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Itacho Sushi is a branch of the Taste of Japan Group, which was started in 2004 in Hong Kong. The group cares a lot about serving high-quality food in a comfortable setting at a reasonable price, with honest service.

They get most of their food ingredients from Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyushu in Japan. They have people in Japan who are in charge of buying ingredients and getting them shipped straight to all of their restaurants.

Itacho Sushi has more than 40 locations in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. In July 2021, the company celebrated its 12th birthday in Singapore.

Itacho Sushi is proud to have been the first restaurant to offer mobile app ordering in 2017. Its SG mobile app has as many as 150,000 daily users at the moment.

The brand also puts food safety and cleanliness at the top of its list of priorities. Over the years, it has adopted and followed the HACCP and ISO22000 standards in all of its locations.

Here is the most recent Itacho Sushi menu for 2023 in Singapore:


itacho sushi menu singapore sushi
Sushi MenuPrice
Egg (1pc)$1.40
Inari (1pc)$1.40
Salmon (1pc)$2.00
Flesh of Crab Stick (1pc)$2.00
Shrimp (1pc)$2.00
Octopus (1pc)$2.00
Squi (1pc)$2.00
Fatty Salmon (1pc)$2.40
Surf Clam (1pc)$2.80
Yellow Tail (1pc)$3.00
Mackerel (1pc)$3.10
Shrimp Tempura (1pc)$3.20
Blue Fin Tuna (1pc)$3.80
Sweet Shrimp (1pc)$3.80
Sword Fish (1pc)$3.80
Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)$4.00
Spicy Salmon Inari w/ Sakura Shrimp Ebiko (1pc)$4.00
Scallop (1pc)$4.30
Fatty Yellow Tail (1pc)$4.50
Striped Jack (1pc)$4.50
Fish Dorsal (1pc)$4.50
Japanese Flounder (1pc)$4.80
Red Shrimp (1pc)$4.80
Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)$5.50
Jumbo Scallop(1pc)$7.80
Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Less Tendon (1pc)$8.20
Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Tendon (1pc)$8.80
Kagoshima Wagyu (1pc)$9.30
Live Ark Shell (1pc)$16.00


itacho sushi menu singapore roast
Roast MenuPrice
Grilled Pork (1pc)$1.80
Roasted Salmon (1pc)$2.20
Roasted Salmon w/ Cheese (1pc)$2.50
Roasted Squid (1pc)$2.50
Roasted Fatty Salmon (1pc)$2.60
Roasted Salmon w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)$2.80
Roasted Squid Leg (1pc)$2.80
Roasted Duck Breast (1pc)$2.80
Sea Eel (1pc)$3.00
Roasted Mackerel (1pc)$3.30
Roasted Eel (1pc)$3.50
Cod Liver & Scallop (1pc)$3.80
Roasted Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)$4.20
Roasted Scallop (1pc)$4.50
Roasted Fish Dorsal (1pc)$4.70
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)$5.00
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Herbs Salt (1pc)$5.00
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Butter (1pc)$5.00
Supreme Sea Eel (1pc)$7.20
Roasted Blue Fin Fatty Tuna (1pc)$8.80
Roasted Foie Grass (1pc)$9.50
Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef (1pc)$9.80


itacho sushi menu singapore salt
Salt MenuPrice
Octopus (1pc)$2.20
Squid (1pc)$2.20
Shrimp Tempura (1pc)$3.30
Scallop (1pc)$3.70
Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)$5.60


itacho sushi menu singapore sashimi
Sashimi MenuPrice
Fattu Salmon$7.20
Yellow Tail$9.00
Blue Fin Tuna (Akami)$11.40
Sweet Shrimp (6pcs)$11.70
Striped Jack$13.50
Fatty Yellow Tail$13.50
Japanese Flounder$14.40
Live Ark Shell$16.00
Blue Fin Tuna w/Less Tendon$23.60
Japanese Jack Mackerel Sashimi / Grilled (Whole)$25.50
Blue Fin Tuna w/Tendon$26.40

Warship Style

itacho sushi menu singapore warship style
Warship Style MenuPrice
Corn Salad (1pc)$1.00
Tuna Salad (1pc)$1.50
Tuna & Corn Salad Warship (1pc)$2.00
Spicy Salmon (1pc)$2.00
Flying Fish Roe (1pc)$2.20
Wasabi Octopus (1pc)$2.30
Flyig Fish Roe w/Cheese (1pc)$2.30
Squid & Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)$2.60
Crab & Crab Miso (1pc)$2.70
Lobster Salad (1pc)$3.00
Curry Lobster (1pc)$3.20
Fatty Tuna w/Spring Onion (1pc)$3.60
Salmon Roe (1pc)$4.00
Sea Urchin (1pc)$9.80

Creative Rolls

itacho sushi menu singapore creative rolls
Creative Rolls MenuPrice
Cucumber Roll (6pcs)$3.00
Chu Maki (2pcs)$3.50
California Roll (2pcs)$4.00
Fried Shrimp Roll (3pcs)$4.50
Natta Roll (6pcs)$4.50
Salmon Roll (2pcs)$4.80
Scallop & Avocado Roll (Spicy) (2pcs)$5.00
Sakura Shrimp w/Cheese Roll (2pcs)$5.20
Salmon Salad Lobster Roll (2pcs)$5.20
Eel Spring Roll (3pcs)$5.50
Salmon Spring Roll (3pcs)$5.50
Roasted Salmon Roll (2pcs)$5.60
Lobster & Mango Salad Roll (2pcs)$6.20
Tuna Roll (6pcs)$6.50
Avocado & Soft Shell Crab Roll (2pcs)$7.20
Fatty Tuna w/Spring Onion Roll (4pcs)$7.20
Sweet Shrimp Roll (2pcs)$8.20
Salmon & Salmon Roe Roll (2pcs)$8.60
Spicy Salmon w/Crab Stick & Egg Roll Mentaiko Mayo Sauce (6pcs)$8.80
Cod Liver Roll (4pcs)$9.20
Kagoshima Double Wagyu Beef Roll (2pcs)$16.00

Hand Roll

itacho sushi menu singapore hand roll
Hand Roll MenuPrice
Corn Salad$2.20
Tuna Salad$3.00
Fermented Soybeans$3.50
Grilled Pork$3.50
Shrimp Tempura$3.60
Tuna Corn$3.60
Spicy Salmon$3.70
Flying Fish Roe$3.90
Shrimp Tempura$4.20
Salmon Rice$5.00
Fatty Tuna w/Spring Onion$5.00
Softshell Crab$6.00
Roasted Foie Grass$10.00

Mini Rice & Rice Chirashi

itacho sushi menu singapore mini rice rice chirashi
Mini Rice & Rice Chirashi MenuPrice
Eel w/Rice$5.10
Fatty Tuna & Spring Onion w/Rice$6.10
Salmon Roe w/Rice$6.50
Salmon & Salmon Roe w/Rice$6.50
Bara Chirashi$16.60
Salmon Oyako Don$17.20
Sea Urchin w/Rice$19.20
Nami Chirashi$21.00
Tokujyou Chirashi$34.70

Assorted Set

itacho sushi menu singapore assorted set
Assorted Set MenuPrice
Tiger Prawn Roll$10.50
Haru Roll Set$14.50
Tsuki Sushi Set w/Miso Soup$17.50
Aburi Sushi Set/Miso Soup$18.00
Ume Sashimi Set$32.00
Take Sashimi Set$35.00
Hana Sushi Set w/Miso Soup$38.00
Matsu Sashimi Set$48.00


itacho sushi menu singapore grill
Grill MenuPrice
Grilled Fatty Salmon$8.00
Grilled Yellow Tail Head & Jaw$9.00
Grilled Mackerel$11.50
Grilled Salmon w/Spicy Miso$11.50
Grilled Scallop$12.50
Pan Fried Swordfish w/Butter Sauce$13.50
Grilled Eel$24.00
Grilled Yellow Tail Head (Half)$26.00
Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Beef$58.00

Deep Fry

itacho sushi menu singapore deep fry
Deep Fry MenuPrice
Cream Croquette$5.20
Deep-Fried Beancurd$5.50
Fried Soft Squid$6.00
Vegetable Tempura$6.80
Deep-Fried Chicken$7.00
Shrimp Tempura$7.00
Pumpkin Tempura$7.50
Deep-Fried Oyster$9.00
Fried Softshell Crab$10.20

Soup & Steamed Egg

itacho sushi menu singapore soup steamed egg
Soup & Steamed Egg MenuPrice
Miso Soup w/Clam$3.00
Miso Soup w/Clam$4.00
Sweet Shrimp Cream Soup$4.00
Steamed Egg w/Crab$5.00
Steamed Egg w/Scallop$5.50
Steamed Egg w/Salmon Rae$5.80
Clear Soup w/Yellow Tail Heads$6.80


itacho sushi menu singapore snack
Snacks MenuPrice
Spicy Seafood$3.30
Roasted Egg (Cold/Warm)$4.50
Homemade Tofu$5.50
Roasted Egg w/Seaweed & Crab$6.00
Roasted Egg w/ Curry Lobster$6.00
Roasted Egg w/ Spicy Salmon$6.00
Wasabi Octopus$6.50
Seasoned Octopus$6.50
Seasoned Jelly Fish$6.50
Salmon Head w/Spicy Sauce$7.80
Top Salmon Belly w/ Black Pepper$7.80
Cod Liver$8.50
Baked Stuff Crab$8.50
Grilled Squid (half)$9.50
Salmon Skin & Tatami Iwasshi$12.50
Grilled Squid (whole)$19.00


itacho sushi menu singapore rice
Rice MenuPrice
Teriyaki Chicken w/Rice$12.50
Curry Pork Chop w/Rice, Udon or Soba$14.50
Pork Chop w/Scrambled Egg & Rice$15.00
Curry Beef / Curry Sliced Pork w/Rice, Udon or Soba$16.50
Curry Roasted Chicken w/Rice, Uddon or Soba$16.50
Grilled Eel w/Scrambled Egg & Rice$19.80


itacho sushi menu singapore noodles 2
Noodles MenuPrice
Steamed Rice$2.00
Cold Udon$6.50
Cold Green Tea Noodle$6.50
Cold Zaru Soba$6.50
Udon/ Soba w/Soup$7.50
Udon/ Soba in Soup w/Beef$14.50
Udon/ Soba in Soup w/Tempura$14.50
Udon/ Soba in Soup w/Pork Chop$14.50


itacho sushi menu singapore salad
Salad MenuPrice
Crab Meat Salad$8.00
Tomato Salad$8.00
Wa-fu Pork Salad$8.00
Seafood Salad$9.50
Avocado w/ Crab Meat Salad$9.50
Softshell Crab Salad$12.50


itacho sushi menu singapore desserts 1
Desserts MenuPrice
Sweet Potato$3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream w/ Red Bean$4.00
Caramel Roasted Egg$4.00
Homemade Milk Pudding (Caramel)$4.00

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

itacho sushi menu singapore non alcoholic drinks
Non-Alcoholic Drinks MenuPrice
Mineral Water$2.30
Green Tea$3.00
Lemon Tea$3.00
Coke Light$3.00
Orange Juice$4.00
Lime Juice$4.00
Apple Juice$4.00

Alcoholic Drinks

itacho sushi menu singapore alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic Drinks MenuPrice
Hot Sake$8.50
Sporro Beer$9.00
Asashi Beer$9.00
Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake (250ml)$19.00
Hana Fu-Ga Peach (250ml)$19.00
Hana Fu-Ga Yuzu (250ml)$19.00
Kiku Masamune Nama Sake (300ml)$21.00
Yuzu Aladdin Sake (300ml)$23.50
Kagatobi Jyunmai Super Dry (300ml)$23.80
Junmai Aladdin Sake (300ml)$24.80
Kikusui no Karakuchi Honjyozo (300ml)$27.00
Kagatobi Jyunmai Daiginjyou Ai (300ml)$37.00

Last Update: April 20, 2023

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