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Each A Cup, originally from Taiwan, is a successful bubble tea brand with over 50 outlets in Singapore and presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

They were awarded the “Gold Medalist” by the Taiwan Consumer Association and have thrived since 1999, thanks to the support of their loyal customers.

Each A Cup offers innovative and healthy beverages, making them a well-known name in the local beverage scene.

Here is the most recent Each A Cup menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Mind Booster

each a cup menu singapore mind booster
Daily Dose MenuPrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Black Tea Macchiato$3.00$4.00$6.00
Green Tea Macchiato$3.00$4.00$6.00
Fresh Lemon Earl Grey$3.20$4.50$6.40
American Milk Coffee$3.20$4.50$6.40
Vanilla Snowshake$3.20$4.50$6.40
Mocha Coffee$3.50$4.50$7.00
Peppermint Coffee$3.50$4.80$7.00
Caramel Coffee$3.60$4.90$7.20
Hazelnut Coffee$3.60$4.90$7.20
Winter Melon Milk Tea$3.80$5.10$7.60
Amber Oolong Fresh Milk Tea$4.20$5.50$8.40
Ice Cream Fresh Milk Tea$4.90$6.40$9.80

Forever Young

  • each a cup menu singapore forever young 1
  • each a cup menu singapore forever young 2
Forever Young MenuPrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Fresh Plum Lime Juice$3.30$4.60$6.60
Fresh Lemon Lime Juice$3.30$4.60$6.60
No. 1 Jasmine Green Tea (All Natural)$2.40$3.10$4.80
Osmanthus Green Tea$3.20$6.40
Strawberry Jelly Oolong Tea$3.50$4.50$7.00
Rose Lychee Black Tea$3.20$4.20$6.40
Sakura Green Tea$3.20$6.40
Chamomile Milk Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Yakult Green Tea$3.60$4.90$7.20
Yakult Lemon Green Tea$4.00$5.00$8.00

Daily Dose

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Daily DosePrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Korean Citron Juice$3.00$4.30$6.00
Grape Red Tea$3.00$4.00$6.00
Green Apple Green Tea$3.00$4.00$6.00
Honey Green Tea$3.00$4.00$6.00
Honey Lemon with Ai-Yu$3.40$4.70$6.80
Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea$3.40$6.80
Citron Lemon with Basil Seed$3.40$6.80
Alisan Macchiato$3.50$4.50$7.00
Oolong Macchiato$3.50$4.50$7.00
Yakult Apple Jelly Green Tea$4.00$5.00$8.00
Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea$4.20$5.50$8.40

Energy Burst

each a cup menu singapore energy burst
Energy Burst MenuPrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Fresh Plum Green Tea$3.30$4.30$6.60
Brown Rice Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Earl Grey Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Chocolate Milk Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Taro Milk Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Azuki Brown Rice Pearl Milk Tea$4.10$5.40$8.20
Rooibos Tea Latte$4.20$8.40


  • each a cup menu singapore classics 1
  • each a cup menu singapore classics 2
Weight LitePrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Jasmine Milk Tea$3.00$4.30$6.00
Milk Tea$3.00$4.30$6.00
Chocolate Snowshake$3.20$4.50$6.40
Honeydew Snowshake$3.20$4.50$6.40
Strawberry Snowshake$3.20$4.50$6.40
Honeydew Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Honey Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.80
Lychee Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Mango Milk Tea$3.30S4.6$6.60
Peppermint Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Strawberry Milk Tea$3.30$4.60$6.60
Roasted MIk Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Oolong Milk Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Caramel Milk Tea$3.60$4.90$7.20
Hazelnut Milk Tea$3.60$4.90$7.20
Three Gems$4.00$5.00$8.00
lce Cream Milk Tea$4.00S5.0$8.00

Weight Lite

each a cup menu singapore weight lite
Weight LitePrice (M)Price (L)Price (XL)
Honey Black Tea (All Natural)$2.40$3.10$4.80
Purple Plum Tea with Ai-Yu$2.70$3.70$5.40
Peach Red Tea$3.00$4.00$6.00
Oolong Green Tea$3.20$4.20$6.40
Pu-Er Chrysanthemum Tea$3.20$4.20$6.40
Fresh Lemon Green Tea$3.50$4.80$7.00
Golden Buckwheat Tea wl Aloe Vera$3.80$4.80$7.60
Alisan Tea$3.20$6.40
Peach Oolong Tea$3.20$6.40
Peach Melon Tea$3.20$6.40


CheesePrice (M)Price (L)
Cheese Milk Black Tea$3.50$4.50$7.00
Cheese Milk Amber Oolong$3.50$4.50$7.00
Cheese Milk Matcha$4.00$5.00$8.00
Mango Cheese$5.50$6.50$11.00
Strawberry Cheese$5.90$6.90$11.80


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