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Ippudo is a well-known Japanese ramen restaurant chain that originated in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1985. The restaurant chain has locations worldwide and is famous for its tonkotsu ramen.

The name “Ippudo” translates to “one wind hall” and is intended to signify the founder’s aim to revolutionize the Kyushu ramen industry. Ippudo has expanded from regional areas to the entire country of Japan and has locations in the Kanto and Kansai regions. In 2008, the restaurant chain opened its first overseas restaurant in New York City’s East Village and has since expanded to many countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and the Philippines.

Ippudo is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in ramen noodles and izakaya bar snacks.

The ambience of the restaurant is cozy and casual with warm wood tones and modern touches, and the service is restaurant-standard, with polite and friendly staff. The food is focused on Japanese cuisine, with the award-winning tonkotsu pork bone broth being the star. The noodles are made fresh daily, and the portions are medium to large for individuals and may also be shared.

Customers highly recommend the pork bun and the kuro ramen. However, some customers note that the prices command a small premium over other places and that some dishes are a bit lackluster, such as the tsukemen.

Here is the most recent Ippudo menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Combo Meals

ippudo menu singapore combo meals
Combo Meals MenuPrice
IPPUDO Signature Set for 1$25.00
Bundle Meal for 2 (U.P. $60)$46.00


ippudo menu singapore ramen
Ramen MenuPrice
Shiromaru Motoaji$17.40
Akamaru Shinaji$18.40
Karaka Men$19.40
Bonito Tonkotsu Ramen$20.40
Spicy Black Ramen$21.50


ippudo menu singapore toppings 1
Toppings MenuPrice
Nori (Seaweed)$3.70
Negi (Spring Onion)$3.70
Kukurage (Marinated Black Fungus)$3.70
Naruto (Japanese Fish Cake)$3.70
Menma (Bamboo Shoot)$4.70
Tamago (Marinated Egg)$4.70
Pork Belly Chashu$5.70


ippudo menu singapore gyoza
Gyoza MenuPrice
Gyoza 5pcs$10.40
Spicy Boiled Gyoza 5pcs$11.40
Gyoza 10pcs$18.30

Signature Buns

ippudo menu singapore signature buns
Signature Buns MenuPrice
IPPUDO Pork Bun$6.40
IPPUDO Chicken Bun$6.40


ippudo menu singapore salad
Salad MenuPrice
Goma Q$7.90
Japanese Iburi Gakko Potato Salad$8.40
Wafu Seaweed Choregi Salad$13.80


ippudo menu singapore appetiser
Appetiser MenuPrice
Edamame Sea Salt$6.90
Umakara “SUPER HOT” Konnyaku$8.90
Aburi Eihire$9.80
Crispy Crab Frits$10.00

Side Dishes

ippudo menu singapore side dishes
Side Dishes MenuPrice
Crispy Corn$9.00
Chicken Karaage$9.10
Katsuo Bakkoshi Takoyaki 5pcs$9.10
The Japanese Aji Fry$11.30


ippudo menu singapore rice
Rice MenuPrice
Ippudo Chahan$12.40
Unagi Bento$24.30


ippudo menu singapore desserts
Desserts MenuPrice
Japanese Shio Pudding$7.30
Matcha Tiramisu$9.40


ippudo menu singapore beverages
Beverages MenuPrice
Coke Light$3.70

Ramen Kit

ippudo menu singapore ramen kit
Ramen Kit MenuPrice
Pork Belly Chashu (75g, Frozen)$8.50
Shiromaru Motoaji Ramen Kit (Frozen)$15.30
Akamaru Shinaji Ramen Kit (Frozen)$16.35
Karaka Men Kit (Frozen)$17.30
Umegaemochi 5pcs/box (Frozen)$22.50
Japanese Hakata Style Gyoza (30pcs, Frozen)$37.95
Pork Belly Chashu (720g, Frozen)$51.86


Last Update: May 6, 2023

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