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Han’s is a successful food and drink brand in Singapore that has kept growing over time. The success of the brand can be traced back to Mr. Han Choon Fook, who started it and is now its Managing Director. With the help of his family and the hard work of his staff, Han’s has survived economic downturns and a lack of workers to grow to more than 20 locations across the island.

One of the most important things that has led to Han’s success is its family culture, which promotes equal opportunities in hiring and democratic rules. Age, education level, or experience don’t matter as much to the brand as attitude and value in and of itself. Han’s is known for taking advantage of untapped talent, like hiring older people and people with disabilities (PWDs), who make up a big part of its workforce.

Han’s progressive human resource policies give people with disabilities the skills they need to make a living in a good place to work. The brand treats these workers with respect because they are seen as assets, and the right people are given meaningful jobs. For example, Mr. Goh Jin Kian, a trainee baker with Down’s syndrome, is making the most of his abilities at Han’s by making food.

Here is the most recent Hans menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Local Favourites

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Local Favourites MenuPrice
Vegetarian Hor Fun$11.50
Vegetarian Bee Hoon$11.50
Vegetarian Mee$11.50
Vegetarian Fried Rice with Egg$11.50
Hor Fun with Pork, Prawn and Fish$12.80
Bee Hoon with Pork, Prawn and Fish$12.80
Mee with Pork, Prawn and Fish$12.80
Stir-fried Hor Fun$12.80
Singapore Fried Bee Hoon$12.80
Hong Kong Fried Noodle$12.80
Fried Rice with Ham, Prawn and Egg$12.80
Chicken Fried Rice with Egg$12.80
Silverfish Fried Rice with Egg$12.80
Stir-Fried Chicken with Young Ginger$13.00
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Chicken$13.00
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Pork$13.00
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Fish$13.00
Beef Hor Fun$14.00
Beef Bee Hoon$14.00
Beef Mee$14.00
Bacon Fried Rice with Egg$14.00
Chicken Stew$14.80
Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun$14.80
Stir-Fried Beef with Bell Pepper$14.80
Stir-Fried Salmon with Bell Pepper$14.80
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Prawn$14.80
Chicken Curry$14.80
Hainanese Pork Chop$15.80
Braised Pork Belly$16.80
Herbal Chicken$16.80
Beef Stew$17.80

Main course

hans menu singapore main course
Main course MenuPrice
Fish & Chips$13.80
Grilled Fish Dory$13.80
Black Pepper Chicken Chop$16.80
Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce$16.80
Grilled Pork Chop$17.00
Roasted Half Chicken$21.80
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce$24.80
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce$24.80
Grilled Salmon Fillet$24.80

Pasta de Han’s

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Pasta de Han’s MenuPrice
Aglio Olio Crispy with Red Onion, Bell Pepper & Crispy Shallot$13.80
Spaghetti with Ham in Homemade Tomato Sauce$14.00
Spaghetti with Sausages in Homemade Tomato Sauce$14.00
Spaghetti with Chicken in Homemade Tomato Sauce$15.80
Aglio Olio with Chicken$15.80
Creamy Linguine with Fungi$15.80
Aglio Olio with Fungi$15.80
Bacon Carbonara$16.80
Aglio Olio with Bacon$16.80
Carbonara Chipolata$17.80
Creamy Linguine with Chicken & Fungi$18.00
Aglio Olio with Chicken & Fungi$18.00
Aglio Olio with Sirloin of Beef$21.80


hans menu singapore burger
Burger MenuPrice
Beef Cheeseburger with Egg$7.80
Chicken Cheeseburger with Egg$7.80
Beef Superburger with Egg$12.80
Chicken Superburger with Egg$12.80

Pies, Pastries and Cakes

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Pies, Pastries and Cakes MenuPrice
Curry Potato Puff$2.50
Curry Chicken Puff$2.60
Minced Chickensausage Roll$2.80
Tuna Puff$2.80
New Zealand Apple Pie Slice$3.50
Blueberry Crumble Slice$3.80
Apple Crumble Slice$3.80
Chicken Pie$3.80
Lotus Puff (2-pcs Pack)$4.00
Pandan Green Bean Puff (2-pcs Pack)$4.20
Yam Puff (2-pcs Pack)$4.20
Dark Cherry Pie$4.80
Banana Pie$4.80
Sweet Tau Sar Piah (3-pcs Pack)$5.70
Chicken Floss Puff (3-pcs Pack)$5.70
Salty Tau Sar Piah (3-pcs Pack)$5.70
Tarte Au Choco$5.80
Pecan Pie$5.80
Marble Butter 3-in-1$5.80
Vanilla Butter 3-in-1$5.80
Banana Butter 3-in-1$5.80
Pandan Butter 3-in-1$5.80
Pandan Kaya Cake (2-piece Pack)$6.80
Rainbow Square (2-piece Pack)$8.00
Apple Pie (12cm)$16.80
Apple Crumble Pie (12cm)$18.80

All-Day Breakfast

hans menu singapore all day breakfast
All-Day Breakfast MenuPrice
Fried Egg with Ham$9.50
Fried Egg with Sausage$9.50
Scrambled Egg with Ham$9.50
Scrambled Egg with Sausage$9.50
Fried Egg with Bacon$10.80
Scrambled Egg with Bacon$10.80
Omelette Served with French Fries & Salad$12.80
Clubhouse (3 Slices)$12.80
Breakfast Pancake Burger$17.80
Breakfast Platter$18.80


hans menu singapore sides
Sides MenuPrice
Sunny Egg$2.00
White Rice$2.00
Soup of the Day$5.50
French Fries (Large, serves 3 – 4 pax)$10.80

Hot Beverage

hans menu singapore hot beverage
Hot Beverage MenuPrice
Hot Kopi O$2.60
Hot Teh O$2.60
Hot Kopi Si$2.80
Hot Teh Si$2.80
Hot Lemon Tea$2.80
Hot Premium Green Tea$3.20
Hot Yin Yang$3.20
Hot Milo$3.20

Cold Beverage

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Cold Beverage MenuPrice
100 Plus$3.20
Root Beer$3.20
Coke Zero Sugar$3.20
Heaven & Earth Green Tea$3.20
Iced Kopi O$3.50
Iced Teh O$3.50
Iced Kopi Si$3.70
Iced Teh Si$3.70
Iced Lemon Tea$3.70
Iced Orange Juice$3.70
Iced Yin Yang$4.00
Iced Milo$4.00
Coconut drink$5.00


hans menu singapore merchandise
Merchandise MenuPrice
Han’s Hainanese Kaya (270g)$5.80
Ready-to-Heat Herbal Chicken (Frozen)$14.00
Ready-to-Heat Soy Sauce Chicken (Frozen)$14.00
Ready-to-Heat Chicken Curry (Frozen)$14.00
Ready-to-Heat Chicken Stew (Frozen)$14.00
Ready-to-Heat Chicken Lasagna (Frozen)$18.00
Ready-to-Heat Beef Lasagna (Frozen)$18.00
Ready-to-Heat Potato Gratin (Frozen)$18.00


Last Update: March 17, 2023

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