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Châteraisé is a bakery and dessert shop that offers a wide variety of cakes, pastries, and ice cream. The brand originated from Japan and is known for its fresh and delicious treats at affordable prices.

Customers have praised the bakery for its tasty and appealing cakes, with specific recommendations such as the chocolate log cake and the special strawberry whole cake. The pastries and ice creams are also highly regarded, with reviewers mentioning their soft texture and less sweet taste.

The staff at Châteraisé have received mixed reviews, with some customers praising their helpfulness and friendly service, while others have mentioned instances of rudeness or impatience. However, the consistent quality of the pastries and cakes remains a highlight for many customers.

Châteraisé offers various service options including in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, and delivery, providing convenience for customers to enjoy their treats. The shop’s operating hours are from 10 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

Here is the most recent Chateraise menu for 2023 in Singapore:

【Seasonal】Japanese Melon Fair 2023

chateraise menu singapore 【Seasonal】Japanese Melon Fair 2023
【Seasonal】Japanese Melon Fair 2023 MenuPrice
Japanese Melon Rare Cheese Cake$5.70
Japanese Melon Cake$6.00
Japanese Melon Square Cake$6.20
Japanese Melon Tart$6.80
Japanese Melon Jelly Glass$7.00
Japanese Melon Souffle Cheese Cake 14cm$29.00
Japanese Melon Luxury Cake$32.00
Japanese Melon Fromage Tart 15cm$35.00
Japanese Melon White Zebra 17cm$47.00
Japanese Melon Fleur 15cm$47.00
Japanese Melon Whole Cake 18cm$55.00
Japanese Melon Whole Cake 20cm$65.00

【Limited】Mother’s Day 2023

chateraise menu singapore 【Limited】Mothers Day 2023
【Limited】Mother’s Day 2023 MenuPrice
Mother’s Day Thank You Set$57.00
Mother’s Day Blueberry Garden Set$76.00
Mother’s Day Sweet Blossom Set$79.00

Fruity Alcohol

chateraise menu singapore fruity alcohol
Fruity Alcohol MenuPrice
Peach Wine$22.00
Antioxidant Additive Free Sweet Red Wine$34.00
Blueberry Wine$36.00

Oven Baked Products

chateraise menu singapore oven baked products
Oven Baked Products MenuPrice
Gateau au Fromage$4.00
Apple Pie$6.50
Gateau au Fromage 5 Pieces$20.00
Gift Box: Apple Pie 3 Pieces + Gateau au Fromage 4 Pieces$35.50

Whole Cakes

  • chateraise menu singapore whole cakes 1
  • chateraise menu singapore whole cakes 2
Whole Cakes MenuPrice
Mango Roll Whole Cake$17.00
Fluffy Cream Roll Whole Cake$17.00
Chocolate Fresh Cream Whole Cake 12cm$22.00
Gateau Chocolate Bar Cake$25.00
Nama Chocolate Daifuku Bar Cake$25.00
Legendary Fresh Cream Whole Cake 12cm$28.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 12cm$29.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 12cm$30.00
Cute Panda Whole Cake 16cm$45.00
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream Whole Cake 15cm$45.00
Fruits White Zebra Whole Cake 17cm$47.00
Crispy Chocolate Whole Cake 17cm$50.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 18cm$52.00
Special Fruits Half & Half 18cm$52.00
Fruits Stage Cake 17cm$55.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 18cm$57.00
Special Strawberry Half & Half 18cm$57.00
Strawberry Stage Cake 17cm$60.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 20cm$62.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 20cm$67.00
Party Square 25cm*20cm$70.00

Sliced Cakes

  • chateraise menu singapore sliced cakes 1
  • chateraise menu singapore sliced cakes 2
Sliced Cakes MenuPrice
Fluffy Souffle Cheese Cake$3.90
White Souffle Tiramisu$5.10
Legendary Fresh Cream Cake$5.50
Gateau Chocolate$5.50
Cute Panda$5.50
Cute Bunny$5.50
Chocolate Bear$5.50
Blueberry Rare Cheese Cake$5.50
Triple Cheese Cake$5.50
Crispy Chocolate Cake$5.70
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream Cake$5.90
White Zebra$6.00
Uji Matcha Mille Crepe$6.00
Double Chocolate Mille Crepe$6.00
Tiramisu Trifle$6.80
Coffee Chocolate Cake with Caramel & Nuts$7.00


chateraise menu singapore bundle
Bundle MenuPrice
Chilled Items (6 Piece Box)$0.00
Chilled Items (10 Piece Box)$0.00

Chilled Items

chateraise menu singapore chilled items
Chilled Items MenuPrice
Mochi Cream Cake (Various Flavors)$0.00
Double Fantasy (Original)$2.00
Double Fantasy (Orange Chocolate)$2.00
Double Fantasy (Matcha Latte)$2.00
Double Fantasy (White Peach)$2.00
Fluffy Cream Roll$2.00
Fluffy Cream Roll (Uji Matcha)$2.30
Fresh Cream Dorayaki$2.30
Eclair Chocolate$2.30

Ice Cream

chateraise menu singapore ice cream 1
Ice Cream MenuPrice
Ice Cream (Individual Assorted)$4.00
Chateraise Multi Pack Ice Cream$4.00
Family Pack 2023$20.00
Choconilla Ice Cream Cake$23.70
Rare Cheese Ice Cream Cake$23.70
Endless Party Ice Cream Cake$53.20
Assortment of 3 Ice Cream Cake$55.20

Gift Items

chateraise menu singapore gift items
Gift Items MenuPrice
Friends from Forest Cookies$0.00
Assorted Fruit Jelly$0.00
Petit Chocolat$0.00
Tea Time Rusk 5pcs Set$0.00
Tea Time Bread Rusk Box Assortment$0.00
Langue de Chat Sand$9.00
Langue de Chat Roll$9.00
Seasonal Rice Cracker$20.00
Longevity Ring (Small)$20.00
Langue de Chat Assortment$35.00
Longevity Ring (Medium)$40.00


  • chateraise menu singapore japanese 1
  • chateraise menu singapore japanese 2
Japanese MenuPrice
Steamed Fluffy Moon$0.00
Red Bean Daifuku$2.50
Salt Bean Daifuku$2.50
Mugwort Daifuku$2.50
Red Bean Daifuku (Coarse Grained Rice)$2.50
Mitarashi Dumpling Cup$2.50
Black Seasame Dumpling Cup$2.50
Hokkaido Red Bean and Butter Pancake$2.50
Dorayaki Hokkaido Butter$2.70
Dorayaki Hokkaido Red Bean$2.70
Kasutera Matcha$2.70
Nama Chocolate Daifuku Cup$3.00

Baked Products

chateraise menu singapore baked products
Baked Products MenuPrice
HOURAKU Bouchee$0.00
Baked Cheese Cake$2.70
Longevity Ring$2.70
Longevity Ring Matcha$2.70
Longevity Ring Sakura$2.70
Lemon Cake$2.70
Baked Cute Doughnut$4.20

Last Update: May 17, 2023

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