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Mott 32 is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine, featuring dishes that blend modern and traditional cooking techniques. The name “Mott 32” pays homage to the first Chinese convenience store that opened in New York in 1891.

Mott 32 is dedicated to ethical sourcing, using organic and sustainable ingredients wherever possible, and working closely with farms to ensure the uncompromising quality of the food presented.

Signature dishes include Apple-Wood Roasted Peking Duck, Barbecue Iberico Pork Glazed with Yellow Mountain Honey, and Crispy Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Short Rib, among others. The restaurant’s mixology programme is inspired by Chinese culture and the flavors of Asia, and the decor is a blend of industrial New York design and classical Chinese decor.

Mott 32 Singapore’s design elements are interwoven with Singapore’s rich foliage and flora, celebrating the shared history and connection between the two Asian metropolises.

Customer reviews praise the restaurant’s attentive service, delicious food, and stylish decor.

Here is the most recent Mott 32 menu for 2023 in Singapore:

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A La Carte

House Tea

House Tea MenuPrice
Tie Guan Yin$20.00
Ginseng Oolong$20.00
Aged Puer$24.00
Shoumei (White Peony Supreme)$26.00
Dragon Ball Jasmine$28.00

Premium Chinese Tea

Premium Chinese Tea MenuPrice
Supreme Phoenix$28.00
Supreme Tie Guan Yin$28.00
Yunnan Reserved Old Puer$32.00

Deluxe Chinese Tea

Deluxe Chinese Tea MenuPrice
Silver Needle$32.00
Long Jing$32.00
Wuji Do Hung Pao$36.00

Mott Signature Cocktails

Mott Signature Cocktails MenuPrice
Hong Kong Ice Tea (2oz)$18.00
Mott St. Cooler (2oz)$18.00
Joe’s Elixir (2oz)$18.00
Anna Wong (1.75oz)$18.00
Hanami (2.5oz)$21.00
Forbidden Rose (2oz$21.00
Old Harbour (Fashioned) (2.5oz)$22.00


Mottails MenuPrice
Passion Cooler$10.00
Mango Paradise$10.00
Jasmine Cooler$10.00

Zero Proof

Zero Proof MenuPrice
Warsteiner ‘Premium Fresh’ Pilsne$9.00
Lumette London Dry Alt-Gin and Fever Tree Tonic$10.00
Lumette ‘LumRum’ and Coke$10.00


Aperitif MenuPrice
Campari (dry)$11.00
Luxardo Bitter Bianco (medium)$12.00
Hidalgo La Gitana En Rama Manzanilla (dry)$13.00
Silvio Carta Vermouth di Sardigna (medium)$18.00
Château Bastor Lamontagne 2005 (sweet)$18.00


BBQ MenuPrice
Wok Fried Duck with Chilli Soy or Fried Rice, Asparagus, Minced Duck$32.00
Crispy Roasted Pork Belly$32.00
Barbecue Iberico Pork, Yellow Mountain Honey$78.00
Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck “Signature Mott 32 cut”$138.00


Starters MenuPrice
Pickled Radish, Aged Vinegar, Chili, Soy Sauce$16.00
Marinated Cucumber & Garlic$18.00
Crispy Crab Claw, Minced Prawn (1pc)$19.00
Pork Belly Roll, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Garlic, Soy Sauce$28.00
Crispy Frog Leg, Salt and Pepper$28.00
Shredded Peking Duck Salad, Cherry Tomato, Wild Mushrooms, Crispy Taro$28.00
Jellyfish, Cucumber, Black Fungus, Aged Black Vinegar, Garlic$32.00
Cold Free Range Chicken, Szechuan Peppercorns, Chilli Sauce (half)$36.00
Stir Fried Assorted Wild Mushroom, Lettuce Cup, Black Truffle (3pcs)$42.00
Whole Crispy Abalone, Salt & Pepper (4pcs)$78.00

Evening Dim Sum

Autumn & Winter Menu Price
Wild Mushroom Dumplings, Water Chestnut (3pcs)$18.00
Wild Mushroom Spring Rolls (3pcs)$18.00
Garlic Prawn Spring Rolls (3pcs)$18.00
Beetroot Dumplings, Scallop, Shrimp, Conpoy (4pcs)$20.00
Black Cod Dumplings, Pickled Chili, Radish, XO Sauce (3pcs)$21.00
Hot & Sour Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumpling (4pcs)$22.00
Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai (3pcs)$24.00
Maine Lobster Har Gow (1pc)$25.00

Autumn & Winter Menu

Autumn & Winter MenuPrice
General Tso’s Chicken$48.00
Crispy Lamb Rack, Chili, Bread Crumbs$52.00
Wok-Fried French Quail Leg, Okra, Mushroom$58.00
Steamed Wild Salmon, Hwa Tiao$58.00
Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek Curry, Youtiao$88.00
Grilled Fresh Abalone, Scallion$98.00
Baked Crab, Eggplant, White Pepper$180.00


Soup MenuPrice
Hot & Sour Soup, Scallop, Prawn, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Bamboo Pith$22.00
Scallops, Egg White, Pumpkin$24.00
Alaskan Crab Meat, Conpoy, Winter Melon$26.00
Double Boiled Sea Conch, Silky Fowl, Matsutake Mushroom$32.00
“Buddha Jumps Over the Wall”$138.00

Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest MenuPrice
Bird’s Nest Soup, Chicken Broth, Yunnan Ham$98.00

Abalone & Dried Seafood

Abalone & Dried Seafood MenuPrice
Braised Whole Japanese Sea Cucumber, Oyster Sauce$95.00
Braised Whole South African Dried Abalone, Oyster Sauce$148.00
Braised Whole Dried Fish Maw, Oyster Sauce$520.00

Market Seafood

Market Seafood MenuPrice
Signature Maine Lobster “Ma Po Tofu”$72.00
Wok Fried Maine Lobster, Black Truffle, Egg White$78.00
Fillet of Leopard Coral Garoupa, Steamed with Sea Salt & Ginger$160.00
Steamed Dungeness Crab In Chinese Hwa Tiao & Egg$160.00
Whole Leopard Coral Garoupa, Traditional Steamed with Red Dates, Mushroom, Pork$180.00
Wok Fried Whole Dungeness Crab with Golden Garlic, Glutinous Rice, Preserved Sausage$180.00
Whole Alaskan King Crab with Pickled Chilimarket price
Boiled Fish Soup Over Whole Geoduck Clam, Green Onion, Bean Sproutsmarket price

Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood MenuPrice
Crispy Pacific Ocean Prawn, Pumpkin, Salted Egg$45.00
King Prawn, Black Pepper, Garlic, Soya Sauce$48.00
Signature Smoked Black Cod$55.00
Wok Fried Fresh Scallops with Morels Mushroom, Asparagus, XO Sauce$56.00
Sticky Black Cod, Mustard Yuzu Sauce$60.00
Alaskan King Crab Vermicelli, Flying Fish Roe$62.00
Poached Fish Filet, Szechuan Pepper Broth$72.00


Meat MenuPrice
Sweet & Sour Pork, Tropical Fruit, Aged Black Vinegar$38.00
Free Range Chicken, Dried Shallots, Black Bean Sauce$42.00
Crispy Lemon Chicken, Lemon Sauce (half)$42.00
Slow Cooked Kurabuta Pork Belly with Turnip Cake$48.00
Lamb Chop, Black Bean, Chili, Bell Peppers$48.00
Free-Range Chicken, Dried Chili, Szechuan Red Peppercorns$52.00
Stir Fried AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Bell Peppers, Asparagus$56.00
Triple Cooked Black Angus Short Rib$82.00
Japanese Wagyu A5+, Asparagus, Homemade Black Bean Paste, Garlic Chips$158.00


Vegetable MenuPrice
Braised Eggplant, Minced Pork, Chili Peppers$37.00
Sautéed String Beans, Diced Wagyu Beef$37.00
Wok Fried Broccoli, Ginkgo, Bean Curd, Red Dates$37.00
Wok Fried Baby Napa Cabbage, Japanese Dried Shrimps, Baby Beans$38.00
Pea Tips, Fish Broth, Goji Berry, Lily Bulb$42.00
Wok Fried Kale, Dried Shrimp, Minced Pork, Shrimp Paste$45.00
Green Asparagus, Crab Meat, Egg White, Honey Peas$46.00

Rice & Noodles

Rice & Noodles MenuPrice
Tossed Shanghainese Noodles, Dried Shrimp, Scallion Oil$33.00
Wild Mushroom Fried Rice, Asparagus, Tomato, Green Onion$35.00
Wok Fried Flat Rice Noodles, AAA Canadian Beef, Bean Sprouts$38.00
Mixed Seafood Fried Rice, Golden Conpoy, Black Garlic$45.00
Alaskan Crabmeat Fried Rice, Conpoy, Egg White, Flying Fish Roe$45.00
Scallops, Prawns, Crispy Rice in Fish Soup$50.00
Alaskan King Crab Meat, Egg White Fried Rice, Lotus Leaf$52.00
Signature Maine Lobster Fried Rice, Spring Mushrooms, Broad Beans$68.00

Plant-Based Signature

Plant-Based Signature MenuPrice
Vegetable Siu Mai (4pcs)$20.00
Crispy “Eel”, Fried Shredded Mushroom, French Green Bean, Sesame$28.00
Signature Smoked “Cod”$38.00
Crispy “Chicken”, Szechuan Red Peppercorns, Dried Chili, Cashew Nuts$38.00
Braised Lion’s Head “Meatballs”$45.00


Dessert MenuPrice
Matcha Cheese Cake, Golden Leaf$20.00
Soy Sauce Ice Cream, Fresh Strawberries$20.00
Rose & Valrhona White Chocolate Panna Cotta, Lychee Sorbet, Raspberries$20.00


Classics MenuPrice
Birthday Lotus Bun (1pc)$3.00
Double Boiled Imperial Bird’s Nest Soup, Coconut Milk (per person)$8.00
Mango Soup, Pomelo, Grapefruit (per person)$15.00
Flaky Egg Tart (3pcs)$15.00
Fresh Mango, Coconut, Glutinous Rice Roll (4pcs)$16.00
Double Boiled Imperial Bird’s Nest Soup, Apricot Seed Juice (per person)$88.00



Steamed MenuPrice
Pork Short Ribs,Chinese Yam, Black Bean Sauce$15.00
King Prawn Har Gow (4pcs)$16.00
Wild Mushroom Dumplings, Water Chestnut (3pcs)$18.00
Poached Minced Pork Dumplings, Cabbage, Chili & Garlic Sauce (4pcs)$18.00
Beetroot Dumplings, Scallop, Shrimp, Conpoy (4pcs)$20.00
Crab Meat Egg White Dumplings, Flying Fish Roe (3pcs)$21.00
Black Cod Dumplings, Pickled Chili, Radish, XO Sauce (3pcs)$21.00
Hot & Sour Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumplings (4pcs)$22.00
Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai (3pcs)$24.00
Maine Lobster Har Gow (1pc)$25.00
Dried Abalone Glutinous Rice Buns (3pcs)$36.00


Baked MenuPrice
Canadian AAA Prime Tenderloin Puff (3pcs)$18.00
Signature Crispy Sugar-Coated BBQ Iberico Pork Bun (3pcs)$21.00

Cheung Fun

Cheung Fun MenuPrice
Prawn, Crispy Rice Paper$20.00
Honey Glazed BBQ Iberico Pork$20.00
Matsutake Mushroom, Shredded Turnip$20.00


Fried MenuPrice
Kau Choy (Chinese Chives) Dumplings, Assorted Seafood (3pcs)$18.00
Garlic Prawn Spring Roll (3pcs)$18.00
Wild Mushroom Spring Rolls (3pcs)$18.00


Dessert MenuPrice
Mango Soup, Pomelo, Grapefruit$15.00
Double Boiled Egg White, Black Sesame$15.00
Flaky Egg Tart$15.00
Fresh Mango, Coconut, Glutinous Rice Roll$16.00

Last Update: April 21, 2023

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