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Boost Juice Southeast Asia is a chain of juice bars that was established in 2009 by Nick and Soraya Tiernan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company’s mission is to get more fruits and vegetables into people’s diets in a delicious and convenient way. Since its first store opening, Boost Juice Southeast Asia has expanded to over 225 stores across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Nick Tiernan, originally from London, joined forces with his wife Soraya to help expand Boost Juice’s presence in Southeast Asia. He is a firm believer in the company’s philosophy of “Love Life” and lives a healthy and active lifestyle.

Soraya, who became a fan of Boost Juice when she lived in Melbourne, wanted to bring the brand to Malaysia and contribute to a healthier society by creating jobs, supporting local charities, and helping forge the next generation of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Here is the most recent Boost menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Bunny-Ful Lunar New Year Campaign

boost menu singapore bunny ful lunar new year campaign
Bunny-Ful Lunar New Year Campaign MenuPrice
Berry Punch$5.00
Pineapple Mango Zen$5.60
Passion Squeezy$5.60
boost menu singapore most popular
Most Popular MenuPrice
Cookies & Cream$5.00
All Berry Bang$5.60
Mango Magic$5.60
Strawberry Squeeze$5.60
Passion Mango$5.60
Banana Buzz$5.60
Soraya’s Favourite$5.60
Berry Peachy$5.60
Blueberry Burst$5.60
King William Chocolate$5.60
Raspberry Ripe$5.60
Superfruit Energy$6.00

Refreshing Crushes

boost menu singapore refreshing crushes
Refreshing Crushes MenuPrice
Peach Berry Crush$4.60
Berry Crush$4.60
Strawberry Melon Crush$4.60
Watermelon Lychee Crush$5.00

Single Juice

boost menu singapore single juice
Single Juice MenuPrice
Watermelon Juice$4.60
Pineapple Juice$4.60
Apple Juice$5.00

Fresh Juice Bar

boost menu singapore fresh juice bar
Fresh Juice Bar MenuPrice
Immunity Juice$5.60
Vita C Detox Juice$5.60
Wild Berry Juice$6.00
5 A Day Juice$6.60
Lean & Green Juice$6.60

Protein & Energy

boost menu singapore protein energi
Protein & Energy MenuPrice
Skinny Dip$6.60
Strawbrekkie Protein$7.00
Wonder Melon$7.00
Gym Junkie$7.00
Brekkie To Go-Go$7.60
Protein Supreme$8.60

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