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Fish & Co. is a popular casual family restaurant chain that offers a unique dining experience centered around fresh seafood. The concept draws inspiration from Mediterranean fishermen who would catch seafood directly from the seas, cook it, and enjoy it straight from the pan.

The restaurant’s design embraces a casual and nautical ambiance, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for diners. Fish & Co. prides itself on using only the freshest fish and seafood, as well as natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs, and spices sourced from various parts of the world. These elements come together to create flavorful and satisfying meals.

Fish & Co. is known for its generous portions and warm, friendly service, aiming to provide customers with great tasting seafood while ensuring they feel valued and well taken care of. Quality and value are the hallmarks of the restaurant’s commitment to its patrons.

The mission of Fish & Co. is to offer good value seafood along with excellent service and outstanding quality. They strive to create a relaxed and entertaining environment where customers can enjoy their dining experience.

The brand values of Fish & Co. revolve around prioritizing customers, maintaining integrity, having a long-term vision, being passionate about people, pursuing excellence, and fostering teamwork. These values guide the restaurant’s operations and customer interactions, contributing to their overall success and reputation.

Here is the most recent Fish and Co menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Emote DescriptionMean
❤️Healthier Choice
Best Seller
🥇Award Winning

Salads & Starters


fish & co menu singapore salads
Salads MenuPrice
Caesar Salad with Tamago 💖$3.78
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken 💖$3.78
Garden Salad with Fried Garlic & Anchovies$3.78
Garden Salad with Soft Shell Crab$3.78


fish co menu singapore starters 1
Starters MenuPrice
Soup of the Day$6.95
White Baits ⭐$7.95
Prawn Fritters (6pcs)$9.95
Fried / Grilled Calamari ⭐$11.95
Buffalo Drumlets (6pcs) 🌶️$11.95
Mussels with GLBS 🥇$14.95


fish co menu singapore sides
Sides MenuPrice
Focaccia Bread (4 Slices)$3.95
Garlic Bread (6 Slices)$4.95
Paella Rice$5.95
Seasonal Vegetables$5.95

Fish & Chips

fish co menu singapore fish chips
Fish & Chips MenuPrice
Best Fish & Chips 🥇$19.95
Singapore Fish & Chips 🌶️$19.95
Bombay Fish & Chips 🌶️$19.95
Salted Egg Fish & Chips ⭐$20.95
New York Fish & Chips ⭐$20.95
Swiss Fish & Chips$20.95
Danish Fish & Chips$20.95


fish co menu singapore seafood
Seafood MenuPrice
Grilled Peri-Peri White Fish 🌶️⭐$20.95
Cheese Gratinated White Fish with Ebiko Gratin$20.95
Pesto Parmesan White Fish$20.95
Citrus-Crusted Barramundi 💖$21.95
Harissa Barramundi 🌶️💖$21.95
Deep-fried Swordfish Collar ⭐$22.95
Grilled Peri-Peri Prawns 🌶️$22.95
Cajun Salmon 💖$23.95
Citrus-Crusted Salmon 💖$23.95
Furikake Salmon 💖$23.95
Herb Spiced Salmon 💖$23.95

Broth Pots & Platters

Broth Pots

fish co menu singapore broth pots
Broth Pots MenuPrice
All’bout That Bouillabaisse Broth Pot$48.95
Caribbean Cajun Broth Pot 🌶️$48.95
Mad About Cheese Broth Pot$48.95
“OPPA” Korean Style Broth Pot 🌶️$48.95

Premium Broth Pots

fish co menu singapore premium broth pot 1
Premium Broth Pots MenuPrice
All’bout That Bouillabaisse Broth Pot$54.95
Caribbean Cajun Broth Pot$54.95
Mad About Cheese Broth Pot$54.95
Oppa Korean Style Broth Pot 🌶️$54.95


fish co menu singapore platters
Platters MenuPrice
Seafood Platter For 1$25.95
Seafood Platter For 2$46.95

Premium Platters

fish co menu singapore premium platters
Premium Platters MenuPrice
Seafood Platter For 1$30.95
Seafood Platter For 2$54.95


Step 1 – Choose a Main

fish co menu singapore step 1 choose a main 1
Step 1 – Choose a Main MenuPrice
Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken$21.95
White Fish w Lemon Butter$21.95

Step 2 – Choose a Premium Side

fish co menu singapore step 2 choose a premium side
Step 2 – Choose a Premium Side MenuPrice
King Prawn + $2.00
Soft Shell Crab + $2.00
Baked Scallops
Prawn Fritters
Golden Fried Fish
Grilled Salmon
Grilled Prawns

Step 3 – Choose 2 Sides

fish co menu singapore step 3 choose 2 sides
Step 3 – Choose 2 Sides Menu
Paella Rice
Seasonal Vegetables


fish co menu singapore pastas
Pastas MenuPrice
Shrimp & Clams Aglio Olio 🌶️⭐$18.95
Chicken & Mushroom Cream Pasta ⭐$18.95
Chilli Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti 🌶️$19.95
Tomato Pesto Seafood Spaghetti 💖$19.95
Chilli Cream Prawn Fettuccini 🌶️$19.95


Small Plate

fish co menu singapore small plate
Small Plate MenuPrice
Baked Scallops (3pcs)$8.95
Wild Caught Prawn with Ebiko Cheese$10.95
Tandoori Salmon$11.95
Baked Scallops (6pcs)$13.95
Marinara Mussels$14.95
Grilled Lemon Pesto Cod$15.95

Big Plate

fish co menu singapore big plate
Big Plate MenuPrice
Baked/Fried Whole Sea Bass$26.95
Premium Cod Fish & Chips$28.95


  • fish & co menu singapore beverages 1
  • fish & co menu singapore beverages 2
Beverages MenuPrice
Soft Drinks$3.90
Black Coffee (Hot)$3.90
Black Coffee (Iced)$4.20
Latte (Hot)$4.20
Mocha (Hot)$4.50
Latte (Iced)$4.50
Mocha (Iced)$4.90
RootBeer/Coke Float$6.95
Citron Yuzu Float$6.95
Sunny Island$6.95
Blue Lagoon$6.95
Tropical Breeze$6.95
Summer Cooler$6.95
Classic Mojito$7.95
Citrus Mojito$7.95
Lychee Mojito$7.95
Passionfruit Mojito$7.95
Chocolate/Coffee MilkShake$7.95
Strawberry Mint Fruit Tea$8.50
Passion Raspberry Fruit Tea$8.50
Mango Peach Fruit Tea$8.50
Sharkie Freeze/ Jungle Freeze$9.95

Last Update: May 16, 2023

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