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Nuodle 牛一嘴 is a restaurant that serves halal Lanzhou beef noodles. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm every day. Customers can dine in or order food to go. The noodles are hand-pulled in-store, and the clear broth is not too oily and quite flavorful. The chili oil adds a nice kick to the dish.

In addition to noodles, Nuodle also serves chicken pan-fried dumplings and beef pan-fried guo tie, which are both delicious. Some customers have noted that the noodles can be overcooked, and the beef itself may not be very flavorful or tender.

However, the dumplings are very well done, and the lamb skewers are grilled to perfection. Overall, the staff is helpful, and the waiting time is not too long. The restaurant offers a simple menu, which includes three noodle dishes: Signature Beef La Mian, Seafood La Mian, and Cool Mixed La Mian.

Here is the most recent Nuodle menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Main 面食主打

nuodle menu singapore main
Main 面食主打 MenuPrice
Hot & Spicy Beef Wonton 红油牛肉抄手$10.80
Signature Beef La Mian 招牌牛肉面$12.70
Classic Minced Chicken Noodle 鸡肉酱拌面$12.70
Super Spicy Chicken Gizzard Vermicelli 超辣鸡胗粉$12.70
Superior Soya Sauce Thick Vermicelli 金牌卤粉$12.70
Sour Soup Handmade Dumpling 酸汤手工水饺$12.70
Dry Handmade Dumpling 干拌手工水饺$12.70
Braised Beef La Mian 酱牛肉面$16.40

Set Meal 套餐系列

nuodle menu singapore set meal
Set Meal 套餐系列 MenuPrice
Hot & Spicy Beef Wonton Set Meal 红油牛肉抄手套餐$15.60
Signature Beef La Mian Set Meal 招牌牛肉面套餐$17.50
Classic Minced Chicken Noodle Set Meal 鸡肉酱拌面套餐$17.50
Super Spicy Chicken Gizzard Vermicelli Set Meal 超辣鸡胗粉套餐$17.50
Superior Soya Sauce Thick Vermicelli Set Meal 金牌卤粉套餐$17.50
Sour Soup Handmade Dumpling Set Meal 酸汤手工水饺套餐$17.50
Dry Handmade Dumpling Set Meal 干拌手工水饺套餐$17.50
Braised Beef La Mian Set Meal 酱牛肉面套餐$21.20

Kids 儿童

nuodle menu singapore kids
Kids 儿童 MenuPrice
Small Moo 小哞$9.40
Small Moo Set Meal 小哞套餐$13.60

Sides 佐餐小食

  • nuodle menu singapore sides 2
  • nuodle menu singapore sides 1
Sides 佐餐小食 MenuPrice
Chili (15g) 辣椒酱 (15克)$1.00
Extra Spicy Chili (15g) 辣椒酱 (15克)$2.40
Beef Ball Soup (2Pcs) 牛肉丸汤 (2串)$4.50
Plant-based Popcorn Chicken 素鸡丁$4.80
Sweet Potato Springroll$4.80
Fish Slice 素鱼片$4.80
Signature Beef Slices (40) 招牌牛肉片 (40克)$5.10
Braised Beef Slices (40 Grams) 酱牛肉片 (40克)$5.40
Cold Cut Beef Slices 凉拌牛肉$5.60
Dry Handmade Dumpling (4 pcs) 干拌手工水饺 (4粒)$5.80
Lamb Skewers (2 Pieces) 烤羊肉串 (2串)$5.90
Beef Skewers (2 Pieces) 烤牛肉串 (2串)$5.90
Beef Ball Soup (8 pcs) 牛肉丸汤 (8粒)$11.30

Cold 爽口凉菜

nuodle menu singapore cold
Cold 爽口凉菜 MenuPrice
Lava Egg 溏心蛋$4.50
Seaweed Salad 海带丝$4.50
Oyster Mushroom 杏鲍菇$4.50

Beverages 饮品

nuodle menu singapore beverages
Beverages 饮品 MenuPrice
Homemade Lemon Tea 牛一嘴柠檬茶$4.10

Last Update: May 3, 2023

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