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Dookki is a dining concept that originated from South Korea, with its name meaning ‘Two Meals’ in Korean. The restaurant offers a unique and interactive experience for diners to enjoy a beloved Korean dish called Topokki, which translates to “rice cake” in English.

At Dookki, customers have access to an unlimited supply of ingredients from a self-serve bar, allowing them to create their own customized versions of topokki. The dish can be prepared in various ways, and diners have the freedom to experiment and create their own unique recipes while enjoying the company of friends and family. It’s a fun and interactive dining experience where customers can unleash their creativity and indulge in endless amounts of topokki.

Here is the most recent Dokki menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Value Set

dookki menu singapore value set
Value Set MenuPrice
701. Original Topokki Value Set (Mild Spicy)$14.77
702. Original Topokki Value Set (Spicy)$14.77
703. Kimchi Topokki Value Set (Mild Spicy)$14.77
704. Kimchi Topokki Value Set (Spicy)$14.77
709. Original Ramyeon Value Set (Mild Spicy)$14.77
710. Original Ramyeon Value Set (Spicy)$14.77
711. Kimchi Ramyeon Value Set (Mild Spicy)$14.77
712. Kimchi Ramyeon Value Set (Spicy)$14.77
705. Original Rapokki Value Set (Mild Spicy)$15.84
706. Original Rapokki Value Set (Spicy)$15.84
707. Kimchi Rapokki Value Set (Mild Spicy)$15.84
708. Kimchi Rapokki Value Set (Spicy)$15.84


  • dookki menu singapore main 1
  • dookki menu singapore main 2
Main MenuPrice
315. Kimchi Fried Rice$9.42
301. Original Topokki (Mild Spicy)$11.56
302. Original Topokki (Spicy)$11.56
303. Kimchi Topokki (Mild Spicy)$11.56
304. Kimchi Topokki (Spicy)$11.56
309. Original Ramyeon (Mild Spicy)$11.56
310. Original Ramyeon (Spicy)$11.56
311. Kimchi Ramyeon (Mild Spicy)$11.56
312. Kimchi Ramyeon (Spicy)$11.56
313. Cheese Ramyeon (Non Spicy)$11.56
305. Original Rapokki (Mild Spicy)$12.63
306. Original Rapokki (Spicy)$12.63
307. Kimchi Rapokki (Mild Spicy)$12.63
308. Kimchi Rapokki (Spicy)$12.63
314. Beef Bulgogi Ramyeon (Non Spicy)$14.77


dookki menu singapore add ons
Add-Ons MenuPrice
502. Chicken Luncheon Meat$1.93
503. Chicken Sausage$1.93
508. Cheese Slice$1.93
501. Original Chicken Slice$1.93
504. Clam$1.93
505. Black Mussel$1.93
506. QQ Noodle$1.93
507. Korean Sweet Potato Glass Noodle$1.93

Side Menu

  • dookki menu singapore side menu 1
  • dookki menu singapore side menu 2
Side Menu Price
122. Steam Rice$1.93
101. Original Fried Chicken (4 Pcs)$5.14
103. Snowing Cheese Chicken (4 Pcs)$5.14
105. Honey Soy Chicken (4 Pcs)$5.14
107. Yangnyeom Chicken (4 Pcs)$5.14
115. Fish Cake Skewer Soup$5.14
116. Fish Cake Slice Soup$5.14
119. Kimmari (6 Pcs)$5.14
121. Vegetable Mandu (6 Pcs)$5.14
118. Tokochi Skewer$5.14
120. Kimchi Mandu (6 Pcs)$5.14
102. Original Fried Chicken (8 Pcs)$9.42
104. Snowing Cheese Chicken (8 Pcs)$9.42
106. Honey Soy Chicken (8 Pcs)$9.42
108. Yangnyeom Chicken (8 Pcs)$9.42
109. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Original + Snowing Cheese)$9.42
111. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Original + Yangnyeom)$9.42
113. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Snowing Cheese + Yangnyeom)$9.42
110. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Original + Honey Soy)$9.42
112. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Snowing Cheese + Honey Soy)$9.42
114. Mix & Match 4+4 Chicken (Honey Soy + Yangnyeom)$9.42
117. Fried Food Combo$10.49


dookki menu singapore beverages 1
Beverages MenuPrice
127. Juscool Sparkling Peach$1.93
123. Coke$1.93

2 Pax Combo Set

2 Pax Combo Set MenuPrice
Original Rapokki (Mild Spicy) 2 Pax Combo Set$30.82
Original Rapokki (Spicy) 2 Pax Combo Set$30.82
Kimchi Rapokki (Mild Spicy) 2 Pax Combo Set$30.82
Kimchi Rapokki (Spicy) 2 Pax Combo Set$30.82

Last Update: May 28, 2023

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