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Bali Thai is a popular restaurant in Singapore that offers a combination of Thai and Indonesian cuisines. Since its establishment in 1993, Bali Thai has expanded to over 10 locations across Singapore and China, catering to the tastes of Thai and Indonesian food enthusiasts.

Customers have praised Bali Thai for its reasonable prices and tasty food. The service staff is often described as attentive and friendly. One standout experience mentioned in a review was the quick response of a floor manager when an order was not properly served, and she promptly resolved the issue and provided excellent service.

The restaurant is known for its delicious steam fish, which is described as fresh and flavorful. Some reviewers have also mentioned other dishes like green Thai curry and tom yum as being enjoyable.

While overall feedback is positive, there are a few instances where customers have expressed minor disappointments. For example, some found the nasi and pad Thai to be less tasty than expected, and there were complaints about a hard and uncooked portion of glutinous rice.

Despite these occasional hiccups, Bali Thai remains a popular choice for those seeking a blend of Thai and Indonesian flavors. With its wide range of dishes and attentive service, the restaurant offers a satisfying dining experience for both casual outings and business discussions.

Here is the most recent Bali Thai menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Exclusive Bundle

bali thai menu singapore exclusive bundle
Exclusive Bundle MenuPrice
Bundle For 1 (U.P $28)$25.80
Bundle For 2 (U.P $35)$32.00
Couple Meal Bundle for 2 (U.P $70)$58.00
Couple Vegetarian Meal (U.P $70)$58.00
Family Meal For 3 (U.P $90)$80.00
Family Meal For 4 (U.P $130)$105.00
Vegetarian Family Meal For 4 (U.P $115)$105.00

Bento Set

bali thai menu singapore bento set
Bento Set MenuPrice
Frangrant Rice w Chicken Basil Leaves Bento$16.50
Green Curry w Satay Bento$16.50
Vegetarian Bento$16.50
XO Fried Rice w Chicken Wings Bento$16.50
Phad Thai Bento$16.50
Finger Food Party Platter$54.50
Premium Party Platter$75.00


bali thai menu singapore appetiser
Appetiser MenuPrice
Thai Fish Cake$9.10
Thai Stuffed Boneless Chicken Wing (2 pcs)$9.10
Pandan Leaf Chicken (2pcs)$9.10
Thai Prawn Cake (2 pcs)$9.10
Tahu Telur$12.30
Satay Madura (6 pcs)$12.90


bali thai menu singapore salad or soup 1
Salad/Soup MenuPrice
Tom Yum Soup – Bowl (Seafood/Chicken/ Prawn)$9.80
Thai Mango Salad$12.00
Thai Papaya Salad$12.00
Clear Tom Yum w Chicken/ Seafood$17.80
Tom Yum Soup – Pot (Seafood/Chicken/Prawn)$20.00
Tom Kha Soup – Pot (Seafood/Chicken/Prawn)$20.00


bali thai menu singapore seafood 1
Seafood MenuPrice
Grilled Cuttlefish w Sweet Sauce$18.90
Stir Fried Cuttlefish w Sambal Chilli & Petai$18.90
Crispy Fish w Sambal Mango$18.90
Sambal Udang Petai$20.00
Red Curry w Seafood$27.50
Prawn Tang Hoon in Claypot$32.20
Prawn w Butter Floss$32.20
Prawn (Cereal/ Sweet&Sour/ Black Pepper)$32.50
Ikan Bakar Bali$33.90
Crispy Fish w Thai Chilli Sauce/ Mango Salad$37.50
Combi Bakar$72.90


bali thai menu singapore vegetables
Vegetables MenuPrice
Kailan w Oyster Sauce/ Chilli Paste$13.20
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables w Oyster Sauce$14.50
Eggplant w Basil Minced Chicken$15.35
Stir-fried Long Bean w Chilli Paste & Salted Egg Yolk$15.35
Prawn Omelette w Bitter Gourd$15.35
Hotplate Seafood Tofu w Garlic / Chilli$17.90


bali thai menu singapore meat
Meat MenuPrice
Grilled Ayam Panggang Bali$11.60
Chiang Mai Chicken$12.90
Fried Chicken w Honey Garlic Sauce$15.65
Rendang Sapi$15.95
Thai Famous Green Curry Chicken/ Beef$15.95
Chicken Basil Leaves$16.20
Red Curry Chicken$16.90
Hotplate Black Pepper Chicken$16.95
Chicken w Dried Chilli Cashew Nut$16.95
Hotplate Black Pepper Beef$26.05


bali thai menu singapore rice
Rice MenuPrice
White Rice$1.50
Black Olive Fried Rice$12.60
Pineapple Fried Rice$12.60
Vegeterian Fried Rice$12.60
Basil Leaves Chicken w Steamed Rice & Fried Egg$12.60
Nasi Goreng Buah Keluak$12.60
XO Fried Rice$13.00
Nasi Goreng Petai$15.05
Black Olive Rice Set$18.40
Nasi Goreng Buah Keluak Set$18.40
Nasi Goreng Petai Satay Set$18.40
Nasi Goreng Istemewa$19.10


bali thai menu singapore noodle
Noodle MenuPrice
Fried XO Noodle$13.70
Fried Glass Noodle$13.70
Phad Thai$13.70
Phad See Yew Kway Teow$13.70
Mee Goreng$13.70
Fried Kway Teow w Fish Cake/ Pandan Chicken$16.80
Phad Thai w Satay$16.80
Fried Kway Teow w Grilled Chicken$17.00
Mee Goreng w Satay$17.00
Soft Shell Crab w Glass Noodle$17.70

Vegetarian Menu

  • bali thai menu singapore vegetarian menu 1
  • bali thai menu singapore vegetarian menu 2
Vegetarian Menu Price
(VEG) Spring Roll (6 Pcs)$9.40
(VEG) Terong Belando w Garlic πŸ§…πŸ§„$10.90
(VEG) Thai Green Mango Salad πŸ§…$12.00
(VEG) Green Thai Papaya Salad$12.00
(VEG) Stir Fried Kailan$12.60
(VEG) Vegetable Fried Rice$12.65
(VEG) Black Olive Rice$12.65
(VEG) Thai Pineapple rice$12.65
(VEG) Bangkok Street Fried Rice$12.65
(VEG) Egg Fried Rice – Without Vegetable$12.65
(VEG) Nasi Goreng w Tofu & Basil Leaves$12.65
(VEG) Stir Fried Tang Hoon$12.65
(VEG) Phad Thai$12.65
(VEG) Jungle Noodle w Basil Leaves (Dry/Gravy)$12.65
(VEG) Stir Fried Tofu Cashew Nut & Dried ChilliπŸ§…πŸ§„$13.95
(VEG) Stir Fried Tofu Mushroom & Basil Leaves πŸ§…πŸ§„$13.95
(VEG) Hotplate Tofu w Mushroom$13.95
(VEG) Hotplate Tofu Black Pepper Tofu πŸ§…πŸ§„$13.95
(VEG) Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables πŸ§…πŸ§„$14.50
(VEG) Yellow Curry w Tofu & Vegetables$15.35
(VEG) Thai Red Curry w Tofu & Vegetable$15.35
(VEG) Thai Green Curry Tofu & Vegetable$15.35
(VEG) Tom Yum Soup w Vegetables & Tofu$20.00
(VEG) Tom Kha Soup w Vegetables & Tofu$20.00


  • bali thai menu singapore beverages 1
  • bali thai menu singapore beverages 2
Beverages MenuPrice
Bottled Water$2.20
Coke Zero$2.90
Iced Lemongrass$4.50
Iced Lemon Tea$5.20
Iced Honey Lemon$5.20
Thai Iced Tea$5.40
Thai Iced Coffee$5.40
Salted Plum Soda$5.90
Iced Lime Tea Cooler$5.90
Bandung Soda$5.90


Dessert MenuPrice
Thai Tapioca w Coconut Milk$5.20

Last Update: May 18, 2023

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