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Genki Sushi Singapore is a chain of 18 sushi restaurants known for its Kaiten (revolving) sushi concept and use of latest technologies to deliver food to diners.

They pride themselves on offering quality and contemporary Japanese cuisine at an excellent value.

The restaurants use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ordering system for a unique dining experience.

They use premium Japanese rice, vinegar from Gifu Prefecture, and soy sauce from a producer with 200 years of history.

Here is the most recent Genki Sushi menu for 2023 in Singapore:


genki sushi menu singapore promotions
Promotions MenuPrice
Salmon Supreme Set$25.90
Chicken Wings 6pcs$14.90
Family Feast Set$49.90
Genki Yusheng$45.90
Premium Party Set$62.90

Kid’s Meal

genki sushi menu singapore kids meal
Kid’s Meal MenuPrice
Starry Delight Bento$7.90
Rainbow Sushi Bento$7.90


genki sushi menu singapore platters
Platters MenuPrice
Classic Set A$10.90
Classic Set B$13.90
Classic Set C$16.90
Special Set B$15.90
Special Set A$19.90
Special Set C$24.90
Genki Set A$55.90

Delivery Exclusive

genki sushi menu singapore delivery exclusive
Delivery Exclusive MenuPrice
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi Soba Bento$12.90
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi Bento$12.90
Beef & Chicken Bento$14.50
Unagi & Ebi Bento$16.50


genki sushi menu singapore donburi
Donburi MenuPrice
White Rice$1.80
Spicy Salmon & Engawa Don$6.60
Mini Chirashi Don$6.60
Mini Salmon Ikura Don$6.60
Mini Salmon Avo Mentai Don$6.60


genki sushi menu singapore noodles
Noodles MenuPrice
Hanjuku Egg$1.20
Zaru Soba (Cold)$4.80
Kake Udon$5.00
Maze Soba$6.20
Kitsune Udon$6.20
Ebi Tempura Udon$8.50
Beef Udon$8.50


genki sushi menu singapore sashimi
Sashimi MenuPrice
Salmon Sashimi$6.50
Hotate Sashimi$6.50
Akaebi Sashimi$6.50
Maguro Sashimi (Tuna)$6.50
Kajiki Sashimi (Swordfish Belly)$6.50
Amaebi Sashimi (Sweet Shrimp)$6.50
Salmon Belly Sashimi$8.20
Hamachi Sashimi (Yellowtail)$8.20
Sashimi Platter$16.50
Premium Sashimi Platter$20.50

Nigiri Sushi

  • genki sushi menu singapore nigiri sushi 1
  • genki sushi menu singapore nigiri sushi 2
Nigiri Sushi MenuPrice
Tamago Sushi$2.20
Inari Sushi$2.20
Ika Sushi (Squid)$2.60
Kani Sushi$2.60
Smoked Duck Sushi$2.60
Edo Tamago Sushi$2.60
Yaki Corn Sushi$2.60
Tako Sushi$2.60
Salmon Sushi$2.80
Ebi Sushi$2.80
Amaebi Sushi$2.80
Yaki Salmon Sushi$3.00
Hokkigai Sushi (Surf Clam)$3.20
Unagi Sushi$3.20
Maguro Sushi (Tuna)$3.20
Kajiki Sushi (Swordfish Belly)$3.60
Hamachi Sushi (Yellowtail)$4.20
Hotate Sushi$4.20
Hana Sushi$4.50

Aburi Sushi

  • genki sushi menu singapore aburi sushi 1
  • genki sushi menu singapore aburi sushi 2
Aburi Sushi MenuPrice
Kani Black Pepper$3.20
Kani Mentai$3.20
Tamago Mentai$3.20
Salmon Spicy Mayo$3.30
Salmon Mentai$3.30
Salmon Black Pepper$3.30
Ebi Mentai$3.30
Ebi Garlic Butter$3.30
Aburi Maguro$3.60
Hokkaido Cheese Abalone$3.60
Chicken Cheese Burger$3.60
Scallop Mentai Aburi$4.60
Salmon 3 Flavours$4.80


  • genki sushi menu singapore gunkan 1
  • genki sushi menu singapore gunkan 2
Gunkan MenuPrice
Spicy Salmon Gunkan$2.80
Ebikko Gunkan$2.80
Scallop Wasabi Gunkan$2.60
Kani Salad Gunkan$2.60
Tuna Salad Gunkan$2.60
Chuka Hotate Gunkan$2.60
Natto Gunkan$2.20
Inari Kani Salad$2.20
Inari Tuna Salad$2.20
Chuka Wakame Gunkan$2.20
Corn Mayo Gunkan$2.20
Salmon Ikura Gunkan$5.60
Ikura Gunkan$6.20
Ika Capelin Gunkan$4.20
Crab & Crab Miso Gunkan$4.20
Lobster Salad Gunkan$3.60
Inari Lobster Salad$2.80
Amaebi Gunkan$3.20
Cheese Tobikko Gunkan$3.20


genki sushi menu singapore temaki
Temaki MenuPrice
Salmon Handroll$2.80
Spicy Salmon Handroll$2.80
California Handroll$2.80
Soft Shell Crab Handroll$4.20


  • genki sushi menu singapore makimono 1
  • genki sushi menu singapore makimono 2
Makimono PricePrice
Genki Roll$4.50
Mentai Roll$5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll$4.80
Cheese Tobikko Ebi Roll$4.20
Lobster Salad Roll$4.90
Soft Shell Crab Roll$4.90
California Roll$4.20
Salmon Maki$3.20
Tekka Maki$3.20
Tuna Salad Maki$2.60
Kani Maki$2.60
Tamago Maki$2.20
Kappa Maki$2.20
Natto Maki$2.20


  • genki sushi menu singapore sides 1
  • genki sushi menu singapore sides 2
Sides MenuPrice
Mentai Mayo Sauce$0.50
French Fries$3.50
Tori Karaage$4.50
Fried Gyoza$4.50
Shishamo (Smelt)$4.50
Cheese Mochi$4.50
Maple Cheese Fries$4.50
Mentai Mayo Fries$4.50
Fried Squid Tentacles$4.80
Salmon Skin$4.90
Okonomiyaki Skewer$5.30
Crispy Prawn w Yuzu Mayo$5.50
Ebi Tempura$5.80
Chicken Nanban$5.90
Fried Soft Shell Crab$7.90


genki sushi menu singapore appetisers
Appetisers MenuPrice
Nameko Miso Soup$2.90
Salmon Miso Soup$3.20
Agedashi Tofu$4.20
Chuka Idako$4.20
Chuka Kurage$4.20
Chuka Hotate$4.20
Chuka Wakame$4.20
Agedashi Tofu Hamburg$4.80
Crab Yuzu Chawanmushi$4.90


genki sushi menu singapore beverages
Beverages MenuPrice
Bottled Water$2.00
Jasmine Green Tea$2.80
Coke No Sugar$2.80
Qoo Grape$2.80
Green Tea Powder$11.00


genki sushi menu singapore dessert
Dessert MenuPrice
Caramelised Tamagoyaki$2.60
Maple Caramelised Imo$4.20

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