Ichiban Sushi Menu

Ichiban Sushi is a Japanese restaurant known for its quality and value. They offer a wide range of sushi and sashimi, as well as combination set meals at affordable prices. Customers appreciate the fresh sashimi and sushi, with positive reviews on the taste and quality of the food.

The service is generally described as prompt and friendly, although there have been occasional instances where improvements were suggested.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is rated positively, with some reviewers mentioning comfort and suitability for family dining.

Here is the most recent Ichiban Sushi menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Online Exclusive Sushi Boxes

ichiban sushi menu singapore online exclusive sushi boxes
Online Exclusive Sushi Boxes MenuPrice
Sushi Box B$19.90
Sushi Box A$25.90
Sushi Box D$35.90
Sushi Box C$36.90

Buddy Meal for 2

ichiban sushi menu singapore buddy meal for 2
Buddy Meal for 2 MenuPrice
Buddy Meal Combo A (Good for 2)$42.00
Buddy Meal Combo B (Good for 2)$42.00
Buddy Meal Combo C (Good for 2)$42.00
Buddy Meal Combo D (Good for 2)$42.00

Family Feast for 4

ichiban sushi menu singapore family feast for 4
Family Feast for 4 MenuPrice
Family Feast Combo E (Good for 4)$82.00
Family Feast Combo F (Good for 4)$82.00


ichiban sushi menu singapore appetizer 1
Appetizer MenuPrice
Potato Croquette$4.12
Pumpkin Croquette$5.30
Premium Edamame$5.77
Agedahi Tofu$6.47
Amadare Age Tofu [new]$6.47
Fried Mala Pork Crip (NEW)$8.12
Teppan Gyoza$8.12
Black Pepper Gyoza$8.12
Geo Karaage$9.30
Tori Karaage$9.30
Cereal Tori Karaage$10.48
hihamo Fry$10.48
Yuzu Orange Tori Karaage$10.48


ichiban sushi menu singapore sashimi 2
Sashimi MenuPrice
Salmon Sashimi (5pcs)$10.48
Maguro Sashimi (5pcs)$10.48
Kajiki Sashimi (5pcs)$11.65
Hamachi Sashimi (5pcs)$12.83
Nama Hotate Sashimi (6pcs)$14.01
Sashimi 3 Kind [new]$19.89


ichiban sushi menu singapore chinmi
Chinmi MenuPrice
Chuka Iidako Chinmi$5.30
Chuka Kurage Chinmi$5.30
Chuka Hotate Chinmi$5.30
Chuka Wakame Chinmi$5.30
Lobster Salad Chinmi$8.83

Nigiri Sushi

  • ichiban sushi menu singapore nigiri sushi 1
  • ichiban sushi menu singapore nigiri sushi 2
Nigiri Sushi MenuPrice
Tamago Sushi$2.89
Karibu Sushi$2.89
Yellow Submarine$2.89
Ika Sushi$2.89
Salmon Sushi$4.04
Ebi Sushi$4.04
Maguro Sushi$4.04
Aburi Maguro$4.04
Tamago Zensai$4.04
Unagi Sushi$5.20
Unagi Sandwich$5.20
Salmon Cheese$5.20
Twin Maguro$5.20
Mermaid Tail$5.20
Kajiki Sushi$5.20
Aburi Mentai Kajiki (NEW)$6.36
Salmon Belly Mentai Yaki$6.36
Hamachi Sushi$6.36
Jyo Unagi Sushi$7.51
Aburi Hotate Yuzu Kosho$7.51
Nama Hotate Sushi$7.51

Gunkan Sushi

  • ichiban sushi menu singapore gunkan sushi 1
  • ichiban sushi menu singapore gunkan sushi 2
Gunkan Sushi MenuPrice
Corn Mayo Sushi$2.89
Ebiko Sushi$2.89
Tuna Mayo Sushi$2.89
Egg Mayo Sushi$2.89
Kani Mayo Sushi$2.89
Spicy Tuna Mayo Sushi$2.89
Corn Tuna Mayo$2.89
Chuka Lidako Gunkan Sushi$2.89
Chuka Hotate Gunkan Sushi$2.89
Chuka Kurage Gunkan Sushi$2.89
Chuka Wakame Gunkan Sushi$2.89
Lobster Salad Sushi$4.04
Tobiko Sushi$4.04
Salmon Avocado Mayo Sushi$4.04
Unatama Kyuri$4.04
Spicy Salmon Sushi$4.04
Ikura Sushi$8.67

Makimono Sushi

  • ichiban sushi menu singapore makimono sushi 1
  • ichiban sushi menu singapore makimono sushi 2
Makimono Sushi MenuPrice
Tamago Maki$2.89
Kappa Maki$2.89
Kani Maki$2.89
Tuna Mayo Maki$2.89
Chicken Floss$2.89
Inari Sushi$2.89
The Peak$4.04
Spicy Tuna Mayo Roll$4.04
Salmon Maki$4.04
Egg Mayo Inari$4.04
Tuna Mayo Inari$4.04
Mini California$5.20
Crispy Lobster Salad$5.20
Salmon Maru$7.51
Unagi Mayo$7.51
Lobster Salad Inari$7.51
Salmon Sakura$8.67


ichiban sushi menu singapore handroll 1
Handroll MenuPrice
Tamago Handroll$2.89
Chicken Teriyaki Handroll$2.89
Avocado Handroll$2.89
California Handroll$4.04
Salmon Avocado Handroll$4.04
Salmon Handroll$4.04
Spicy Salmon Handroll$4.04
Lobster Salad Handroll$5.20
Tempura Handroll$5.20
Unagi Handroll$5.20

Sushi Roll

ichiban sushi menu singapore sushi roll
Sushi Roll MenuPrice
Mentai Ebi Fry Roll$15.18
Lobster Salad & Kani Roll$16.36
Mango Ebi Roll$16.36
Salmon Mentai Roll$17.54
Aburi Beef Roll$17.54
Tokusen Aburi Sushi$17.54
Unagi Salmon Roll$18.71
Salmon Cheese Tanuki Roll$18.71
Kiwami Sushi$18.71

Ala Carte

  • ichiban sushi menu singapore ala carte 1
  • ichiban sushi menu singapore ala carte 2
Ala Carte MenuPrice
Yasai Tempura (NEW)$11.65
Saba Shioyaki$11.65
Garlic Chicken$11.65
Chicken Katsu$11.65
Asari Garlic Butter$11.65
Chicken Teriyaki (Spicy/Non Spicy)$11.65
Chicken Katsu Toji$12.83
Chicken Katsu with Cheese$12.83
Tempura Moriawase$14.01
Chicken Katsu Curry$14.01
Salmon Teriyaki$15.18
Sizzling Black Pepper Beef$15.18
Tori Cheese Curry$15.18
Pork Shogayaki$16.36
Ebi Tempura$16.36
Beef Curry$16.36
Salmon Mentai$17.54
Unagi Yanagawa (NEW)$19.89
Unagi Kabayaki$21.07


ichiban sushi menu singapore donburi
Donburi MenuPrice
Chicken Teriyaki Don$12.83
Chicken Katsu Don$14.01
Gyu Teriyaki Don$15.18
Ichiban Don$19.89
Kaisen Bara Don$19.89
Spicy Bara Chirashi Don$19.89
Unagi Cheese Chirashi Don$19.89
Aburi Mentai Kaisen Don$21.07
Unagi Tamago Don$22.25
Beef Steak Mentai Don$22.25
Mentai Tamago Unagi Don$22.25
Lobster Salmon Don$22.25

Udon & Soba

ichiban sushi menu singapore udon soba
Udon & Soba MenuPrice
Half Curry Udon$8.12
Kitsune Udon$10.48
Wakame Udon$10.48
Niku Udon$14.01
Tenzaru Chasoba$16.36
Tempura Udon$16.36


ichiban sushi menu singapore salad 2
Salad MenuPrice
Tofu Salad$8.12
Yasai Salad$8.12
Tori Salad$9.30
Sashimi Salad$14.01


ichiban sushi menu singapore drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Bottled Water$2.60
Ice Lemon Tea$3.00
Coke Zero (NEW)$3.00
Jasmine Green Tea$3.00


Last Update: May 21, 2023

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