$4.90
Hawaiian Baguette Pizza$5.20
Mushroom Baguette Pizza$5.20
Sweet Chestnut Toast$5.20
Chocolate Danish Pastry Toast(H)$5.20
Premium Milk Toast$6.00
Multigrain Toast$6.30

Roll and Pound Cake

paris baguette menu singapore roll and pound cake
Roll and Pound Cake MenuPrice
Pound Cake (slice)$2.00
Duet Roll Cake$16.90
Korean Honey Castella$16.90
Silky Roll Cake$16.90
Quattro Cheese Pound Cake$16.90
Pecan Banana Pound Cake$16.90
Korean Tangerine Roll Cake$16.90
Berry Roll Cake$16.90
Signature Pound Cake$16.90


paris baguette menu singapore dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Mr. Bear Madeleine (Chocolate)$2.00
Ms. Bear Madeleine (Vanilla)$2.00
No.1 Cheese Tart$3.50
Blueberry Macaron$3.50
Chocolate Macaron$3.50
Salted Caramel Macaron$3.50
Vanilla Macaron$3.50
Choco Tiramisu Cheese Tart$3.50
Sweet Corn Cheese Tart$3.50
Original Royal Pudding$5.30
Royal Pudding Box$30.00
Macaron Box$35.00


paris baguette menu singapore coffe
Coffee MenuPrice
Café Latte$6.20
Cold Brew Americano$6.20
Milk Cream Americano$6.20
Caramel Latte$7.20
Cold Brew Honey Latte$7.20
Mocha Latte$7.20
Milk Cream Cafe Latte$7.20

Tea and Others

  • paris baguette menu singapore tea and others 1
  • paris baguette menu singapore tea and others 2
Tea and Others MenuPrice
O(EAU) Water$3.50
Korean Yuja Honey Tea$4.90
Peach Mango Juice$4.90
Pineapple Orange Honey Juice$4.90
Teatra Floral Chamomile (Bottle)$4.90
Teatra Orange Rooibos Tea (Bottle)$4.90
Teatra First Breakfast Tea$6.20
Teatra Floral Chamomile (Hot)$6.20
Teatra Earl Grey (Hot)$6.20
Teatra Fruity Green Tea (Hot)$6.20
Teatra Winter Fruit Bunch (Hot)$6.20
Teatra Chocolatey Ceylon (Hot)$6.20
Yuzu Mint Tea$7.20
Green Tea Latte$7.20
Sparkling Yuzu Mint Tea$8.20
Milk Cream Chocolate$8.20


paris baguette menu singapore merchandise
Merchandise MenuPrice
Mini L’epicier Jam$3.90
L’epicier Jam$7.50
Silky Roll Cake Towel$10.00
Baguette Tote Bag$20.00

🍓Very! Berry Strawberry🍓

paris baguette menu singapore very berry strawberry
🍓Very! Berry Strawberry🍓 MenuPrice
Strawberry Peanut Crumble Peanut Cream$4.30
Strawberry Peanut Crumble Cream Bread$4.30
Mini Strawberry Cream Cube Toast$4.50
Very Strawberry Danish Roll$4.90
Very Berry Royal Pudding$5.30
Double Berry Cream Croissant$6.70
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie$7.20
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie$7.20
Very Berry Good Sliced Tart$9.90
Very Berry Good Whole Tart$60.00


paris baguette menu singapore pasta
Pasta MenuPrice
Clam Mussel Aglio e Olio$23.00
Puttanesca Tomato Pasta$23.00
4 Mushrooms Cream Pasta$25.50
Mentaiko Prawn Cream Pasta$25.50
Spicy Beef Bulgogi Cream Pasta$25.50
Spicy Seafood Pasta$27.00
Tenderloin Chop Steak Pasta$35.00


paris baguette menu singapore risotto
Risotto MenuPrice
4 Mushrooms Cream Risotto$25.50
Spicy Beef Bulgogi Cream Risotto$25.50
Tenderloin Chop Steak Risotto$35.00

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