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Milksha is a bubble tea brand that originated from Milkshop in Taiwan, founded by Mr. Kevin Lim, a second-generation dairy farmer of Green Light Ranch. Milksha uses fresh milk and natural ingredients in all their beverages, without any preservatives, artificial coloring, or chemical additives.

They insist on installing a multi-filter water system in all their outlets to ensure the quality of their water, and their signature honey pearls are air-flown directly from Taiwan and cooked fresh daily in stores. Milksha sources and handpicks premium tea leaves from various regions around the world and brews them in stores daily.

None of their beverages contain creamer, as they use only 100% fresh milk, which is a top-quality ingredient. Milksha has grown steadily over the years and has expanded internationally, with over 230 stores across Taiwan and in various countries around the world.

They are committed to offering “Fresh, Natural, and Handmade Beverages” to their customers, and have been voted the No. 1 Bubble Tea Brand by Taiwan’s University Students.

Here is the most recent Milksha menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Fresh Milk Series

Fresh Milk Series MenuPrice (M)
Brown Sugar Milk$4.60
Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk$4.80
Black Sesame Milk$4.80
Azuki Sesame Milk$4.80
Fresh Milk with Honey Pearls$5.20
Fresh Taro Milk$5.60
Hojicha Milk$5.60
Hojicha Jelly Frost$5.60
Izumo Matcha Milk$5.60
Azuki Matcha Milk$5.60

Special Concoctions

Special Concoctions MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Refreshing Orange Green Tea$4.20$5.00
Fragrant Lemon Green Tea$4.20$5.00
Fragrant Lemon Earl Grey Tea$4.20$5.00
Fragrant Lemon Oolong Tea$4.20$5.00
Orange Frostea$4.20$5.00
Lemon Frostea$4.20$5.00

Ice Cream

Ice Cream MenuPrice
Fresh Taro Milk/Earl Grey Milk Tea/Black Sesame Milk$4.20

Rich Milk Tea Series

Rich Milk Tea Series MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Earl Grey Rich Milk Tea$4.60$6.00
Oolong Rich Milk Tea$4.60$6.00

Fresh Milk Tea Series

Fresh Milk Tea Series MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Fresh Milk Tea (Choice of tea Premium Tea Series)$3.80$5.10

Fresh Milk Foam Series

Fresh Milk Foam Series MenuPrice (M)
Fresh Milk Foam Tea (Choice of tea Premium Tea Series)$3.80

Premium Tea Series

Premium Tea Series MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Earl Grey Tea$2.60$3.40
Green Tea$2.60$3.40
Light Roasted Oolong Tea$2.60$3.40
Oolong Tea$2.60$3.40
Roasted Wheat Tea$2.60$3.40


Toppings MenuPrice (M)Price (L)
Honey Pearl$1.00$1.20
Grass Jelly$1.00$1.20
Red Bean$1.00$1.20
Aloe Vera$1.00$1.20
Taro Ball$1.20$1.50
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