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Eggslut was established in 2011 with a focus on gourmet food centered around the key ingredient, eggs. The menu offers a balance of comfort and innovation, appealing to both novice and experienced foodies.

The goal is to provide customers with not just a meal, but an enjoyable dining experience through high-quality food, consistent presentation, and exceptional customer service.

With a love for eggs, the menu features classic comfort fare with a twist, making eggs appetizing all day, every day.

Eggslut has a focus on quality and taste, and uses higher quality ingredients in their dishes. This can result in a higher price compared to other similar restaurants. They do not currently offer gluten-free bread options and cannot guarantee a gluten-free meal.

While most of their sandwiches can be made without meat, they do not have specific vegetarian options. They aim to offer their food hot and fresh, and do not usually cater or offer delivery, although select locations may offer order ahead for pick-up service.

Here is the most recent Eggslut menu for 2023 in Singapore:

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eggslut menu singapore sandwiches
Sandwich MenuPrice
Egg Salad Sandwich$10.50
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich$12.00
Farifax Sandwich$12.00
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich$12.00
Cheeseburger Single$13.50
Cheeseburger Double$17.50
Gaucho Sandwich$27.00


eggslut menu singapore specialty
Specialty MenuPrice


eggslut menu singapore sides
Sides MenuPrice
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie$4.00
Truffle Hashbrowns$5.50
Side Salad$6
House-Made ButterMilk Biscuit$6.00


  • eggslut menu singapore beverages 1
  • eggslut menu singapore beverages 2
Beverages MenuPrice
Bottle Water$3.50
Coke/Coke Zero$4.00
Black (Hot/Iced)$5.00
Craft Soda$5.00
Fresh Orange Juice$5.50
Brewed Tea (Hot/Iced)$5.50
White (Hot/Iced)$6.00
Specialty Hot Brew$6.00
Specialty Cold Brew Black$7.00
Specialty Cold Brew White$8.00
Bottled Beer$10.00
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