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Old Chang Kee is a Singaporean snack, food and beverage chain known for its specialty in curry puffs and other local snacks. Founded in 1956 as a small stall in a coffee shop near the Rex Cinema, it has since expanded into a multinational company with a modern production facility in Woodlands.

In 1986, Mr. Han Keen Juan took over the business with the goal of modernizing and growing Old Chang Kee into a successful brand. With the help of Mr. William Lim, fresh ideas and innovative marketing strategies were implemented, leading to the company’s recognition as a leading brand of curry puffs and hot savouries.

Old Chang Kee now sells its range of food products through kiosks and retail outlets and is certified to meet HACCP and Halal standards. In 2012, it was recognized as one of the world’s 20 best fast food chains by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Here is the most recent Old Chang Kee menu for 2023 in Singapore:

CNY Special

old chang kee menu singapore cny special
CNY Special MenuPrice
Fish Finger (Alaska Pollock) with QQ Fries$5.00
Golden Crispy Prawn Roll (1 tub)$20.80
Prosperous Platter$28.80
Golden Crispy Prawn Roll (2 tubs)$37.00

Nasi Lemak

old chang kee menu singapore nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak MenuPrice
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing$7.40
Nasi Lemak with Dry Curry Chicken$7.40
Nasi Lemak with Otah$7.40
Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet$7.40


old chang kee menu singapore meals
Meals MenuPrice
Mee Rebus$5.00
Curry Chicken Rice$7.40
Sambal Fish Cutlet Rice$7.40

Bee Hoon

old chang kee menu singapore bae hoon
Bee Hoon MenuPrice
Braised Bee Hoon$2.50
Dry Mee Siam Bee Hoon$3.50
Bee Hoon Set A$6.00
Bee Hoon Set B$7.00

Snacks Bundle

old chang kee menu singapore snacks bundle
Snacks Bundle MenuPrice
Fishball OnStik Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)$18.00
Curry’O Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)$19.00
Spring’O Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)$19.00
Chicken Wing Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)$21.00


  • old chang kee menu singapore snacks 1
  • old chang kee menu singapore snacks 2
  • old chang kee menu singapore snacks 3
Snacks MenuPrice
Fishball OnStik$1.80
Mushroom Chicken’O$1.90
Black Sesame Ball$1.90
Sotong Ball OnStik$2.00
Gyoza OnStik$2.10
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStik$2.10
Crab Nugget OnStik$2.10
Prawn Nugget OnStik$2.10
Chicken Wing$2.10
Chicken Nugget OnStik$2.10
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnStik$2.10
Cheesy Chicken Ball OnStik$2.10
Sotong Head OnStik$2.10
Sotong Wing OnStik2.1
Fish Fillet OnStik$2.10
Chicken Wrap OnStik$2.10
Big Fishball OnStik$2.60
Chicken Chunky Pops$3.40
QQ Fries with Nacho Cheese$4.00


old chang kee menu singapore drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled Water$1.60
Kopi O$1.70
Teh O$1.70
Kopi C$2.10
Teh C$2.10
Yuan Yang$2.10


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