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CRAVE Nasi Lemak is a popular Singaporean restaurant chain that started as a partnership between Kiosks Collective and Selera Rasa in 2015, with a goal to make the traditional dish of Nasi Lemak available all over Singapore.

With 43 outlets in shopping malls, CRAVE is known for their coconut rice and chicken wings. In 2018, CRAVE partnered with Teh Tarik from Rafee’s Corner to offer a delicious combination of Singaporean cuisine.

Recently, they introduced CRAVE Crispy Ayam, a new menu item featuring Singapore’s favourite local fried chicken.

Here is the most recent Crave Nasi Lemak menu for 2023 in Singapore:

[NEW] Limited-Time Only!

crave nasi lemak menu singapore NEW Limited Time Only
[NEW] Limited-Time Only! MenuPrice
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah$9.50

2 pax Buddy Meals

crave nasi lemak menu singapore 2 pax Buddy Meals
2 pax Buddy Meals MenuPrice
Buddy Meal A: 2 x Nasi Lemak + Bergedil + 2 Drinks (U.P $25)$21.40
Buddy Meal B: 5pcs Chicken + 3pcs Bergedil + 2x Nasi Lemak + 2 Drinks(UP $34.50)$23.90

4-5 pax Family Meal

crave nasi lemak menu singapore 4 5 pax Family Meal
4-5 pax Family Meal MenuPrice
Family Meal A: 9pcs Chicken + 5pcs Bergedil + 4x Nasi Lemak + 4 Drinks(UP$64.50)$45.90

Nasi Lemak Delights

crave nasi lemak menu singapore nasi lemak delights
Nasi Lemak Delights MenuPrice
Nasi Lemak Saver$6.20
Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet$7.10
Nasi Lemak with Selar Fish$7.50
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing$7.80
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Cutlet$7.80
Nasi Lemak Royale$9.50
Nasi Lemak Jewel$9.50


crave nasi lemak menu singapore sides
Sides MenuPrice
Add Sambal Chilli$0.30
Sambal Long Beans$1.70
Chicken Strip$2.20
Fish Fillet$2.30
Selar Fish$2.80
Chicken Wing$2.80
Chicken Cutlet$2.80


crave nasi lemak menu singapore beverages
Beverages MenuPrice
Iced Bandung$3.00
Iced Calamansi$3.00

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